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Welcome to Review Box Brasil! If you have a certain enchantment for the universe of wines, you will like to know that today's subject is the wine glass, an essential item to enjoy the drink.

Many people do not know, but the correct choice of glass makes all the difference when consuming wine. It enhances the flavor and aroma, and keeps it fuller.

As it is not common knowledge, it is natural that people have only one or two types of glasses at home, right?

But if you are interested in the subject and want to understand a little better about the advantages and differences of this product, just continue here! Below, we present you our complete guide to wine glasses!


  • There are different types of glasses. Each one has a specific shape for a particular grape, as they help to intensify the flavour and aroma.
  • Ideally, you should opt for those made of crystal, as they are the thinnest, are porous and their walls activate the aroma molecules.
  • Don't forget that it is important to take care and wash your glass in the right way, so that it never leaves any flavours or odours.

The Best Glass Of Wine: Our Picks

Choosing the perfect glass for a special moment is not always an easy task. That is why we have selected some very interesting models that should help you a lot at the time of your purchase:

Buying Guide

Drinking wine with friends is an excellent way to celebrate good times. Or even enjoy a glass at the end of an evening watching your favorite program, the fact is that one of the most appreciated drinks in the world, deserves to be drunk in a great glass.

Now that you know what the best ones on the market are, it is time to understand a little better the differences between glasses and what the advantages of each one of them are! Let's go?

Foto de uma uma mulher loira, com uma blusa verde, olhado pra baixo e segurando uma taça com vinho tinto.

There are different wine glasses, and each one is ideal for a specific grape. (Source: Bust / Pexels)

What is a wine glass and what is its function?

A good wine goes well in almost any situation: after an intense day of work, in a romantic dinner, in a special celebration with friends, or to relax enjoying a beautiful view.

There is no way, who loves the drink, will consume it in the most different environments! But what many people don't know is that aroma, taste and colour depend not only on the wine, but also on the glass!

The function of the wine glass goes far beyond promoting beauty and leading the drink to the mouth. It intensifies all aspects of the drink, giving you a better and more complete experience.

Nowadays you can choose between crystal glasses and glass ones, however, we recommend you to choose the first option, because they are thinner, which ensures an even more intense flavor!

Having a set of these items at home is very necessary, because there is no way to consume a good wine in another container! And nothing like being prepared to receive friends and family in style, right?

  • Correct choice intensifies flavor, aroma and colour
  • It is elegant and sophisticated
  • There are different types and models
  • For a complete experience, it is necessary to know how to choose the ideal glass
  • Crystal glasses are the most sensitive and can break
  • Some sets are very expensive

What is the right glass for each type of wine?

You have probably seen a shop shelf full of different glasses and wondered if there is any difference between them, right? Well, we are here to tell you that yes, each glass has a specific purpose!

Just as there are different types of wines, there are also different models of glasses, and the purpose of each model is clear: to intensify the flavor, aroma and colour of specific wines that match each one.

They are made based on the location of the taste buds in our mouths, so as to lead each type of wine to the place where the expected characteristics (sweetness, acidity, bitterness, etc.) will be sharpened.

To help you choose, we will talk about the four main types of glasses: Bordeaux, Burgundy, the glass for white wines and the one for rosé wines.


Bordeaux glasses are especially made for the consumption of fuller bodied red wines, with more evident tannins. They are recommended for the appreciation of grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tannat and others.

Its bulge is much wider than the edge, which is a little narrower, with the purpose of concentrating the aromas. The rim also directs the drink to the tip of the tongue, allowing the fruity tones and the tannin to be felt before reaching the end of the mouth.


Burgundy is the widest glass. Both its body and mouth are well rounded, so that there is more contact with the air, and the aroma of the drink is more explored.

These glasses are mainly recommended for Pinot Noir grapes, but also for traditional Rioja, Amarone and others. Their shape directs the wine towards the centre of the tongue, so as to reduce the acidity of the taste.

Imagem mostra taça de vinho branco e tinto.

It is important to analyze the type of glass according to the wine you are going to drink. (Source: Didgeman / Pixabay)

Glass for white wines

The glasses indicated for the consumption of white wine are narrower. This is because the flavor needs to be directed to different parts of the tongue, so that both the sweetness and acidity are well explored.

Glass for rosé wines

Not all brands have specific glasses for rosé wines, and therefore often the same glass is used as for white wines. However, it may be interesting to have this item at home if you are a lover of rosé wines.

Rosé has the tannin of reds, but the aroma of whites. Therefore, its cup is a balance between both. The bulge is wider, but not so wide, and the mouth is a little narrower.

Bordeaux Burgundy Glass for whites Glass for rosé
Type of wine More full-bodied red wines with tannin in greater evidence More concentrated red wines and less evidence of tannin White wines Rosé wines
Format Wide brim and narrow mouth Wide brim and wide mouth Narrow mouth, reduced length Medium brim and narrow mouth

How to wash your wine glass?

Did you know that there is a correct way to wash a wine glass? The most recommended is to use warm water and a small amount of neutral liquid detergent.

Great care should be taken with the type of detergent, so that no taste or aroma is transferred to the glass.

After washing, rinse it very well and dry it with the mouth downwards, preferably hanging it on a support or on a linen cloth. When it comes to wine glasses, you can't be too careful, right?

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare different models of wine glasses

As we have already said, the glass greatly influences the taste of the wine, so you should keep an eye on some details when buying it:

  • Material
  • Format
  • Size
  • Kit or individual?

Below, we will explain how each of these criteria influences your choice.

Foto de várias taças de vinho vazias em uma mesa de madeira.

Having wine glasses at home is always a good idea to receive friends and family. (Source: / Pexels)


Many are mistaken who think that all glasses are made of the same material. They can be made of glass, glass crystal and crystal. The main difference between each of them is the presence of lead in its composition.

The glass bowl is the thickest, and has 24% lead, the crystal glass bowl has 11%, and the crystal bowl, which is super thin, is lead free! The crystal glass is better because of its thickness, which is very delicate. This enhances the wine's flavour.

It also has the advantage of being porous, which is very advantageous, because when we turn the glass we compress the drink molecules against it and activate the wine's aroma!


We have already talked about this, but we could not leave this criterion off the list! Which grape is your favourite? It is interesting that you buy a specific glass for each grape, so that you can taste 100% of your wine!

Are you still in doubt? Go back to our Buying Guide and find out which type of glass is ideal for each type of wine!


Although it is not elegant to fill a wine glass, it is worth saying that there are models of various sizes and capacities. You can find glasses from just 250 ml to almost 1 litre, the most common ones have around 500 ml.

The size of the glass is not related to its type - if you have not read our section on the types of wine glasses, we recommend reading to choose the ideal glass for the type of wine you drink, only then you can get the best experience. You can find a Bordeaux glass from 400 to 900 ml, and there you should choose according to your personal taste.

It is indicated to fill 1/3 of the wine glass with the drink

Kit or individual?

Buying glasses individually is not very advantageous, because most of the time you will share the drink with someone, so you will need at least two glasses.

Although most sets are for four or six glasses, it is much more financially worthwhile than buying a single glass!

The kit is more cost effective and you can leave it at home in case you have a special opportunity.

(Featured image source: Valeria Boltneva / Pexels)