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Who hasn't experienced it? You put everything nicely in the garden and decorate the seating area with nicer cushions. From one moment to the next, it starts to rain and everything is wet. That's why the garden storage box is a real lifesaver. Here you can hide all your garden utensils and protect them from moisture and dirt.

The selection is so large that it's easy to lose track of everything. The market not only offers storage boxes made of different materials, but the sizes and colours also vary enormously. So you want to get a garden storage box but you don't know which one? Then you've come to the right place. In this guide, we will explain everything about the topic of garden storage boxes and thus simplify your purchase decision.


  • Garden storage boxes are the place to store garden utensils such as seat cushions, cushions, or even objects such as tools or garden games
  • The most important criteria you should consider when buying a garden storage box are, on the one hand, the manufacturing material and the size. On the other hand, you should also consider the construction, ventilation and weather resistance of the box
  • Depending on the material and size, there are different price offers for garden storage boxes

The Best Garden Storage Boxes: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for garden storage box Storage box

However, not all storage boxes are the same. There are certain criteria that you should keep in mind if you want to make the right purchase:

So that you can make sense of these terms, we will explain them to you in a simple and straightforward way.


The material determines the quality. Therefore, it is important to know which type of garden storage box you would like to acquire. The most common type is the one made of plastic. However, these often look as if they were made of wood. They are also easy to clean and, unlike other boxes, very light in weight. However, this type often lacks ventilation capacity. In addition, they quickly get holes or general signs of wear and tear, as plastic breaks down very quickly. In addition to conventional plastic, there are also garden storage boxes that are made of polyrattan.

This material is far more stable than normal plastic. Although they look beautiful because of the wickerwork, if the holes are too far apart, there is a risk that the stored items will get wet. Wood is also used in the manufacture of garden storage boxes. These are known for their robustness and stability. However, they need constant care, such as oiling, because the weather bleaches the colour. The last material is metal. This is very strong and rustproof, so it is very difficult to demolish, whether by weather or other reasons. But because metal doesn't let air in, you have to be careful what you put in the box. Also, these boxes are very heavy, which makes transporting them more tedious.


Depending on your needs, the dimensions of the garden storage box will vary. But the materials you want to store and the space available for storage also determine the size. A tip from us, however, would be to prefer one unit larger than too small, as you might need this storage space at any time. The market offers various sizes, ranging from 300 litre capacity to XXL boxes with almost 1000 litres. Therefore, before buying, take a look at the capacity of the respective product and at the same time check in your garden whether it also fits into the desired space.

Lock and gas spring

Since this box is only left outside, there is a risk that thieves will try to break it open. It is therefore important to have a suitable and stable lock to keep your belongings safe. When you open the box, you don't want the lid to fall on your head when you let go. That's what the gas spring is for. It also ensures that the box opens easily and the lid doesn't get stuck.


When describing the materials, we often mentioned the aspect of ventilation. This is very important, because the box should be able to hold various things as well as possible. If no air gets in, mould can grow on both the box and its contents.

Weather resistant

As this is a garden storage box, its location is outdoors. This means that it will be exposed to any weather conditions. Therefore, the very first thing you should look at when buying a box is whether it is waterproof. Otherwise your things will get wet. Especially wooden boxes are unfortunately often not water resistant. Waterproof also means that the liquid must not get in from below if the bottom gets wet.

One aspect that reinforces stability is that the garden storage box is safe against wind. Otherwise it can become dangerous. In addition to the lack of water protection, wooden boxes also have very little UV protection. This means that the material fades over time due to the sun's rays. But it should not be like that. Therefore, make sure that the box is also resistant to the sun.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about the garden storage box answered in detail

You are now ready to start looking for the right garden storage box. However, there are certain additional points you should know about this product. For that, here is a Q&A on the most frequently asked questions from customers.

What is a garden storage box suitable for?

As the name suggests, this product is for storing garden stuff. Garden stuff means, for example, the seat cushions or the cushions of the garden furniture. But garden tools or toys that you use in the garden also find their place in such boxes.

Garten Aufbewahrungsbox

The box must also be able to withstand such weather. That's why the box has to be completely waterproof. (Myriams photos/ Pixabay)

Which types of garden storage box are suitable for me?

That is a matter of taste. But also the available space, as well as the nature of your garden furniture coordinate the type of garden storage box. Because the space determines the size you can acquire and the furniture determines which material and colour is most suitable.

What does a garden storage box cost?

Depending on the material, size and extras, the prices of garden storage boxes differ. This table should give you a small overview of the range of these costs:

Price range Features
Low-priced (30 - 150 €) plastic, lack of waterproofing, small
Medium-priced (150- 750 €) Weather-resistant, medium size, stable
High-priced (750 €) Metal, robust, up to 1400 litres capacity

What other useful functions does the garden storage box fulfil?

A practical additional function of the garden storage box is that you simply have an additional seating option in the garden. Some boxes are even arranged in such a way that they have a backrest on the right and left. But this is not a must. It is only important to note that not every material is suitable for this, such as plastic, because it cannot withstand high loads and this can lead to breaks and cracks on the box.

How do I clean and care for a garden cushion box properly?

Not only does dust collect in the box over time, but leaves or insects also get inside due to the constant opening. That is why it is important to clean the garden storage box thoroughly every time. This is relatively easy. After emptying the box, use a hoover to remove any dirt that sticks to the wall, such as spider webs. Then take a damp cloth and go through the entire interior of the box. If the garden box is made of wood, make sure you oil it from time to time to protect it from weathering caused by the weather conditions. [/kb_faq]


The garden storage box is a blessing because it means you don't have to worry about where to store your garden cushions when the weather doesn't cooperate. In addition, you can make yourself comfortable on it and thus save the purchase of two separate chairs. However, since the market offers a wide range of this product, you have to keep certain points in mind in order to buy the right piece.

The material not only determines the appearance, but also the ventilation and weather resistance of the garden storage box. And while the size determines the capacity, the lock and the gas spring ensure more safety. In terms of price, the spectrum is very broad. The criteria mentioned above also determine the price.

(Cover picture: Public Domain Archive/ Pixabay)