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Welcome to our big glycerine soap test 2022. Here we present all the glycerine soaps we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best glycerine soap for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of if you want to buy glycerine soap.

The most important facts

  • Glycerine soaps are little miracle cures. They not only help you to make dry skin glow, but also remove excess sebum and fight acne.
  • Besides the beauty effect, glycerine soaps are also very popular with craft fans. They can be melted and recast very easily. They are especially perfect for crafting newbies.
  • You can buy glycerine soaps in pure form. You can add your own ingredients, such as oil, shea butter or honey. You can also buy them ready-mixed.

The Best Glycerine Soap: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying glycerine soap

What is glycerine soap?

Glycerine soap is a little miracle product and does something good for your body. Glycerine soaps are basically transparent and can be melted very easily.


You can use glycerine soap for many areas of your body. (Image source: / Burst)

Of course, they also come in different colours and shapes. They contain a large amount of alcohol, which also gives them a big advantage: the scent stays longer. And not only that. Glycerine soaps are also the most likely to retain the unadulterated scent.

Besides the advantage of an unadulterated scent, glycerine soaps are also very moisturising. Due to its chemical composition, glycerine can store water well and therefore also releases a lot of moisture.

You can also easily make your own glycerine soap. It is very easy to melt, reuse and then solidify again. Glycerine soap is therefore very suitable for newcomers to crafting! You can find out how to make your own glycerine soap further down in the article.

So not only will your skin be adequately moisturised, but you can also immerse yourself in a distinctive fragrance experience.

Who is glycerine soap suitable for?

Basically, anyone can use glycerine soap. However, allergy sufferers benefit particularly from the soaps. The mild fats of glycerine soap do not act as allergens and are therefore well tolerated.

If you want to clean your pores thoroughly, you can also use glycerine soap. You can say goodbye to all make-up residues or even the remains of any creams! Your skin will then be able to breathe and radiate again.

People with dry skin should also make use of glycerine soap. As already mentioned, these soaps can bind water well and therefore also release a lot of moisture. The active ingredients of glycerine soap penetrate deep into your pores and moisturise the skin from deep within.

What are the effects of glycerine soap?

Besides moisturising, glycerine soap also helps with eczema and dermatitis. Inflammation occurs on the upper skin and dryness or itching develops.

Glycerine soap can help very well, thanks to its moisture retention. In addition, the daily use of glycerine soap creates a natural protective barrier that protects the skin from future problems.

So we have found that glycerine soap helps against dry skin. But by being an all-rounder, it can also help you with oily skin. Especially oily and acne-prone skin has nothing to laugh about here. In addition, it can also remove excess sebum and thus beautify the skin's appearance.

And the miracles don't stop there! Wrinkles can also soon say goodbye - thanks to glycerine soap. It has an antibacterial, nourishing and protective effect and gives the skin elasticity and flexibility. Its ability to store water in the skin also shortens the ageing process.

How much does glycerine soap cost?

On average, glycerine soaps tend to be in the affordable range. Of course, the price can also vary depending on the brand, size or ingredients. You can either buy them ready-made or as pure soap without any ingredients or fragrances.

The pure version sometimes contains more and therefore costs a little more. The ready-made version is cheaper, but also sometimes smaller.

Here is a brief overview of the prices:

Type Price
Pure glycerine soap approx. 10-20€
Finished glycerine soap approx. 1€-10€

If you want to spice up your glycerine soap a bit, you may have to add the price of different components, such as oil or honey, to the raw soaps. You also have to add different fragrance oils if you want to give the glycerine soap a personal touch.

Where you buy it also plays a role. On Amazon, the finished glycerine soaps are usually available at a higher price than, for example, at Douglas or Especially here, the price also changes a lot depending on where you buy them.

What are the different types of glycerine soap?

You can buy glycerine soaps with different ingredients:

  • With oil
  • With milk
  • With honey
  • With coffee
  • With butter

Each ingredient can do different things for your skin. Oils are very nourishing and are quickly absorbed into the skin. Milk was used by the ancient Egyptians for skin care. Afterwards, your skin feels like a baby's bottom.

Coffee as an ingredient is also good for exfoliation. You can remove dead skin cells and make it nice and smooth. Shea butter also helps to nourish your skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Honey surrounds your skin with a protective layer of acid and contains antioxidants that protect you against free radicals.

Decision: What types of glycerine soaps are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, we distinguish between these types of balloon bottles:

  • Glycerine soaps with oil
  • Glycerine soaps with milk
  • Glycerine soaps with honey
  • Glycerine soaps with coffee
  • Glycerine soaps with shea butter

In the following, we explain the different types and their respective advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we want to help you find the glycerine soap that suits you best.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glycerine soap with oils?

