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Welcome. Today we are going to talk about lip gloss, a cosmetic that was a fever in the mid-2000s and that has become a success again among women in recent years. The gloss leaves the lips voluminous, shiny and attractive. The product may have different colours, textures and finishes and besides making up, it protects and moisturizes the lips. If you want to bet on this trend, keep reading this article. We will give you some tips on how to choose the ideal gloss according to your skin tone, teach you how to apply the product and give you some shopping suggestions.


  • There are gloss options in different textures: creamy, fluid and milky. You can also choose between different colours (even transparent) and finishes: shimmery, glitter or translucent.
  • The gloss is a very versatile cosmetic, after all, you can use it alone, with the outline of a mouth pencil, after the lipstick and even in less obvious areas such as the cheeks (to replace the blush or illuminator) and to give shine to the eye shadow.
  • This cosmetic can also be used to protect and hydrate the lips. To have this benefit, look for vitamin E and fatty acids in the product's composition.

The best Gloss: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Whether it is to enhance strong points or hide imperfections, make-up is a great ally for women, so much so that it is worn on a daily basis and on special occasions. To put together a makeup kit, it is worth betting on some items that can be used in different ways. This is the case with gloss, which can be applied to the mouth, cheeks, temples and eyes. We will teach you how in this Buying Guide.

Mulher passando gloss com a ajuda de um pequeno espelho.

The gloss is an item used to finish the makeup. (Source: / Pexels)

How to use the gloss and what are its advantages?

The gloss is a product that leaves the make-up with a glow effect without being heavy. This happens because it illuminates the lips and reflects the light, leaving a natural and sensual look at the same time. This type of lipstick gives the impression that the lips are larger and more voluminous. It can be worn alone, as a lip gloss, or over lipstick, to give a glossy finish. If you want to use the product alone, the tip is to fill in the lips with a lip pencil in a lighter shade or the same colour as the gloss.

Then, just apply a layer of gloss. If it is applied after a lipstick, the durability and fixation will be even greater. The interesting thing is that the product can transform a matte lipstick into a shiny one.

The gloss can also replace the blush

And it is not only on the lips that the gloss can be used. This product can replace the blush, just spread a few drops with your fingertips giving light strokes. If it is transparent, you can use it as an illuminator, just apply a small amount of the product on the temples and spread it. If applied after the eye shadow, it gives a wet effect, just apply a drop of product.

  • Hydrates and protects the lips
  • Can have several shades, including transparent
  • Gives finishing and glow effect to the make-up
  • Can also be used on the cheeks and mobile eyelids
  • Some people complain that the gloss has a sticky texture
  • It can stick to the lips because of the wind

Gloss, Lip Balm or Liquid Lipstick: Which one is best?

Summer and winter are the seasons of the year when lips most need care, because both the sun and the cold attack the skin, drying it out and leaving the lips chapped. Besides the aesthetic issue, the cracks on the lips bring health risks, as they increase the vulnerability to bacteria and, consequently, to infections. To protect your lips, you need to moisturise them and protect them from the sun. There are several products on the market that fulfil these functions and also serve to tone your lips.

Lip gloss

The gloss is an excellent option to use in the winter, because this product protects, moisturizes, gives colour, shine and enough volume to the lips. There are several colour options, but they are usually lighter and transparent. The durability is excellent and the product does not need to be touched up frequently.

 Imagem de uma mulher maquiada.

The gloss is an excellent option to moisturize the lips in winter. (Source: / Unsplash)

Lip Balm

The lip balm is a product indicated for moisturizing the lips and protecting them against sun rays. The colorless model is ideal for those who just want to moisturize the lips, but do not want the makeup effect. The coloured models, besides moisturising the lips, leave a soft shade on the mouth. Some of them even have a flavour and smell, which can be strawberry, raspberry, vanilla or mint.

Imagem de uma mulher aplicando lip balm nos lábios.

The lip balm can have soft colours, aromas and flavors. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

Liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick has the same coverage as a stick lipstick, but lasts longer because of the high concentration of pigments. It moisturizes, gives colour to the lips and leaves a light glow. This product is easy to apply, as it comes with a brush similar to a gloss. Because it has different shades and the texture can be creamy with shiny or matte finish (matte effect). Still not sure? Check out a table comparing the three options and choose the best one for you!

Gloss Lip Balm Liquid Lipstick
Indication for use Can be used to moisturize, colour and shine to the lips To moisturize and protect the lips against sun rays To give colour to the lips
Effect Shine and texture wet Shine discreet It may have shiny or matte effect
Tint Several colour options, usually shimmering It may be colorless or have soft tones Several colour options, from light to dark
Texture Wet Smooth Creamy

How much does a gloss cost?

The price of a gloss varies little. With GBP$ 1,29 you can buy a simple model, without nourishing ingredients. If you prefer a model that hydrates while you make-up, you can get one for GBP$ 3 to GBP$ 4,53.

Where to buy a gloss?

You will find several gloss options in cosmetic shops such as Ikesaki, Época and Sephora. Pharmacies also sell the product, but with a smaller variety. If you prefer, you can also buy a gloss on online shops like Beleza na Web and Ilha da Beleza. If you are interested in any of the models we have selected in the ranking, just click on the link and you will be redirected to Amazon. There you will find other models in addition to those listed. 

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the different models of gloss

Just like with any other make-up item, when you go to buy a gloss it is interesting to observe some important features that change from one product to another, they are:

  • Shades
  • Textures
  • Components
  • Amount of product

We will explain each of the criteria to help you choose the best gloss model according to your skin tone, preferred texture, needs and frequency of use.


Choosing the right shade of gloss not only helps to enhance your make-up, but also your face shape, features and skin tone. For this reason, there are products with several shades and textures.

  • Tanned skin: the golden or shimmering gloss will brighten up your skin and enhance your tan.
  • White skin: for those with light skin, pink, orange and red shades look great.
  • Darkskin: shades of brown, gold and wine are great for those with this skin tone.
  • Darkskin: for dark skinned people, darker colours are great. Go for copper, aubergine and grape tones.
  • Oriental skin: because of their yellowish skin tone, oriental women look great with open or burnt pink, pinkish brown, cherry, plum and wine tones.


Many people complain that the gloss has a sticky texture, which leaves the lips with a greasy appearance. Indeed, some products have this defect, but did you know that you can find glosses in different textures! The gloss with milky texture has a transparent background and pigments in pastel shades. Products in this texture give the illusion of volume on the lips, so if you have a small mouth, this model is ideal. The fluid type has an oily base and a light formula. It is very light, does not drip even in high temperatures and a little bit of product already gives a very nice effect.


Pay attention to the components of the gloss you are thinking about buying. You can find options with good substances such as raspberry oil, which is rich in fatty acids (it creates a barrier that protects the skin from dehydration), and vitamin E, known for its high nourishing power. Some formulas are also free of harmful substances such as parabens, preservatives found in beauty products that are associated with the development of some diseases.

Amount of product

The amount of product which comes in the package may vary a lot, and this is a very important factor to be observed when buying. There are gloss models with 3 ml, 4 ml, 7 ml and even 12 ml.

Imagem de um gloss labial em cima de uma mesa.

If you use the gloss daily, it is worth buying a model that comes with a larger amount of product. (Source: kaboompics / Pixabay)

If you use the gloss quite often or even daily, it is worth buying a product with a larger amount, otherwise it will finish quickly.

(Featured Image Source: Candice Picard / Unsplash)