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Welcome! Fashion is part of our environment, we all want to be part of the current trends, but clothes alone don't always say well who we are. Sometimes a good combination of accessories, such as gold chains, can make the difference between everyday and elegant.

Even though fashion passes and changes with the passing of time, there are certain things that never go out of fashion or at least never stop sending the message of elegance and glamour. Among them are gold chains, which are synonymous with money, value or luxury.

You may find it difficult to decide on the perfect gold chain, because there are many fakes and, being a high cost to obtain them, it is necessary to know how to make a decision, in this article we will give you several ways to know how to choose the best gold chain that suits your tastes and preferences.


  • A gold chain is a garment that brings elegance and refinement to whoever wears it, it is a neck accessory, which allows you to decorate that area and even complement an outfit. You can find them pure and the most expensive of 24K as the most accessible of 14K all with their qualities and of very good quality.
  • According to your taste you will find two types of gold chains that can be adapted to your budget: solid gold chains and gold plated chains or also known as gold plating, although the appearance is similar, the properties and value is different, so you must decide according to your need.
  • When buying gold chains, there are several points to consider in order to decide on the one that best suits your tastes and preferences, such as the use and the message you want to convey with it, the carats, the design and durability of the chain.

The Best Gold Chains: Our Picks

Buying Guide

With the 4 gold chain recommendations in mind, you may already have an idea of exactly what type of gold chain you are looking for. But there are still some important concepts and aspects to take into consideration before making your choice. We discuss them in this buying guide.

The elegance and luxury that a gold garment brings is the final accessory to add style to your outfit. (Photo : dolgachov/

What are gold chains and what are their advantages?

A gold chain is a combination of a series of interlocking links, which together form a chain. It is worn around the neck as an accessory, it is a luxury good and brings glitz, elegance, glamour and aesthetics to the wearer.

The benefits of gold chains can be highlighted in the field of aesthetics. Being a luxury good, it provides a social status to the wearer, depending on the personality, its size, design, shine and composition may vary, not to mention the spiritual properties that are usually related to the material.

Although a product may sound perfect, the truth is that they all have advantages and disadvantages. This does not mean that the product should be considered a bad buy, but it is good to consider all the aspects involved, so that you can be sure of what you are buying.

  • provide social status
  • their durability is high
  • they do not deteriorate over time
  • high acquisition costs
  • some models can be very difficult to fit
  • they can be heavy or uncomfortable.

Solid gold or gold plated chains - what should you look out for?

Gold, being a pure material, never deteriorates in value; however, as it is such an expensive material, you will always find pieces that pretend to be gold or have a very low gold composition. It is important to know the most used terms in jewellery in order to make the best choice. Solid gold chains and gold plated chains are the most common to find, it is important that you know the terms and the differences between each one, so that you can choose the right model for you.

  • Solid gold chain: This type of chains are made, as the name says, of pure gold, alloyed with another metal to increase its hardness. This is because 100% gold is very soft, hence the karats in the valuation of the garment. In general, these garments tend to be very expensive, being the 24 carat (pure gold without mixing with another metal) the most expensive of all. Solid gold chains are characterised by the fact that they never lose their lustre and a brand name precedes them.
  • Gold plated chain: Gold plated chains are metal with a light layer of gold, usually 14 karat, they tend to be heavier than solid gold garments; however, their cost is by far cheaper than the above mentioned. Generally these garments are based on nickel, which is a metal that can cause skin allergies depending on the person, its durability is poor, because over time the gold layer wears and tends to fall off exposing the base metal, its sale is not through an official brand.
Solid gold chains Gold plated chains
Base material Gold Nickel or other metal.
Allergies No, no one is allergic to gold High probability of allergy to nickel
Price Very expensive Affordable and accessible
Durability Lifetime Short

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of gold chains

Before purchasing your gold chain, as a last point you should consider important factors to take into account, so that you can compare between the different models, and thus be able to make the right decision according to your needs.

  • Use and message
  • Durability
  • Carat
  • Design

Use and style

The first thing you should take into account is the use and style you want to show off with the gold chain, before looking at chains think for a second about what you want to convey, as well as the frequency of use. It is important to define this before even looking at models.

  • Everyday use: If you want to use a gold chain for everyday use, it is important that you look for a model that conveys a delicate and subtle message, as it should be suitable for everyday attire. In addition to this, as it is a luxury good, it is not advisable that it attracts too much attention if it is going to be used frequently.
  • Sporadic use: This is a different scenario. In a social or corporate event, the message to convey is to attract people's attention and a more noticeable, eye-catching and shiny pendant is your best option and it does not necessarily have to be 24 carats to stand out.

A solid gold garment is perfect for everyday wear as it will not deteriorate with time or frequency of use. (Photo: fedorkondratenko /


Depending on the model you choose, the durability of the chain will vary. It is important then that you are aware of how long you want the chain to last, and the level of money you are willing to invest in it.

  • Gold plated: This is the model with the shortest lifespan. It tends to give the impression of solid gold, but it loses its lustre earlier than other gold items. It is nickel based and excessive use can lead to skin irritations depending on the person.
  • Gold-plated: These chains are the same concept as gold-plated, and differ from each other in the number of times the gold layer has been applied. A gold-plated chain has a minimum of 2 applications. Its durability is considerably increased up to 5 years, and its base is no longer nickel but stainless steel.
  • Solid gold: The ultimate chain. Its durability is incalculable because if it oxidises or loses its shine, it only needs to be polished to recover its original appearance. It does not cause allergies and can be used every day without affecting it in the slightest.


Carat is directly proportional to price. The higher the carat, the higher the cost of the chain. Gold is made up of 24 pieces, 24K is 100% gold and is not alloyed with any other metal.

An 18K chain is 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of another metal, this is done to give hardness and strength to the chain, because gold tends to be very weak on its own. The same goes for 14K chains which have 10 parts of metal.


This is a very subjective point rather than a criterion to evaluate each chain. Depending on your taste, a light and thin chain can fit your personality, sending the message you want. While it is true that you might also like a thicker and more eye-catching chain, it all depends on your personality and taste, but you don't need to wear a long or thick chain to show luxury.

Many models can have very simple and minimalist cuts, as well as many accessories or a thickness that adds more shine to the chain, not to mention the charm that the chain can have that adds to its aesthetic.

Not only in the cut of the chain the design changes, but also choker chains that adjust to the shape of the neck or the classic chains that fall down the chest of the person and depending on their length can even reach the height of the heart.

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