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Welcome once again to Monederosmart. We're glad you trust us, and that's why we make sure we always bring you the best information. This time we are here to show you the best gas masks on the market.

When we do risky jobs or jobs that involve dangerous gases or substances, it's best to be safe. Especially if they are inhalable. Fortunately we can count on a gas mask to protect us and without a doubt, you will want to have the best one.

At Monederosmart we take care to give you the best product reviews. Where you can find technical details, important information, criteria and user reviews. All this with the aim of helping you make a great decision when buying

Let's go for the mask!


  • Gas masks are devices that are worn over the face, and offer protection against gases, vapours and toxic agents. Consequently they also protect your lungs from harmful residues. They are generally used in jobs exposed to toxic gases or in risky situations such as volcanic eruptions.there are several types of gas masks with different purposes and properties, and we can highlight the disposable and reusable ones. While the former are characterised by their single use, the latter can be used for long periods of time without losing effectiveness.
  • There are several aspects that you need to take into account when choosing the perfect mask, such as the level of protection it offers, how comfortable it is and its functionalities. There seem to be many, but don't worry, we'll tell you all about them in detail.

The Best Gas Mask: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about gas masks

In this section you will find various information about functional gas masks; from their advantages and disadvantages to the approximate budget you need, considering also the different types of masks you can choose from. All the information you need to make the ideal purchase.

Gas masks are essential tools in various hazardous jobs, where employees are in contact with harmful gases. (Photo: adamgregor /

What is a gas mask and what are its advantages?

A gas mask is an object or device that is intended to protect its user from toxic gases and other health-harmful residues. If you are a factory worker, builder or someone who works around toxic substances or vapours, it is a good idea to have one.

Gas masks with different functions are available on the market. Some are exclusively for fires, others for painting, some more professional ones to avoid highly toxic gases or chemicals.

In the past, these masks were uncomfortable and obstructed the visibility of their users, but over time they have become more ergonomically designed. Now they not only look great when you put them on, but they are also quite comfortable.

  • They protect you from gases and toxic residues
  • They are adaptable to your face
  • They do not suffocate you
  • Useful for different jobs, both DIY and professional
  • Reusable
  • Short life cycle
  • Some have materials that do not resist high temperatures
  • You must buy filters to reuse them

Reusable or disposable gas mask - what should you pay attention to?

When buying a gas mask you have an important decision to make: which type of mask to choose. This is a choice you should make taking into account the number of times you will use it, whether it will be for frequent or occasional use.

Reusable gas mask. This type of mask is a device designed to be resistant, so that it can last for several years. This is recommended for those who work in environments with toxic gases, as they will need it on a frequent and daily basis.

Disposable gas mask. Disposable gas masks are intended for occasional, non-continuous use. The manufacturing materials are less durable and generally less resistant. They are also less expensive.

Reusable Disposable
Level of protection High Low
Materials Hard plastic, textile and metal parts Made of plastic or textile
Approximate number of times of use At least 50 times Maximum 10 times
Cost High Low

A gas mask can protect both your lungs and your eyes (Photo: Dmitriy Shironosov /

Buying criteria

Before you buy that amazing gas mask that will protect you from many things, it's good to have some buying criteria. These criteria allow you to compare various gas masks so that you can select the one that suits you best.

Materials of construction

It is important that the gas mask you buy is made of the best materials. The performance and durability of your mask will depend on these materials. It is recommended that the product is made of the following materials: Silicone, PVC, Carbon and TPE.

Silicone. Silicone is a very noble material for this type of product, mainly because it is easy to wash and resistant. But it should also be mentioned that it is a type of plastic that has no porosity, so it will not allow any trace of gas to penetrate the mask.

PVC. This is a material that is often used in mask cartridges, and is the most recommended. Although it has toxic compounds for people, you can avoid this risk if you avoid consuming these parts via the digestive tract.

Carbon. Gas masks work by using filters that purify the air that the user of the mask breathes. Carbon is used for these filters because it allows effective purification.


It is widely understood that when buying a gas mask we want protection, however not all gas masks provide enough, and this is a particular weakness of disposable masks. Be sure to check the features of your gas mask and see what filtering capacity it has.

The packaging usually has information on its safety rating, whether it is approved by the various protection agencies, etc. The protection factor should be one of the most important factors when making a purchase.


Hand in hand with protection is functionality, on this occasion you need to know what work you will be doing where you require the gas mask. Will you be dealing with gases or dust? Painting or fires? It's vital to know what work you'll be doing so you can select a functional gas mask for each task.

There are masks for gases only, others for dirt, some exclusively for firefighters or high temperatures. Although there are also multi-purpose masks that meet all these requirements, they are usually more expensive. Choose a mask that fulfils the function you want.


Nobody likes to wear an uncomfortable mask, a product that suffocates you rather than helps you. In short, if you want to make a good purchase, make sure you get a comfortable gas mask. This can be ensured by checking its ergonomics and materials.

Does it have an elastic component? If it does, it is sure to mould to your head or face type. You should also know that masks come in sizes S, M, L and G, so be sure to ask a specialist which one would be best for you.

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