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Glass tables not only look modern, they can also be used in any room. They make it possible to display decorations, plants or the like in the best possible way. There is a suitable glass table for every room for little money and easy ordering.

With this glass table guide, we show you the most popular glass tables for living room, bedroom and study. Then we present the criteria to consider when buying and finally we go through all the important questions.


  • Even inexpensive glass tables offer a modern, minimalist style for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms without pushing themselves into the centre of the room.
  • Glass tables differ depending on their area of application. Dining tables offer more space, side tables and coffee tables are more for displaying decoration and as storage.
  • Many glass tables are made of safety glass and can therefore be loaded without any problems. Even if scratches get into the glass, they can be removed with tools.

The Best Glass Table: Our Choices

Glass tables: buying and evaluation criteria

Since the purchase of a glass table can sometimes be expensive, there should be an idea for the equipped room. Before buying a glass table, the following frame specifications must be taken into account:

Area of application

If you are looking for a desk in the study, it should be larger to provide enough space for work materials and electronics. In addition, the glass must be able to hold the mass of objects placed on the table. Therefore, the quality of the glass must be good, such as safety glass. When buying, pay attention to the stated load capacity.

The most important criterion according to which you should buy your glass table is the room in which it will be used. For example, different glass tables are used in the dining room, living room and study.

Glass tables as side tables and coffee tables have different criteria. For example, a side table often only has to represent decoration or plants and therefore does not necessarily have to carry high masses. In the case of coffee tables, attention is paid more to a good interplay between the couch and the glass table.


The size of the glass table depends on the space available in the room and how it will be used. Especially when buying a dining room table, the glass table must offer enough space for several people to eat together. The rule of thumb is: 120 cm long for 4 people, 180 cm for 6 people. The width is then 80 cm.

In contrast, side tables are rather small pieces of furniture for displaying decoration. They vary in size depending on their shape, but often have sizes around 50 x 50 cm.

Coffee tables are exactly between a side table and a dining table in terms of size. They offer more space than side tables, but are still only suitable for storing decorations, plants and books. Ideally, tables for the couch are the same height as the seats. They are often rectangular and measure 100 x 50 cm.

Desks made of glass must be able to provide enough space for important documents and work utensils and at the same time not be subject to weight. Therefore, stable, reinforced glass such as safety glass should be used. In addition, a desk must be stable, which is why you should also opt for a reliable frame. Ideally, desks should measure 160 x 80 cm.


This criterion depends on the other furniture in the room and the style pursued. Modern furnishings tend to use round glass tables, while square tables are preferred for a simple design.

If you are looking for a glass table to complement a couch, you will tend to go for a plain rectangular glass table. Side tables for storing decorations, on the other hand, can be a good addition to the composition in both rectangular and round shapes.

With desks made of glass, you follow the same form as desks made of wood. In this case, the size and load-bearing capacity of the glass is more important.


Especially for writing and garden tables, the glass top should be thicker to withstand more weight.

If the glass is then further refined or if it is safety glass, this speaks for a more robust base.

When buying glass tables, pay attention to the quality of the glass.

The material of the table frame and legs is often chrome-plated metal in silver or black.

In this case, it is more a matter of stability.

Glass tables: frequently asked questions and answers

In the last part, we finally clarify all the important questions about glass tables. With this guide, you should have a good feeling about buying a glass table by the end.

Who is a glass table suitable for?

Glass tables are not necessarily something for every taste or interior style. In addition, although they are robust, they are not comparable to wooden or plastic tables.

Basically, glass tables are modern, minimalist and simple.

Therefore, they are not suitable for the permanent storage of heavy objects. Side tables and coffee tables made of glass are primarily suitable for storing magazines, plants or decorative accessories.


Glass tables can also be optimally combined with wooden furniture and wall decorations. This creates a completely new style.
(Image source: Francesca Tosolini / Unsplash)

Laptop and screen can easily find space and support on desks made of glass. In the same way, documents and files can also be placed on glass tables without any problems, as the safety glass is made extra thick for exactly this situation.

What types of glass desks are there?

As described above, glass tables can be used in different rooms. In the table, we briefly summarise the advantages and disadvantages.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Side table Very small, suitable for displaying plants, decorations and other things, Unobtrusive Not suitable for displaying larger objects
Coffee table Similar to side tables, Used as storage for magazines, books, remote control etc.. Must match the couch perfectly
Desk Provides plenty of space for documents, computers and accessories, Slim design encourages neat and concentrated work Desks made of glass often have maximum load capacity of 50 kg
Dining table Provides enough space for the entire household, Modern design can be made cosy with plants Especially when eating, scratches can appear in the glass

In the following, we will go into more detail about the individual table types.

