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We know that you are a geography lover, so we have taken on the task of finding and analysing everything you need to know about the globe, its features and functionality.

Have you always wondered how the different countries are located, their capitals, rivers and mountains? Or maybe you want to teach your siblings, cousins or children about geography in a simple and interactive way? Well, worry no more because the globe is the ideal product for these tasks.

At ReviewBox we care that you know as much information as possible about the products you are interested in and you can always count on a review to guide you. But above all, we want you to be able to learn about the most important features and functions so that you can choose the best possible option. Ready? then join us!


  • The globe is a product that replicates the Earth in shape and tilt. It comes with an integrated base so that it can be rotated in its entirety and generally has information on political divisions, sea and air routes.
  • There are different types of globes, the most commonly used being simple globes, globes with relief included, illuminated globes and interactive globes. Each has a different function.
  • It is important to consider several factors such as the size of the globe, its durability, the materials it is made of, the information it contains, its energy consumption and its weight. Everything you need to make your purchase the right one.

The Best Globe: Our Picks

Buying Guide

You would think that buying a globe is something very simple to do, however, those who know about geography, decoration and education will know that, in order to invest in this product, you need to know about several factors to make the best possible purchase. That is why we have taken on the task of explaining them to you below.

The globe has a rotating sphere and a base with the original inclination of the Earth. (Photo: Diegomyo /

What is the globe?

The globe is a product that simulates the Earth in a spherical shape and contains all the information needed to understand how it is politically divided as well as the location of the most famous mountain systems and rivers. It also includes information on oceans and seas making it a basic teaching product.

This product consists of a 20cm to 40cm sphere that replicates the Earth, available in a variety of colours. This sphere is always embedded in a base that tilts it by 23.5º, just like our planet. The base not only holds the globe but also serves to rotate it so that the entire product can be seen.

What are the advantages of a globe?

One advantage of the globe is that it can be a perfect educational toy for teaching geography. Because it has such an eye-catching design, it has an immediate impact with children who will want to use it as soon as they see it. In addition, many have interactive features to make it even more eye-catching to use.

Another benefit of having a globe is that it makes an excellent piece of decoration for the home or office. Just imagine it on a shelf next to your books or in your living room matching your furniture, we think it would look great. There are some with silver and wooden bases that add a lot of class to the globe.

  • An educational toy
  • Decorate office, office, bedroom or living room
  • Illuminated ones can function as lamps
  • Fragile when dropped
  • Price
  • Functions limited to education and decoration

Simple, embossed, illuminated or interactive globe - what should you pay attention to?

When talking about globes it is important to note that there are four types and that each type facilitates certain functions from education to decoration. Mainly you will find simple, raised relief, illuminated and interactive globes. What does each one look like? Now we explain.

Simple. This product only includes the spherical replica of the Earth and a plastic, metal or wooden base to hold and rotate it. These globes only have information such as political divisions, mountains, oceans, sea routes and imaginary lines. Its simple and elegant design makes it perfect for decorating spaces.

With reliefs. Unlike simple globes, this type has slight elevations on the surface where mountain ranges and/or rivers are located. This makes it easier to locate places and regions by simply touching the product.

Illuminated. Illuminated globes are among the most popular with children because they are so eye-catching. These globes have LED lights that provide a powerful but soft light at the same time. In addition to decorating and aiding learning, this type can also function as a lamp. What a great idea, don't you think?

Interactive. As if that wasn't enough, you can now get interactive globes. What do these globes do? They ask you geography questions and test your knowledge by means of included buttons. They are great fun to use, especially for children who will be fascinated by being able to interact with their favourite toy.

Simple Simple Embossed Illuminated
Base Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
Light No No Yes LED Yes, in some cases LED
Power source None None Plug in light Batteries

How do I know if the information is up to date?

You have to be very careful when choosing a globe to check whether it is up to date or not. We live in a world where there are often geographical changes, the most important case is the birth of countries and sometimes you can find this product without the latest update.

What should you look out for? Mainly that the globe you want to purchase includes South Sudan as an independent country. South Sudan is the last country to be created, this was in 2011 and believe it or not there are still maps and globes on sale that do not include this country in their political delimitation.

Updates are important and even more so for globes, you should pay close attention to detail. (Photo: olegdudko /

How much does a globe cost?

The globe is a product that has a wide price range as you will find it from very cheap to considerably expensive. What does it depend on? Mainly on the materials, which are usually plastic, metal and wood, as well as on the functions, such as LED light and interaction system.

