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Welcome! Nowadays, it is increasingly important to stand out for the small details that undoubtedly give a plus to everything we do. This is the case of gifts, nobody can deny that everything is seen through the eyes and if it has a good presentation, we will open it with more pleasure and better expectations.

Gift bags have the advantage of helping us in this aspect as they are elegant, easy to use and there are bags for any type of object you want to put in them. On the other hand, their wide variety of designs will allow you to make use of them in any situation and you can even personalise them to your liking!

It may not seem a very relevant aspect, but the truth is that a gift bag offers us infinite possibilities to give the best present to those who are most important to us and in the most important situations. In the following buying guide we present you the best ones and everything you need to know to choose the best gift bag.

The most important facts

  • A gift bag is a package made of paper with creative designs. They are used to present and transport a gift. They have the advantage of helping us to highlight our presents, are reusable and are available in a variety of designs and sizes suitable for any product and occasion.
  • There can always be confusion between choosing a gift bag or gift wrap. Both are useful and affordable, with them you can achieve different types of presentation; be it elegant or traditional. The bags come pre-made, while you have to fold and glue the gift wrap, among other differences.
  • All users are different and that is why it is complicated to choose the gift bag that best suits your needs, so we recommend you to consider the size of the bag, the type of handle that suits you and the materials that catch your attention. Evaluate at least these three factors and we are sure you will find the ideal one.

The Best Gift Bags: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about gift bags

If you've already got the urge to wrap everything, don't worry, it's normal! In the following section you can discover all the information we promised you at the beginning. You'll learn about their sizes, main features, disadvantages, prices and points of sale. Don't stop and read on!

You don't need to put extra effort in wrapping and transporting your presents in a gift bag (Photo: dolgachov/

What is a gift bag and what are its advantages?

It is a type of sack or receptacle made of paper for storing objects. As they are for gifts, their designs are usually in accordance with the situation for which they are to be used. As well as helping us to store these objects, they create greater interest in the gift and help us to show concern in the presentation of the gift.

On the other hand, gift bags are the perfect implement if you want to give a personalised present with your name, brand or the special moment you are celebrating. They will help you build loyalty, attract attention and make the person feel very special. They are very simple to make and find.

  • Easy to use
  • Prefabricated product
  • Reusable
  • Economical and resistant
  • Can be easily deformed
  • Easily broken
  • Not all materials are degradable

Gift bags or gift wrap - what should you pay attention to?

The most relevant battle between this stationery product is whether to use a gift bag or gift wrap paper to wrap it yourself. Although it will always depend on you and your personal context, you can get a lot out of it if you choose the right product.

Gift bag. The gift bag comes pre-made, so you don't have to do anything more than store the product inside. They are a bit more expensive, but because they are available in such a variety of materials they are easy to find for all budgets. They come in many sizes and for different purposes.

Gift wrap. It comes in different qualities and is very easy to find in any stationery shop or supermarket. It is inexpensive and available in a variety of colours, designs and sizes can be in sheets, rolls and bags. It takes a little knowledge and practice to wrap a product properly.

Gift bag Gift wrap paper
Ideal for Irregular shaped products Products in a box or square shape
Recyclability Never if Glossy or contains plastic Only if single sheet and unwaxed
Durability Reusable Disposable
Prior knowledge No Yes

By adding tissue paper to your gift bag, you will add an even more eye-catching detail (Photo: freestocks/

Buying criteria

Below, you will see the different factors that will help you select the gift bag that best suits your current needs. No matter what type of user you are, occasional or constant, by paying attention to these four points you will be able to choose the one that suits you best and get the most out of it.

  • Size
  • Type of handle
  • Materials
  • Special designs


Gift bags have the great advantage of being available in many sizes so you can fit virtually any product inside them. It will depend on each manufacturer the exact size and name given to the dimensions. We recommend you to choose based on the size indicated by the Height x Gusset x Width.

Measurements Recommended use
Small 10.2 x 6 x 13.7 Jewellery, belts, perfumes, accessories, etc.
Medium 28 x 10.5 x 21.5 Clothes, technology, various utensils, etc.
Large 26.5 x 13 x 37.5 cm Shoes, clothes, electrical appliances, etc.
Wine 12.5 x 8.5 x 35 cm Bottles, spirits and wines

Handle type

The type of handle can help you carry and support the weight of the product you carry inside the gift bag. It is very important that they are reinforced or very well attached to prevent them from slipping off during use. They should also feel comfortable in your hand for proper and comfortable carrying.

Flat. The flat handle is the most popular and economical. It is reinforced with the same material it is made of. Inside the bag there is a reinforcement in the opposite direction that fixes it and gives it firmness for transport. Buy gift bags with a flat handle when you have a heavy gift and need great resistance.

Curly. This is a little more expensive as it is more detailed. It consists of two rows of curled paper braided into a cord to create the handle. It is very resistant and thin, and its finish is more elegant. Prefer this model when you want to give a smaller product as a gift.

Die-cut handle. This refers to when the handle has not been made externally. It consists of a hole in the gift bag itself which is used for carrying and handling the bag. These cannot support a lot of weight as they could break. They are recommended for small gifts such as jewellery, pencils, notebooks, among others.


Although the gift bag par excellence has been made of paper, nowadays there are many improvements in this type of product. Whether with the intention of reusing, reducing costs or creating greater loyalty with the recipient of the gift. Get to know all the materials in which gift bags are made and choose the best one.

Varieties Uses
Paper Kraft paper, cellulose paper, patterned paper, cardboard, etc. All types of gifts
Fabric Linen, hessian, cotton, velvet, organised, non-woven Small details or accessories
Plastic Polyethylene and polypropylene All types of gifts

Special designs

Gift bags are versatile. It doesn't matter if you want to give a gift that has a special shape or if you are a retailer looking to build customer loyalty. The gift bag is so versatile that you can't even imagine all the options you have. Here are the special designs that are very popular.

Wine. Giving a gift of wine is a gift that never fails. We can't afford to give it wrapped in just anything. For bottles in general and especially for spirits, there are special sized bags to fit the product. We recommend this bag if you want to give an elegant and traditional gift.

Customisable. For a retailer, it is important to create customer loyalty with the brand. Gift bags are ideal as they generate better expectations and the person feels that there is an extra concern. We recommend this product for companies or to make a party as you wish, such as baby showers or weddings.

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