Side table

Ideal in the living room for displaying decorations, pictures or plants or as storage in the bedroom, side tables made of glass offer a stylish touch in your four walls. Side tables are typically relatively small and are round, rectangular or oval. With sizes ranging from 20x20 to 50x50, they are the perfect storage for everyday items and still stylish in the room.

Glass side tables have the advantage that they put the displayed objects in the foreground. Due to the modern, simple style of glass tables, they tend to be noticed in the background.

Coffee table

Similar to side tables, coffee tables made of glass are suitable for displaying decorations or plants. Unlike side tables, coffee tables need to be well coordinated between the couch and the table. This can be seen, for example, by buying rectangular tables for corner couches. Furthermore, coffee tables are usually not as high as side tables.

Many glass tables also have a second shelf in addition to the upper surface. There is enough space for magazines, TV accessories or other items. An elegant couch looks even better with a glass table.


If you want an orderly working environment in modern style, you can't do without a glass desk. The transparency of the glass literally forces you to keep things tidy, otherwise the working atmosphere would be lacking.

The glass in desks can either be completely transparent or slightly matt. The matt glass allows a better focus on the materials in front of you.

Dining table

In the kitchen or separate dining room, a dining table provides enough space for the whole family and guests to eat and entertain together. Dining tables must be able to provide enough space for all family members without crowding them.

As a rule of thumb, the table should be at least 120 cm long for 4 people, 180 cm long for 6 people and so on.


In the dining room, glass tables offer a very modern and orderly impression thanks to their simple design.
(Image source: Beazy / Unsplash)

Dining tables with a glass top offer a modern flair for the dining room and can be integrated into almost any environment. At the same time, they are durable for daily use and can be adorned with tablecloths and decorations.

What does a glass table cost?

As a general rule, the price of furniture is open at the top. At the same time, high-quality products can also be found for a low price. The conventional prices are shown in the list:

Type Price range
Dining table Circa 40 to 700 euros
Desk Circa 150 to 800 euros
Coffee table Circa 50 to 400 euros

While the price can be very good with some suppliers on the internet, you have to pay attention to the customer service of the respective site. Especially with glass tables, damage is more likely to occur during transport, and a simple exchange with customer service can save time and energy.

How do I clean my glass table?

The easiest method is to clean the glass table with a cloth, some washing-up liquid and water. It is best to use a cloth rag and use as little washing-up liquid as possible.

When cleaning a glass table, household products can already help against grease stains and streaks.

Lemon juice can also be used against dirt and grease on glass tables. This also prevents streaks from appearing on the table. Simply rub the surface with a slice of lemon and then wipe with a cloth.

For stubborn stains, using glass cleaner with a cloth can help. Simply spray the affected area and wipe with a cloth. Do not use too much glass cleaner, otherwise streaks may appear on the table.

How do I remove scratches from my glass table?

Treating scratches in the glass with household products is more likely to damage the glass than remove the scratch.

Straight liquid solutions and toothpaste attack the glass and only destabilise it further.

Instead, for light scratches, you should reach for mud chalk and professional polish. Apply this to the affected area and let it work according to the instructions.

If the scratch is still visible, the only last resort is Canada balsam, which can be found in DIY stores. Massage it into the scratch and repeat if necessary.

If the DIY tricks have not helped, the scratch must be covered with a tablecloth or the table sent to a professional glazier. Otherwise, look for a new glass table.

What are the alternatives to glass tables?

The alternatives to a glass table are mainly in the material of the table. Thus, tables made of different wood or metal serve as options. These in turn have their own style and area of application, which we briefly explain in this table.

Type Description
Wooden table Wooden tables are more massive compared to glass tables and can hold a lot of weight without any problem. They are the classic choice for everyone and are used in every household. Wooden tables, depending on the wood and the manufacturing, entice a classic, natural flair in the home. Solid wood tables in particular impress with their high quality.
Lacquered tables Less old-fashioned and more colourful are lacquered tables. These are usually made of plywood and offer a high level of robustness similar to normal wooden tables. At the same time, the tables stylishly match other lacquered furniture pieces depending on the colour.
Metal tables Metal tables are tables whose frame is made of metal. The top itself is often made of wood. This combines the classic design of wood with the modernity of the metal frame.
Marble tables Marble tables are eye-catchers in every home. They show a certain high quality and are the centrepiece in the dining or living room. However, this type of table is also more expensive than all those described above.


Glass tables fit into every household because they stylishly stand in the background while optimally displaying decorations, plants or other items. At the same time, cheap and versatile offers can be found on the internet and in local furnishing shops.

The robustness and range of applications of glass tables is greater than generally assumed. Nevertheless, the purchase of a glass table for the living room or bedroom can only be approved. With this article about glass tables, we have hopefully been able to explain the advantages and disadvantages to you and present the best glass tables for your situation.

Image source: dinga/ 123rf

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