The cheapest globe will generally be the simple type which is around 10 GBP, its low price is due to the fact that almost all of them have a plastic base and no interactive functions or light. Unlike the illuminated and interactive globes which cost between 40 GBP and 80 GBP.

The average price of a globe with relief is 50 GBP, this is due to the fact that generally materials such as metals and wood are used to make the bases in which the replica is embedded. If you are looking to decorate we recommend this option, but if your desire is to educate then you may want to invest a little more.

The globe is a product that can be used in the office or at home. (Photo: kzenon /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different globe models

We will now tell you what factors you should consider when buying your globe so that you can compare and rate the various models available. Take note of this information as it can make the difference between being satisfied or not with your purchase.

  • Size
  • Information it is made of
  • Durability
  • Power consumption
  • Weight


The size of the globe is the first factor you need to consider when making your purchase, especially if you are going to use it for decoration or for teaching. Among the best-selling sizes are 20-22 cm, 30-32 cm and 40-42 cm. But how do they differ?

20-22 cm. These globes are the smallest globes you can find and are particularly used for teaching young children because they are easier for them to move. They are also very convenient to fit in small spaces so you will have no problem finding a place for them in your home or office.

30-32 cm. Unlike small globes, this size is not only very useful for teaching, but also for decorating because it can take up more space in the place where it is located. It should be noted that this is the standard size so it will be easier for you to find it at any point of sale.

40-42 cm. The largest size you will find in globes will be from 40 cm to 42 cm and these can also be used for both teaching and decorating. The main feature is that this size can hold more information and also tends to be more legible than the other sizes.

What information is available

Although we have already mentioned that globes can contain different information about the world, there are some that prioritise certain things over others. For example, you can find models that only include the political division, others that include detailed information about oceans and sea routes, and some even have air routes.

Political division. This is the most common type of information on globes and basically shows how the world is divided, from borders to imaginary lines such as parallels and meridians. It also includes capitals and important cities of the different countries so it gives you a general knowledge in this area.

Oceans, seas, rivers and sea routes. For sea lovers this kind of information is basic for your globe. It explains the mileage limits to which countries are entitled, the deepest parts of the oceans, the largest lakes and rivers in the world and where ships pass through.

Air routes. Maybe the sea isn't your thing but the air is, and there are globes that include all the information about the routes that commercial and private planes tend to follow. It's super interesting to realise that almost no plane flies in a straight line to its destination, did you know that?

Durability and materials

The durability of your globe is another factor to consider when making your purchase and this depends mainly on the materials that both the globe and the base are made of. Most products use plastic to make the globe, but where they vary is in the base as three different materials are used.

Plastic. Plastic-based hot air balloons are the least durable as they are prone to break if dropped. In addition, plastic is a material that, although durable, is also fragile and wears out quickly. However, they are also easily interchangeable if needed.

Metal. Metal bases are highly durable as they wear very little over the years. You will see that even metals such as copper or silver are used to make the bases of the globe to provide luxury and decoration to suit the user's taste.

Wood. Wooden bases are also available and this gives a great durability to the globe. In addition, they add points to the decoration factor as there are many users who like this material for their homes and offices. One point to consider is that they are fragile against falls and finding replacements can be complicated.

Energy consumption

Does it matter if your globe consumes energy? We would say yes and quite a lot and this is mainly because some of them need to be connected to a power supply and even work as lamps while others need batteries and this represents an expense for the user.

Light current. These globes are the ones that are plugged into a current and can function as a lamp, but be careful because if they are plugged in for a long time they can use more electricity than you would like and the bill could be slightly different.

Batteries. Energy consumption will depend on how much you use the globe. It is mainly the interactive ones that use batteries to be able to ask the questions they work with. If you use it a lot then you could find yourself buying batteries all the time.


Finally, we recommend you to consider the weight of the balloon you are going to buy, especially if you plan to give it to small children as they will want to carry it from one place to another and you don't want it to be too heavy and fall down in a sudden movement.

You can find hot air balloons weighing from 500g to as much as 3kg. The average weight of a globe is 1.2 kg and it is quite easy to move. We recommend that you consider whether you are going to move this product a lot or whether the children using it can carry the weight without causing an accident.

So now you know, the next time you are about to buy a globe remember to check this review to guide you and you can choose the option that suits you best. We hope that soon you will be enjoying this article that will give you a lot of knowledge of this wonderful world, see you next time!

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