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The rushed routine nowadays requires us to look for products that make our daily activities easier. Therefore, the garden sprinkler is a good option for those who want to leave the lawn of your home well cared for, even with the rush of everyday life.

With the efficiency and practicality of this product, you can have a healthy and attractive garden without much effort. But before you choose the ideal sprinkler model for you, read our Buying Guide to guide you on the criteria for choosing the best product. Check it out!


  • The beauty of a garden is linked to the way it is watered. With garden sprinklers, it is possible to keep plants healthy and even optimize this periodic care in gardening.
  • Among the available models, choose the garden sprinkler that meets your needs. When buying, take into consideration aspects such as the size of the garden or the reach and pressure of the water jet.
  • Another relevant factor about sprinklers and irrigators is that they are conscious and economical alternatives. In modern devices, there is the reduction of water consumption thanks to the implementation of intelligent systems in the process.

The best Garden Sprinkler: Our Picks

Garden Sprinkler: Shopping guide

After checking the different models of garden sprinkler, this is the moment to clear your doubts about them. Read our Shopping Guide on this item before choosing one of the products:

A imagem é um campo de plantação. As folhas estão sendo molhadas por um irrigador que está ligado e joga um jato muito forte de água para cima.

Varied models of irrigators are offered by the market to meet different needs. (Source: WikimediaImages/ Pixabay)

How does the garden sprinkler work?

First, let's explain what the garden sprinkler is for those who do not know. It is a device that turns the jet of water into droplets, wetting the soil and plants in a more penetrating way. Since irrigation is essential for the development of vegetation, irrigators make this process more agile and effective than with the hose. This is because the water that comes out of it falls gently on the ground, being absorbed little by little, without taking the necessary nutrients to the plants.

What are the main models of sprinklers for gardening?

Despite the many models of sprinklers available for purchase on the market, not all are the same. Each product will have predominant features that will serve to meet certain needs of users when watering their garden.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the specifications of the device so as not to choose an item that does not have the function you need. Below, check out the table we made with the main models of sprinklers for you to know a little more about the specialties of each one:

Sprinkler Irrigator Micro-sprinkler Drip Irrigator Central
Features They are the most common models on the market. They work as a rain simulation, throwing the water jet through the air towards the garden Model that throws small droplets on the vegetation. It is considered more efficient because it sends the water more gently This format is more modern, because irrigation happens directly on the ground and the foliage is not affected as in the previous ones It consists of a metallic tube in which the sprinklers are installed. They are driven by electric or hydraulic devices and move to irrigate large areas.

Why have a garden sprinkler at home?

The maintenance of a garden requires dedication. Among the primordial cares is the periodic irrigation. In a hurried routine, counting on irrigators is a way to optimize this process. Besides, they bring other benefits that we mention below:

  • Irrigation of larger areas: Hoses and watering cans help water the plants, but they are not always the fastest methods. With irrigators, you can water larger areas in less time. Not to mention that they distribute the water better.
  • Watch the plants: A jet of water is very aggressive to the leaves. With the droplets of the irrigator, the water gently reaches the plants, penetrating the soil without taking necessary nutrients to the vegetables.
  • Saving water consumption: Several sprinkler models use intelligent systems that reuse rainwater for garden irrigation. In this way, there is also a reduction in spending on the water bill.

How to regulate the garden sprinkler?

There is no secret in controlling sprinklers, because the adjustment in most models is done by threads or propellers. Thus, you can regulate irrigation according to the size of your garden.

Another accessory that increases the range of water flow are the nozzles, which can be changed to reach a greater distance. In more modern and automatic devices, it is already possible to do this control through digital systems.

How to calculate the water consumption of the irrigator?

Calculating the water consumption of the sprinkler is mainly done with data supplied by the manufacturer. At first, find the value in litres of how much the product will use per second. It is important to take into consideration the time that the device will be active.

You can also measure the amount of water consumed based on the distance of the jet thrown by the equipment and the area that will be irrigated. This value depends on the model of sprinkler installed.

Criança sendo molhada por jato de água de um irrigador muito forte, igual uma chuva.

Irrigators work like a rain simulator, sending water droplets gently onto the ground. (Source: shannonfieldsphoto/ Reshot)

Buying criteria: What to take into account when comparing garden sprinkler models

Don't choose a sprinkler just for aesthetics, as it may not be the right one for the characteristics of your garden. Before making the final buying decision, take into account the following factors to evaluate the models and purchase yours:

Jet Range

On most garden irrigators, the jet of water reaches an average distance of between 3 and 3.5 meters. However, this range may vary depending on the model chosen. When buying an irrigator, know the size of the area that will be watered, so you can choose a device that covers the region.

In some cases, it will be necessary to purchase more than one device to do the irrigation. Do not forget to position them so that an area is watered only once.


The flow rate is related to the volume of water that flows from the irrigator for a certain period of time. Normally this measurement is indicated by the manufacturers on the product, almost always expressed in the number of litres the irrigator uses per hour.

To calculate the water used based on the flow rate of the device, all you need to know is how long it will be turned on. This is an important criterion, especially for those who want to save on the water bill when buying a sprinkler.

Angle of action

As for operation, garden sprinklers are separated into two models: fixed or rotating. Currently, the most used are the rotating formats, since they allow the control of the water flow angle. Some of these models are even able to rotate completely around themselves, irrigating the entire surrounding area. However, to find the best shape, you should take into consideration the purpose of the sprinkler in your garden.

A imagem é uma plantação, sendo molhada por um irrigador fixo no chão, que envia um jato de água forte e longo sob as plantas.

Features of the sprinkler, such as the range and pressure of the water flow, are important in defining the right product model. (Source: gatekeeperkto / Pixabay)


The intensity of the water jet pressure is another influential factor in the operation of the garden sprinkler.

The greater the pressure, the greater the range of water flow when irrigating an area.

The greater the pressure, the greater the range of water flow when irrigating an area. High pressure irrigators need pumps with high speeds that will consume more electricity and thus increase the electricity bill. Lower pressure devices, on the other hand, require less pumping intensity and are more economical alternatives. However, they are not ideal for irrigating large areas.


Irrigators can be made of various materials. In the market, the most common are made of metal or plastic. The metal models are famous for their resistance, withstanding a larger flow of water. The plastic ones, on the other hand, offer easy handling and have affordable prices.

As they are devices that are in direct contact with water, it is necessary to observe the raw material used in their manufacture to prevent them from spoiling easily or becoming promising sites for the appearance of fungi.


Purchasing a garden irrigator is more than optimizing the process of watering plants. It is a device capable of keeping your vegetation healthy by properly irrigating without removing nutrients from the soil.

In addition, this device is an important factor for saving money on water bills, since it has intelligent settings that will favour rationing. For larger garden areas, it is interesting to consult a professional before choosing the irrigation system. Thus, he will evaluate the best model that will meet your needs effectively and economically.

(Source of the highlighted image: vagnergqueiroz/Pixabay)