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Whether it's a winter barbecue, enjoying the first rays of sunshine in spring or a summer garden party - a neatly laid garden or balcony table is a must. As soon as the dining room or living room is swapped for the terrace, many people also need a matching tablecloth for outside.

Garden tablecloths can be a stylish addition and create a cosy atmosphere. In addition to being a beautiful eye-catcher, a special outdoor tablecloth can also offer protection for sensitive surfaces.

We are sure that there is a suitable garden tablecloth for every taste and requirement. Here you can find out which options are available to you and what you should consider when making your decision before buying. We have also listed some of our personal favourites.


  • Garden tablecloths are tablecloths that are particularly well suited for outdoor use. Unlike tablecloths that are only meant for indoor use, garden tablecloths often have some useful features.
  • Tablecloths in the garden or on the balcony are exposed to many environmental influences. When buying one, you should therefore make sure that it is durable.
  • In addition to the design, the choice of material for the tablecloth is particularly important. Many of the possible properties depend on the material or coating.

The Best Garden Tablecloth: Our Choice

Buying and evaluation criteria for garden tablecloths

When buying a garden tablecloth, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. What you need to look for in your tablecloth depends largely on your needs.

We have briefly summarised the essential features of a good garden tablecloth here:

What is meant by these points and which aspects of these purchase criteria are particularly important for you and when, we explain in more detail in the following sections.

Dimensions & shape

Of course, you should consider the size and shape of your table when choosing your garden tablecloth. The dimensions are not only about the accuracy of fit. Tablecloths with more overhang can create a festive ambience. Shorter tablecloths, on the other hand, look simpler and fit better into a minimalist or functional concept.

You don't need to cover the entire table? Then, for example, a square blanket on a round table can also create an interesting picture. It is therefore worth going beyond measuring the table and giving free rein to your creativity.


A particularly important criterion when buying a garden tablecloth is the material. The choice of material has a great influence on the longevity of the tablecloth. The feel and functionality of the tablecloth also depend on the material.
The most common materials for garden tablecloths are:

  • PVC
  • Textiles
  • Soft foam
  • Oilcloth

Textiles without special treatment, such as cotton, are more costly to clean and are best brought in when it rains. Synthetics are usually much easier to care for.

Weather resistance

Even in summer, the weather doesn't always play along and put the garden table and tablecloth under water. Or are you planning to leave your garden tablecloth outside in all weathers anyway? In any case, you should keep the weather resistance of the tablecloth in mind when buying it.

Plastics and coated textiles are usually water-repellent and will not be impressed by frequent rain showers.

Especially if you plan to leave your tablecloth outside for a long time, wetness is not the only relevant factor. Plastics that are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time can fade over time. If necessary, make sure that the tablecloth has UV protection.

Care & Cleaning

Some tablecloths made of plastic or oilcloth can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. There are also many garden tablecloths that have the so-called lotus effect. In this case, liquid is repelled by the fabric and drops collect on the surface of the tablecloth.

Other tablecloths also need to be washed in the washing machine from time to time to get really clean. If you want to wash your tablecloth in the washing machine, make sure that it is suitable for this. Just like clothes, not every tablecloth fabric can be washed at the same temperature. Manufacturers always provide information about this.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about garden tablecloths answered in detail

We have compiled the most important and interesting questions about buying a garden tablecloth for you below. If you have already asked yourself questions about this topic, you will certainly find the right answer here.

Who is a garden tablecloth suitable for?

Garden and patio owners who like to move their dining room outside in the summer can make good use of a garden tablecloth. However, such a tablecloth also looks just as good on the balcony table. Due to the rather robust nature and low cleaning effort of many garden tablecloths, they are also well suited as an easy-care alternative for the dining room or kitchen table in the house or flat.

What functions should the garden tablecloth fulfil?

Regardless of where you actually want to use your garden tablecloth, it can fulfil different functions. Perhaps the tablecloth is simply another decorative element for you and with the multitude of motifs and designs, you will find something suitable for every style.


Wine stains are absolutely no problem with a washable garden tablecloth. So you can relax and enjoy the next garden party.
(Image source: Askar Abayev / Pexels)

In addition, a tablecloth can also fulfil a kind of protective function. A tablecloth can protect the table from permanent stains or discolouration while eating. Of course, plastic and coated tablecloths also make it easier to clean up afterwards.

Most garden tablecloths can combine both aspects. If you don't want to give up the look of your wooden table, a clear tablecloth may be right for you.

How much does a garden tablecloth cost?

You can find a garden tablecloth for very little money. However, if you prefer a certain motif or pattern, you should start your search in the mid-price segment. You will find an overview of the price groups to be expected in the following table.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (5- 10€) Mostly simple colours, plain design
Medium-priced (10- 25€) Lots of variation in motifs, usually very good workmanship
High-priced (from 25€) Elaborate and high-quality designs

Most of the garden tablecloths available are in the medium price category. Depending on the material, these can also meet common requirements.

How can I fix a garden tablecloth?

If the tablecloth is to remain outside in wind and weather, it makes sense to attach it to the table. Some tablecloths are made of non-slip plastic or have a correspondingly non-slip underside.

With a certain dead weight, these will stay in place even in a bit of wind. Lighter tablecloths, however, should be attached to the table with additional weights or clips.

What do I have to consider when buying garden tablecloths by the metre?

Do you have a particularly large table and need a correspondingly large tablecloth? Some brands offer the option of buying their garden tablecloths by the metre and according to your desired measurements.

If you want to adjust the tablecloth yourself after buying it, make sure that the material can be cut. Some materials can lose their structure at the edges and fray. This does not look good and may also damage the rest of the tablecloth.


When it comes to design, tastes naturally differ. But with the large selection of stylish motifs, everyone is likely to find something suitable. However, as the individual garden tablecloths can differ in their properties, it is advisable to define your own expectations before buying.

Depending on functional or aesthetic requirements, different sizes and shapes are more suitable than others. When choosing materials, the weather conditions in the garden should also be taken into consideration.

As you have seen, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money on your garden tablecloth. Particularly functional tablecloths can also be found in the lower price range. If a large selection and variation is important to you, it is best to look in the middle price range.

(Cover photo: Micheile Henderson / Unsplash)

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