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Ginger is increasingly used as an aroma and flavour carrier in drinks to give them a special spiciness. Ginger beer is an intense variant that can be classified as a lemonade. Many renowned bartenders swear by the modern aroma and add this additional flavour to their cocktail recipes.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know to buy ginger beer. We provide you with detailed information and give you decisive buying and evaluation criteria for the soft drink. In addition, the answers to frequently asked questions are listed. Finally, you can choose the best product from our specific recommendations.

The most important facts

  • Ginger Beer is not a beer, but a refreshing lemonade with a ginger flavour. Depending on how it is made, however, it may contain alcohol, which you can tell from the product information on the packaging.
  • The refreshing drink is often used as a mixed drink for modern cocktail recipes. The intense and spicy ginger note gives your drinks that certain something.
  • You can find ginger beer on all popular platforms and in well-stocked supermarkets. The product is often offered in pallets of 12 or 24 and is filled in cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles.

The Best Ginger Beer: Our Picks

In this section we list our favourites in the field of Ginger Beer. These recommendations are also the specialists among the ginger berries in certain areas.

You will therefore be recommended an optimal selection for your respective needs. Depending on your taste and the required aroma, you can then choose the ginger beer of your choice.

Buying and evaluation criteria for ginger beer

We have listed the most important buying and evaluation criteria for you here, so that everything runs smoothly when you next buy ginger beer. With this help, your choice of the right product will be easier in the future. The criteria are as follows:

In order to make an informed choice, you will of course need detailed information on the individual aspects. We provide you with this information in the following sections.


The quantity indicates how many glass bottles, cans or plastic bottles are included in your purchase package. You should also pay attention to the information in millilitres or litres.

You can buy ginger beer on the internet in larger quantities as a package of 12 or 24 bottles. However, you should plan for enough storage space and expect a higher total weight.

Sugar content

You can buy ginger beer with sugar in it, which is a flavour carrier in this drink. There are now also many alternatives without sugar. You can choose between light and zero versions and thus reduce the number of calories in your drink.

The sugar content in grams per 100 millilitres gives you a good overview. As a rule, the sugar content varies between 5 and 15 grams per 100 millilitres.


Ginger beer is characterised by three types of packaging. You can buy the drink in cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles of various sizes. Often these are then additionally packaged as a pallet of 12 or 24.

The packaging also has an influence on the price of the product. The different types of packaging give you different amounts of money back from the original purchase price via the deposit return.

Calorific value

The calorific value is usually given in calories per 100 millilitres and thus offers you a comparative value. The zero and light versions have a low value. Drinks with sugar vary between 15 and 60 kilocalories per 100 millilitres.

You should bear in mind that ginger beer is often mixed with alcoholic drinks. This results in a considerably higher calorific value of the mixed drink as a whole.


Common ingredients are water, sugar, carbonic acid, natural flavouring, acidifiers citric acid and malic acid, stabilisers E414 and E445 and apple concentrate. Ginger Beer guarantees a strong, sharp and refreshing taste. The high-quality variants often contain ginger root extract and herbal extracts, which indicates a higher quality of the product.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about ginger beer answered in detail

We would like to help you answer your questions. In this section, you will learn all the useful facts and explanations about ginger beer. With this comprehensive information, you will be optimally prepared for your future purchase.

What is Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer is a ginger-flavoured soft drink. This drink is available mainly in non-alcoholic variants, which are, however, suitable for mixing with spirits and additionally flavouring them. The popular drink is also a frequent component of modern cocktail recipes in combination with vodka and gin.

Ginger Beer allows you to experiment with different flavours and create the perfect drink for every situation. (Image source: Leon Ting / Pixabay)

The drink is a lemonade and not a beer. Alcoholic fermentation is used to provide the drink with the necessary carbonation.

What types of ginger beer are there?

Distinguishing characteristics for ginger beer mainly concern the aroma and the ginger spiciness imparted. Depending on the brand and the level of quality, there are major differences in the ingredients.

The inexpensive variants are often produced with flavourings. High-quality products, on the other hand, contain the extract of the ginger plant and are refined with fruit juices or berries.

What are the different ways of preparing ginger beer?

If stored in a cool place, the drink can be enjoyed as a lemonade and refreshing drink without any other additions. Depending on your needs, you can also add fruit juices or berries to add further flavour notes. Ginger beer is an integral part of modern cocktail recipes. Ginger beer is often combined with vodka, rum and gin.

Is ginger beer suitable during pregnancy?

Ginger beer without alcohol can be consumed during pregnancy. In this case, the labelling of the product on the packaging must be observed. However, we recommend consuming nutrient-rich drinks that contain little sugar during pregnancy. Soft drinks containing alcohol should definitely be avoided so that the child is not exposed to any risk.

How is ginger beer made?

Nowadays, ginger beer is produced commercially. In the 18th century, it was still an alcoholic drink. It was made from sugar, lemon juice and ginger. Nowadays, a ginger syrup made from sugar is used to flavour a mix of water or soda water.

The high-quality products are made with an extract from the ginger plant and therefore impart a more natural flavour. You can even make ginger beer yourself and find numerous recipes on the internet.


Ginger Beer is a versatile refreshing drink with a special ginger flavour. The product is suitable for various modern cocktail recipes, but can also be distorted directly as lemonade.

Basically, ginger beer is nowadays a lemonade and not a beer. On the packaging of the products you can see whether alcohol is contained or not. We recommend the cheaper versions for everyday use, as they are sufficient as a refreshing drink.

For special occasions, however, you should also consider a decorative glass bottle as a special element of your event. Decisive for your purchase decision are your personal needs, which you can fully cover with the information described above.

Image source: CocktailTime / Pixabay