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Some people want to use it to prepare the best food with a perfect cooking point, some want it as a kind of decorative element in the kitchen, others want to use it because of its usefulness - for example, when camping. For many, a gas hob is a long-awaited dream in the kitchen.

In our big gas hob test 2022 we would like to help you decide which hob is best for you. We have answered many questions about gas hobs for you. This way you can make an informed purchase decision.


  • A gas hob is a hob that can be operated with different types of gas. This gives you a relatively inexpensive alternative to conventional ceramic or induction hobs. You have the chance to vary the number of flames depending on the size - an optimal hob for you.
  • Even in professional kitchens, gas hobs are used almost exclusively. This is a first indication of the professionalism of gas hobs. With a gas hob, you can always achieve an optimal cooking point.
  • You can use a gas hob not only in the kitchen at home. Another advantage of gas hobs is that they vary in size. Smaller gas hobs are very mobile and well suited for camping, for example.

The Best Gas Hob: Our Picks

Gas hob: Buying and evaluation criteria

In this section, we will show you possible buying and evaluation criteria that will make it easier for you to buy a gas hob. With these criteria, you can make an informed and well-founded purchase decision.

In the following, we will explain the criteria in more detail so that you can decide which gas hob is best for you.


This criterion is particularly important for portable or camping gas hobs. With this type of gas hob, ease of transport plays a major role.

For camping, the lighter the better.

If you are looking for a gas hob in this category, you should choose the material of the gas hob according to its weight. The lightest material is probably aluminium. If you want something more stable, stainless steel is also a good alternative.

Weight is not only an important purchase criterion for camping gas hobs. The weight of the hob can also be a decisive factor for built-in gas hobs in the kitchen at home. You should pay attention to the weight your hob is designed for.


Just like the weight, the size can also contribute to your purchase decision. Whether self-sufficient or with a bottom oven, the gas hob must fit into your kitchen. So before you buy, you need to be clear about the dimensions.

With outdoor gas hobs, too, it is important to choose the product according to your ideas about size. Does the hob need to be particularly space-saving? Do you want to cook for several people? These questions should be answered before you buy.


The material should influence your decision in three important ways. Firstly, the material also determines the weight of the gas hob. You should orientate yourself on your personal needs.

Secondly, of course, the appearance. The design is particularly important for built-in gas hobs. There are various alternatives here, such as stainless steel or glass ceramic.

A third point is quality. Almost everyone aims to buy a particularly durable product. This point is also strongly dependent on the material.

In this respect, stainless steel is always a stable, easy-care and cost-effective alternative.


The type of gas also plays a role in your purchase decision. Outdoor and camping gas hobs can actually be left out of the equation. They are usually compatible with many different gas cartridges.

The situation is somewhat different with built-in gas hobs for your own kitchen. When buying, you should pay attention to the type of gas you can use for your hob. Some forms include butane, propane or an LPG gas mixture.

Ease of installation

Before you buy, you should know who will install your gas hob. Basically, we advise you to have this done by a professional.

Do you have the confidence to do the installation yourself? Then you can check whether the hob is relatively easy to install and how exactly it works.

Number of flames

We would like to give you one last criterion. In principle, you can choose the number of flames according to your needs.

If you are cooking for guests, many flames are an advantage.

Do you live in a house with your whole family and often have visitors? Then it's important to choose a lot of flames (for example, a 5-zone gas hob).

The number of flames is also important for camping. Basically, of course, the more flames, the more unwieldy and the more the mobility of your gas hob suffers.

Gas hob: Frequently asked questions and answers

We now turn to frequently asked questions about gas hobs. We have answered them for you. Here you can inform yourself and, if necessary, make a well-founded purchase decision.

What is a gas hob?

The first question is what a gas hob is in the first place. Basically, it is a gas-powered hob for cooking. The flammable gas creates a flame on which any dish can be prepared. So you cook on an open fire.

Bring haute cuisine home.

On the one hand, gas hobs are known from camping and many outdoor activities. On the other hand, they are widely used in restaurants. But gas hobs are not only used here. You can also use them in the kitchen at home.

Cooking over an open flame has a number of advantages. For example, it allows you to determine the perfect cooking point of a food more precisely than with conventional hobs. More extravagant things like flambéing are also possible here. Among other things, these are the reasons why gas hobs are also used in professional kitchens.


All kinds of dishes can be prepared with a perfect cooking point on a gas hob. Gas hobs are also used in star kitchens.
(Image source: Janko Ferlič / unsplash)

What types of gas hobs are there?

Are you convinced by the many advantages of a gas hob and would like to buy one for your kitchen? Then you should first consider the two different alternatives of gas hobs. Gas hobs are usually made of stainless steel or glass ceramic. You can choose between these types when buying.