If you have dry skin, oil can help. Glycerine soap alone can help to restore your skin, but with oil you can achieve even better results. It absorbs quickly and is also very economical. Just a little glycerine soap with oil is enough for the application.

It's best to use oils made from nuts or seeds, as they are rich in natural antioxidants. These protect our skin from free radicals.

However, if you are prone to oily skin, you should not use oils. They can make your skin look worse. Too much moisture is not good either. Another disadvantage is the residue. Oil might leave stains on the sink or in the shower.

  • Contains antioxidants
  • High-yield
  • Especially suitable for dry skin
  • Not suitable for very oily skin
  • Could leave stains in the bathroom

However, if you do use the oils, you can remove the residue with a simple cleanser. It is also best to rinse your sink or shower with water immediately after use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glycerine soap with milk?

Milk not only tastes good in coffee, it can also help your skin. It is a secret weapon in the fight against skin problems. Milk cleanses your pores deeply.

  • Good exfoliator
  • Cleanses pores
  • Could cause inflammation in dry skin

Milk combined with a glycerine soap can combat many skin problems. You can also use this soap variant as a scrub without any problems.

Unfortunately, the milk sugar galactose could cause inflammation. So if you tend to have dry and inflamed skin, use another alternative, such as oil.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glycerine soap with honey?

Similar to the glycerine soap alternatives already mentioned, honey is a little miracle product. Honey also has a cleansing effect and removes a lot of bacteria on your skin. The mild acids in honey also provide acid protection for your skin.

  • Creates acid protection
  • Has an antibacterial effect
  • A little more expensive than the other alternatives

Above all, propolis - a certain kith resin - protects your skin from fungi, viruses and cares for blemished skin. By combining it with glycerine soap, you create the perfect care for your skin.

One disadvantage could be the price. Honey is not as cheap as the other variants. Especially the ingredient propolis is a bit more expensive. So you have to weigh up for yourself whether you would like to have honey as an additive or whether you would prefer another variant.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glycerine soap with coffee?

Coffee works very well as an exfoliant. Dead skin cells are removed with ease. In addition, you also make your complexion glow. With a glycerine soap with coffee, you not only get all the nourishing benefits of soap, but you can also exfoliate your skin and make it smooth and soft.

Like oils, coffee also contains antioxidants and protects your skin from free radicals. Glycerine soap with coffee can also help against the skin ageing process.

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • slows skin ageing
  • Could dry out the skin

As supple as glycerine soap with coffee makes your skin, the coffee could also dry it out. If you tend to have dry skin, use oil or butter. Coffee can also dehydrate your skin, making it a little drier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glycerine soap with shea butter?

Shea butter is made up of 11% vegetable fats and is therefore very moisturising. Shea butter is suitable for the care of every skin type and can therefore be used without complications. If you use a glycerine soap with shea butter, your skin will be surrounded by a protective layer that does not wash off quickly.

  • Anti-ageing effect
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Not very suitable for very oily skin

It helps you against environmental influences and can also stimulate cell regeneration. Shea butter is therefore also very suitable as an anti-ageing care product. You can also use glycerine soap with shea butter to combat inflammation. Allantoin is the active ingredient that contributes to this.

Shea butter actually has very few drawbacks. However, it may be a little too moisturising for oily skin. It is best to use another alternative

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate glycerine soaps

In the following, we will show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate guitar amplifiers. This will make it easier for you to get an overview and decide on a suitable and effective product.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Ingredients
  • Effect
  • Weight-Price-Ratio
  • Fragrance
  • Recyclability

In the following, you can read about the respective criteria and find out why it makes sense for you to purchase a product based on the criteria or not.


Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can choose the components. Here are a few important ones at a glance:

Type Effect
Oil Rich in antioxidants and protects the skin from free radicals
Milk Exfoliates your skin and cleanses the pores
Shea butter Has an anti-inflammatory effect and surrounds your skin with a protective layer
Coffee Also works very well as an exfoliator and creates supple skin

Depending on what you need, you can choose your ingredients. We have listed the pros and cons of each ingredient above. It is best to see for yourself what suits you and what you need.


Actually, any glycerine soap can help you with many things. They are a beauty all-rounder and send all your other skin care products into retirement. Whether you have dry or oily skin.

Forget those problems. Dry skin will be moisturised to the core. Plus, after a daily application, it's surrounded by a layer of protection

Do you have rather oily and acne-prone skin? Then glycerine soap is also something for you! Excess sebum is removed and especially glycerine soap with milk helps you to clean your pores thoroughly.

