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If you are one of those who never have time to look for a gift for someone you care about, you will love this article! We want to tell you all about one of the best options that can get you out of a hurry, gift cards.

These certificates have become very popular in recent years, which is why you can find them in many shops of all kinds. While it may seem like a simple gift, this card can be a favourite gift because of the huge range of opportunities it has.

This little piece of plastic, which sometimes is not even physical, has revolutionised the way of giving a gift. Before choosing a gift card there are many things to consider and we want you to have all the information you need.


  • A gift card is a physical or electronic certificate that has a monetary value. The amount of money they contain is usually defined by a range and you can choose between different options of amounts.
  • Due to their success, ease of use and adaptation to technology, these certificates can be purchased and used in department, entertainment, digital, food and beverage, and grocery shops.
  • When choosing a gift card, you should consider factors such as the shop, mainly the amount, the expiry date of the certificate and the type of security they have or can offer you. If you take these points into account, you will know how to make the right choice.

The best Gift Card: Our Picks

Gift cards are commonly purchased at brand shops and in physical form, for the most part, but you can also purchase these certificates online. There are two options, you can either buy them and have them delivered to your home or have the activation code or card sent to you digitally. Here are some of them.

Buying Guide

If you want to know how to choose a gift card effectively and correctly, don't miss this article! We are going to show you many aspects you should know and we also want to give you the necessary tools to buy a certificate in a safe way. We hope you find it useful!

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What is a gift card and what are the benefits?

Gift cards are physical or electronic certificates that have a monetary value. The amount in pesos they contain can be used in one or several shops of different types. In general, the shops determine the range of the amounts of these cards, so you have the option to choose the one that suits you best.

Although the intentions when giving a gift are always the best, not in all occasions useful, functional items are given as a gift, or items that suit the person's tastes or what they really need. Sometimes it is better to give the option to choose what the person to whom we are giving the gift really wants or needs.

Many of the physical gift cards have the option to be reused, so that you only need to pay an amount and you can use them again. This way you will avoid acquiring a lot of plastic that ends up in the trash.

  • They are very easy to obtain
  • They do not limit the user to buying a specific product
  • The range of capital is very varied
  • They can be reusable
  • You can carry them in your wallet and use them when it suits you best
  • Some have an expiry date
  • You can only buy them in the shop that issues the certificate
  • They can be an impersonal gift
  • The amount is usually a dilemma

Departmental, entertainment, digital, food and beverage or supermarket gift cards - what should you look out for?

When we talk about gift cards, only a few of the gift card options on the market may come to mind. However, due to their practicality, usefulness and consumption, there are several sectors that already use these certificates. Here we tell you what kind of cards you can find.

Department stores. These are perhaps the most common and one of the first to emerge. They cover not only department stores as such, where you can find all kinds of products, but you will also find cards from clothing and accessory shops, for example.

Entertainment shops. Music shops, movie theatres, video games and even gyms are some of the entertainment options that have gift cards. In your city you are sure to find a wider range of possibilities, depending on some local shops.

Digital shops. The platforms through which you can purchase products of all kinds and even some department stores with a website have the option of entering a gift card. These are usually handled through codes as they are. Or they are physical.

Food and beverage shops. It is not very common for restaurants or food establishments to issue this type of certificate, however some very large chains, especially fast food, do have gift cards. They are usually reusable and can be credited as often as you like.

Supermarkets. Supermarkets are undoubtedly one of the most visited and most consumed establishments. Some chains offer customers the option of using these cards, which can also get you out of a hurry at any time.

Department shops Entertainment shops Digital shops Food and beverage shops Supermarket shops
Physical card Yes Yes and digital too No Yes and digital too Yes
Expiration Probably yes Probably yes Probably yes Probably no Probably yes Probably yes
Variety Wide Wide Wide Wide Limited Limited Limited

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Purchasing criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different gift card models

Before purchasing a gift card you should consider a few factors that will ensure that you not only make a safe purchase, but a successful one. Although they are very easy to purchase, you need to be sure that you are buying a certificate that is really useful. Here's how!

  • Shop
  • Amount
  • Expiration


To start with, you should think about the tastes of the person you are dating the certificate to. Based on that, consider the shops you know they like and where they usually shop. If you want to make it personal, you can choose a clothing, shoe or digital shop. If you are clear about this first step, everything else will be much easier.


Some shops don't give many options for the amount of their gift cards

This point is very controversial and is the most discussed. There is usually a lot of questioning about whether the amount of money on the gift card is enough, too little or too much. Even in some cases shops do not give you much choice between amounts.

Consider investing an amount similar to what you would spend on a physical gift

If you are the one giving the certificate, consider investing an amount similar to what you would spend on a physical gift and if you are the one receiving it, consider that the giver is making an effort. Also, they are giving you the opportunity to choose something that you will really use or that you really like.

In some shops you have the possibility to choose the amount of the certificate and it can be very useful as you don't have to limit yourself to a fixed amount. Also, you can choose an amount that is average to what they usually have.


In order to be able to use the gift cards in some cases it is necessary to register them, especially if they are digital. When this is the case, a limited time of use may be activated. Commonly it is one year and if it is not used it is lost.

That is why we recommend that you make sure that the certificate does not have an expiry date, so that it can be used up gradually. If there is an expiry date, it is a good idea to let the person you are giving it to know so that they will not be taken by surprise.

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