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Anyone who owns a garden knows the feeling: it's summer, sometimes unbearably warm, and you long for a refreshing cool-down. If you don't have room for a pool or are simply looking for a cheaper, low-maintenance alternative to escape the summer heat, you can achieve your goal with a private garden shower.

There is now a wide range of models available, so that the modern garden shower can also offer more than just a brief cooling down. So everyone who is interested in an outdoor shower is guaranteed to find what they are looking for. On the other hand, the large selection can also make the decision difficult. The following guide should help you to get an overview and to buy exactly the right garden shower.


  • With such a large and diverse range, it's not always easy to decide - but you're sure to find what you're looking for! We give you an overview of popular products and important buying and evaluation criteria.
  • Are you planning to take the garden shower with you on camping holidays, which is why it should definitely be mobile? Or do you want to give your garden a stylish and high-quality garden shower? Before buying, you should think about why you want to buy a garden shower.
  • Not all garden showers are the same. This applies to the features, materials and functions, but also to the cost. The price of a garden shower ranges from 15 euros to several thousand euros.

The Best Garden Shower: Our Choices

Buying and rating criteria for garden showers

The models just presented are only a small selection. If you have not yet found what you are looking for, or if you are simply unsure about the features of your garden shower, you will find the most important buying and evaluation criteria below to help you make your choice.

What you should know about the individual criteria and what the advantages and disadvantages are, is presented here.


Stainless steel is one of the most suitable materials for outdoor and wet areas. Stainless steel garden showers score not only with their attractive appearance, but also with their corrosion and frost resistance, robustness and durability. A stainless steel garden shower can be left in the garden all year round without hesitation.

Models made of wood radiate cosiness and are also of very high quality. However, you should make sure you choose the right wood. Acacia, teak or shorea wood are best suited to permanent exposure to moisture and promise durability. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, it is best to go for plastic or aluminium. These materials are also suitable for wet areas and are particularly convincing with their low weight.

With or without hot water

If, in addition to cold water refreshment in summer, you would also like to have the option of a warm shower outdoors, a solar garden shower is probably the best choice. With such a model, you can take a warm shower all year round - and it's environmentally friendly, too.

Thanks to built-in solar cells, the sun's rays are used to heat the water in the tank. This also makes it the ideal camping shower. Alternatively, there are garden showers with instantaneous water heaters. However, it should be noted that, in contrast to the solar variant, there are additional costs for heating the water. With both variants, it should be remembered that hot water is only available for as long as it has previously been heated in the tank.

Hose connection or water tank

The classic garden shower is attached to your own garden hose with its water connection and thus supplied with water. It can be placed anywhere in the garden where the garden hose reaches. They are usually simple, lightweight models that can be easily assembled and disassembled. However, because of this, they are also often more unstable than the versions with a water tank.

Ideal for the small purse, in this case, however, you unfortunately do not get to enjoy hot water. A garden shower with a water tank is usually both more stable and more mobile, because it can be positioned anywhere, regardless of the water connection and garden hose. However, they are usually also somewhat heavier and offer only a limited water supply. Models with a water tank differ in their capacity, but store a maximum of 60 litres.


There are various mobile garden showers. From garden showers that are stuck into the ground with a ground spike, to tripod garden showers, to garden showers that are attached to the wall of the house or models with a water tank. All mobile devices can easily be stored in the garage or garden shed during the winter.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about the garden shower answered in detail

The most important questions about garden showers are answered below. This should give you a deeper insight into the subject.

What types of garden showers are there?

There are basically three different types of garden showers: The cold water shower, the hot water shower with flow heater and the solar garden shower. While the cold water garden shower is mounted with a water connection to a garden hose and can therefore only be positioned within its radius, the shower water is stored in a tank in the case of a garden shower with hot water.

Due to the possibility of storing water, such a shower does not require a hose connection and is therefore particularly flexible and mobile. The water is heated either by a built-in mixer tap or by solar energy.

What does a garden shower cost?

The price of a garden shower is mainly determined by the equipment and materials. They can range in price from low to high. The following table should give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (15 - 40 €) Simple earth spike or tripod garden showers made of plastic or aluminium
Medium-priced (40 - 200 €) Mobile (solar) garden showers with water tank, (solar) garden showers with base plate usually made of higher-quality materials

High-priced (from 200 €)

Designer garden showers made of high-quality materials (stainless steel and/or wood), permanently installed garden showers with privacy screen

From the table you can see that there are low-priced products that already fulfil their purpose and high-quality garden showers are available from a medium price range.

How does a garden shower work?

In a high-quality solar garden shower, the sun's rays hit integrated solar modules and are converted into energy, which in turn heats the water in the water tank. Simple solar showers, on the other hand, have a black body with a UV-permeable coating that serves as a water tank and heats the water on its own when exposed to sunlight.

Such an outer wall concentrates the sun's rays and directs them to the inside of the water tank. On particularly sunny days, the water can reach a temperature of up to 60 degrees. But don't worry: with the supply of cold water, through the additionally connected garden hose, the water can then be tempered so that it has a pleasant shower warmth. To do this, simply operate the attached mixer tap and let the shower do the rest.

The water also heats up on cloudy days, but to a lesser extent. With a solar garden shower, you can therefore do without electricity or other costly energy sources - a solution that is not only environmentally friendly, but also financially profitable.

How is a garden shower connected?

With mobile cold-water garden showers, you simply connect your garden hose to the water connection and can already start with the cool refreshment. Most manufacturers use the usual ¾ connections, so they should fit your garden hose.


Some garden showers must be connected to a garden hose. Make sure you have a suitable water connection in your garden. (Image source: Harry Grout / Unsplash)

If you want to permanently position your garden shower in a specific place, you can connect it directly to your home water system and thus install it permanently. This is, of course, the most expensive option. For this, it must be connected to the pipes in the sanitary area and the water temperature regulated via a thermostat or a fitting. The shower is then supplied with water either via the normal water pressure or via a special pump.

Can I build a garden shower myself?

In principle, you can also build your own garden shower. The simplest DIY garden shower is, of course, simply to stick the garden hose into the ground with a holder or to hang it over a branch. If you want to make it more elaborate, you can also place your garden shower permanently in your garden.

To do this, the ground must be prepared accordingly and a small foundation or base plate must be provided. In addition, you should cover the shower and you can build a privacy screen to keep out any possible glances from outside. When designing your DIY (do-it-yourself) garden shower, you can of course give free rein to your creativity.

However, make sure that you use materials that are suitable for permanent exposure to moisture and that you use the right tools. If you are not sure about something, it is best to ask at your local DIY store.


Garden showers are available in many different designs. When buying your garden shower, you should always keep in mind what you intend to do with it and which product features are important to you.

Important aspects here are the transport options (mobile or permanently installed), the material (stainless steel, wood, plastic or aluminium) and whether you prefer a cold or hot water shower. If necessary, you can also build your own garden shower - or add a homemade screen to match your purchased garden shower. The choice is large and there are few limits to your creativity. (Image source: Marian Kroell / Unsplash)

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