Stainless steel gas hob

The "primal gas hob" with which you can feel like a professional in your kitchen. Stainless steel gas hobs are used in restaurants and star kitchens mainly because of their stability.

  • Stable and safe
  • Also used in professional kitchens
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratches quickly
  • Not so special
  • Can look very monstrous

It is not only the high stability that is often mentioned in connection with stainless steel gas hobs. The ease of care is also breathtaking.

Often, all you need is a damp cleaning cloth to keep the hob clean. For heavier soiling, you can also use any cleaning agent you can think of. Almost every cleaning agent is suitable for use on stainless steel.

Glass ceramic gas hob

A gas hob with ceramic glass is the eye-catcher in every kitchen. Usually in glossy deep black, everyone notices immediately: You have taste! Design and the usually excellent quality of glass ceramic gas hobs are their big plus points.

  • Eyecatcher in the kitchen
  • Very special
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive
  • Glass can shatter
  • Every stain is immediately visible

Compared to stainless steel hobs, however, they are always the more expensive option. There are often price differences of €100 and more here.

Ultimately, your personal taste decides on the type of your new gas hob. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

What does a gas hob cost?

If you look at the prices for gas hobs, you will come across a wide range of prices for each type of gas hob. According to our research, there is an immense price range for gas hobs for the home kitchen, from €100 to €1,400.

Whereas camping gas hobs can be purchased relatively cheaply in comparison.

Type price range
Self-sufficient €100 to €900
Stove-top €300 to €1,400
Stainless steel €100 to €500
Glass ceramic €130 to €700
Camping cookers €10 to €400

Basically, the price of a gas hob differs depending on the type and quality. If you are looking for a stove-mounted gas hob, for example, you will spend more than for self-sufficient gas hobs.

Did you know that gas hobs are more environmentally friendly and cheaper than electric, ceramic or induction hobs?

Most gas hobs are much more efficient than other forms of cooker. The heat can be adjusted precisely, is available immediately when you switch on and there are no long cooling phases when you switch off. The energy efficiency saves you a lot of money when cooking. In addition, natural gas is probably the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel.


Once you have decided on a gas hob, you will never part with it again. The important thing is to find the right gas hob for you!
(Image source: Paolo Bendandi / unsplash)

What are the alternatives to a gas hob?

In this section, we would like to show you a few alternatives to gas hobs. As you probably already know, there are also other options for cooking.

We have put together a small table for you in which we have listed the most popular alternative hobs and cooker plates.

Cooker hob Short description
Electric cooker with iron or steel plates With this type of cooker, heat is generated via electricity and the conductivity of the iron or steel plates is used to transfer the heat. It is probably the best-known type of cooker. The high energy consumption is significant here, as the plates heat up and cool down very slowly.
Ceramic hob This type of hob has also become standard in German kitchens. The individual hobs are completely covered with glass ceramic. This hob is therefore easier to clean than electric hobs with iron or steel plates. The food is heated by infrared rays and no longer exclusively by conductivity.
Induction hob Induction hobs are the latest invention in our list. With them, food is heated by electromagnetic waves that generate an alternating magnetic field. A characteristic feature here is the speed with which food can be heated. The individual hotplates do not get hot, so there are no long cooling phases.

Of course, you should choose a hob according to your personal taste. Each of the hobs we have described has advantages and disadvantages that you can weigh up against each other.

Ultimately, it depends on what you prefer to cook with.

How do I clean a gas hob properly?

Since every gas hob is built differently, we recommend that you develop your own method. This is the most thorough and efficient way to clean your gas hob.

However, we have summarised a universal method that you can use to clean almost any dirty gas hob.

  1. Remove the grate: First of all, you have to remove the grates on which the pots and pans stand when cooking. Depending on the manufacturer, you can wash them by hand or even in the dishwasher.
  2. Remove the burner heads: Now you should remove the burner heads so that you can reach the hob more easily. You should simply wash them by hand with a sponge and not put them in the dishwasher.
  3. Rinsing the burner recesses: If your gas hob has burner recesses, you can easily remove and rinse them now. If your gas hob does not have burner recesses, you can simply clean the hob like this.
  4. Assemble: In the last step, dry the individual hob parts and reassemble your gas hob.


Whether stainless steel or glass ceramic, self-sufficient or linked to a cooker, for 2, 3 or 10 people. All dishes can be cooked perfectly on gas hobs. That is the great advantage of cooking over an open fire. An important indicator of this advantage is also the use of gas hobs in restaurant kitchens. No chef in the world would voluntarily exchange a gas hob for a ceramic hob.

However, gas hobs are not only impressive because they prepare food perfectly. With built-in gas hobs, the design is also stunning. A gas hob is an instant eye-catcher in any kitchen and is practically synonymous with professionalism. If you often go camping, a gas hob is a good choice here too. The advantage of camping gas cookers is clearly their practicality, as you can use them anywhere and take them with you.

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