Last updated: August 23, 2021

Let's get to the point: If you're looking for the best German course, you have to weigh up what you want and what's on the market. But don't worry, our article today is intended to help you in this process.

Among the many options, you will discover the difference between online and face-to-face courses, the subjects taught and the syllabus for each level, as well as the duration and the prerequisites for taking a German course.


  • Learning German is not as difficult as they say. But the ideal is to have the help of a teaching methodology.
  • There are various formats with classes in person, live or recorded online and in pdf format.
  • For the investment to be worthwhile, you have to consider the duration, the content and the form of communication between student and teacher.

The Best German Course: Our Picks

To save you time, we went after the best German courses available on the market. Check them out:

Selection Guide: all about the German course

We know how difficult it is to invest in a course without being sure that it will bring results. That is why we have created a Buying Guide. Below, you will find all your doubts.

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A German course is ideal for those who want to learn the language. (Source: StartupStockPhotos/ Pixabay)

What is the relevance of the German language in the world and in Brazil?

German is one of the most important languages in the world. So much so that, besides being the language of Germany, it is the official language of economic and financial centres like Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Not to mention that these countries are also among those that most publish books in German. And in this respect, the language also stands out worldwide. After all, it was in this language that classics such as:

  • "Faust", by Goethe;
  • "The Magic Mountain", by Thomas Mann;
  • "The Wolf of the Steppe", by Hermann Hesse;
  • "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink;
  • "The Never-Ending Story" by Michael Ende;
  • "Grimm's Tales", which includes stories such as "Rapunzel", "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Snow White".

In addition, Germany opens doors to many exchange and work opportunities, which demands a command of the language. In Brazil, the importance of German is due, mainly, to the market of German multinationals.

Is it possible to learn German alone?

Anyone can learn a new language on their own. But it's not always easy. German, for example, although it is considered a more difficult language to learn, can be easier for those who already have a good command of English.

Both German and English have the same etymological origin. Therefore, there are many cognates.

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Studying on your own as a supplement to your course is essential. (Source: xx / Pixabay)

On the other hand, when you consider taking a German course, the chances of learning more and better are higher.

It is in the course that you find a methodology that will help you absorb this new knowledge, plus a teacher who will motivate, correct and evaluate your evolution.

How can I optimise my learning in German lessons?

First of all it is important to choose a school and a teacher whose teaching dynamics are efficient and creative.

Depending on the format of the course and the teaching methodology, learning can be made much easier. Therefore, a good class is one that uses interactive resources to promote learning, such as films, books and music.

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It is worth betting on learning tools that help to fix the content. (Source: athree23/ Pixabay)

In addition, it is important to combine what you will learn in the course with practice. The best way to do this is to keep in touch with a native speaker.

To chat and exchange messages in German, you can look for groups of natives who live in Brazil, for example.

What is the advantage of taking an online German course?

A face-to-face course may be the preference of many students. However, apart from in the big cities, it is not so easy to find language schools that offer face-to-face German courses.

In addition, face-to-face lessons require more time to travel and restrict your study freedom.

The opposite is true of the online German course. With online classes you decide when and where you want to watch the content, whether it's on your mobile phone, tablet or notebook. In addition, the online course is usually cheaper than the face-to-face one.

What are the formats of the online German course?

When the student chooses the online German course, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are several class formats. You will find courses with recorded, live or PDF format.

The live classes are interesting, but they are similar to the face-to-face ones. In other words, you are obliged to watch them at a specific time. In the case of PDF, there is an even greater limitation, since there is no immediate assistance from the teacher.

Among all formats, the most versatile is, in fact, the online course with recorded classes. With it, you access the videos when it is better for you and you can replay them whenever you need to ask questions.

Did you know that learning a new language is good for your brain health?

By training and exercising your brain, you strengthen your memory

What does the German course contain?

The content of any language course will vary, depending on the level and the subject matter. For example, in a German course for beginners, the student will not learn grammar and reading comprehension.

On the other hand, if the idea is to study these two subjects, the best alternative is to take an exam preparation course.

There are also one-to-one courses, such as business conversation courses or courses for travel and tourism. Below you will find some of the themes and subjects that can be found in German courses:

What you will learn
Beginner course Alphabet, pronunciation, word and sentence formation
Intermediate level course Pronunciation and listening and writing
Advanced German course Grammar, text interpretation, formal and colloquial communication
Conversation course Focused on spoken German only, including slang and colloquial or business terms
Preparation course For exams

Selection Criteria: How to evaluate German courses

Before you enrol, it is also important to take into account other factors that differ greatly from one course to another. These are:


The duration of a German course depends on the level and the goal of the course. A complete German course can take up to seven years. But if all you want to do is speak German fluently, the course can last two years.

When it comes to online German courses, you'll find options that last a few hours, days or weeks.

Placement test

If you already know or have studied German, it's very likely that, depending on the online course you want to take, the school or teacher will ask you to take a placement test.

And this is very good because it will help to identify the best level for you. However, most of the faster German courses do not require this type of test, since they are aimed at all kinds of target groups.

Native and Brazilian teachers

Having a class with a native teacher has pros and cons. Although in general most people prefer to have classes with a German teacher, the truth is that if you're a beginner, perhaps a Brazilian teacher with extensive experience in teaching the language can be more productive.

This is because, at first, the accent and the difficulty of communication could even get in the way.

In any case, it's important to get rid of the idea that a Brazilian teacher is not as qualified to teach the language as a native one. If in doubt, check the teacher's reputation.

Extra resources

When you choose to take an online German course, it is essential that some other criteria are available to you. For example:

  • Communication channel with the teacher for clarifying doubts;
  • Platform for interaction with other students;
  • Long-term access to study material;
  • Certificate of course completion.


Studying German can be important for getting into a school in Germany, increasing your chances of a job or even strengthening your memory and communicating well when travelling. But the best way to do this is to take a good German course.

The best ones will have the right number of hours, level and content for your goal. So, do some research and make sure you check the teaching method and the teacher's qualifications before enrolling on a course.

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