It also protects your skin from free radicals thanks to the antioxidants contained in glycerine soaps with honey or milk. You can choose a glycerine soap that suits your needs.

If you want to combat dry skin, buy one with oil for even more moisture. If you want to smooth your skin, get one that contains coffee.

Weight-price ratio

To get more from your glycerine soap, you could buy it in pure form. There is usually more in a tub of pure glycerine soap than if you buy it in solid form.

However, if you don't want to mould it and add your own scents and ingredients, you can of course buy it ready-made. You can usually get a bar of glycerine soap for a small price. However, some of the soap bars are not very large and could be used up very quickly with daily use.

So, if you really use the soap often, it's better to go for the pure version so that you can add your own ingredients, such as oils, more easily. You can also choose your own fragrances. The pure variant is sometimes a little more expensive, but you can do much more with it and use it for longer.


As you have already learned above, glycerine soap can hold any scent particularly well. Because of its chemical composition, it creates an unadulterated scent. Here you can choose a glycerine soap according to your taste.

Some scents also have certain effects on your body and mind. Depending on what you want to achieve by using a glycerine soap, you can also choose the scent accordingly.


One of the characteristics of glycerine soap is that it is recyclable. It can be melted down very easily to be recycled again. You can buy it pure so that you can give it your own touch.

It is also possible to buy several glycerine soaps and melt them down into one. This is very environmentally friendly and you can use your glycerine soap for a long time.

A pure glycerine soap is more practical to use because you don't have to melt it all at once. It is also easier to add other ingredients. You may have to melt down pre-made soaps to be able to recycle enough of them.

Facts worth knowing about glycerine soaps

How do I use my glycerine soap correctly?

Glycerine soaps can be used daily when you shower or just wash your face. You can apply it in the morning and in the evening as needed.

Depending on the part of your body you want to use it on, you can use it for that or cover your whole body with it. It can help you with many different skin problems.

How do I store glycerine soap?

Because glycerine soap can melt very easily, be careful not to store it in a place that is too warm. It can easily melt and then become smaller and smaller over time.


Glycerine soaps can easily be melted again and reused. They also retain any kind of fragrance for a very long time. (Source: / Couleur)

Also, don't let it get too hard or it might take a while before you can use it again. It's best to buy a container to store the soap in. If you make your own glycerine soap, wrap it in cling film.

When the air changes, the soap changes too, so wrap it well in plastic wrap. Also, store it in your bathroom and not in another room.

Of course, it can happen that the glycerine soap starts to "sweat" anyway. You will find out next what you can do about this.

What do I do if my glycerine soap "sweats"?

Even your glycerine soap can start to sweat! But don't worry, it can happen quickly. When making the glycerine soap, just make sure you don't bring it to the boil. Just heat it a little until it melts is enough.

However, if you unintentionally bring it to the boil, add a few drops of water. But be careful here too! Too much water can also cause the glycerine soap to sweat and shrink.

When pouring, you can then use an alcohol spray to avoid the bubbles. Too much air when pouring also makes the glycerine soap sweat at some point.

Too much scented oil can also cause your glycerine soap to sweat and get wet. So be sparing with the oil. A few drops are completely sufficient, as glycerine soaps are particularly good at storing fragrances and can also carry them for a long time.

How can I make a glycerine soap myself?

This miracle soap is not only a good tip because of its effects on the skin, but also craft fans should not miss it. Due to its simple production, even beginners can easily make a glycerine soap.

You can either buy the glycerine soap as a pure variant on the internet or in a craft shop.

It is best to use a silicone mould for the shapes, as the soap pieces are then easier to remove. You can also add small pieces of flowers for decoration, as the glycerine soap is transparent. You can also add oils, milk or honey to create your own personalised soap.

When you pour the glycerine soap into the mould, tap it a little to avoid air pockets. You can also use an alcohol spray to prevent air bubbles. Let the soap stand until it hardens. To remove it undamaged, put it in the fridge for a very short time.

Et violà! And your glycerine soap is ready! In the section "Further resources" you can even find instructions on how to make glycerine soap with your own ingredients.

In this video you will also find further instructions on how to make your own glycerine soap:

How do I melt and process a glycerine soap?

You have three different small bars of glycerine soap and don't want to throw them away? No problem! Luckily, glycerine soaps can be melted down and reprocessed quite easily. All you need is a saucepan, a bowl and some water.

Cut the glycerine soap into small pieces to make it easier to melt. Now all you have to do is put the soap in a bowl and melt it on a hot water bath. But as mentioned before, be careful not to bring the soap to the boil! Otherwise it could start to sweat and become smaller.

Image source: / Tabitha Mort