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Fashion is found in everything from the largest garments to the smallest details. Each one counts and plays a role in the overall outfit, so that it can be a favourable result in terms of your appearance. Gold earrings are one of the details that make a difference.

In the market there is a wide variety of earring models, and each one has its pros and cons, but without a doubt, the best ones will always be the gold ones, as you wouldn't have to worry about durability or shine issues, as both are naturally high in them. Therefore, it is a great buying option.

It is likely that, if this is the first time you are thinking of purchasing this product, you might feel a bit lost when choosing, as you don't really know what are the features you should pay attention to when making the purchase. If this is your case, don't worry, you will learn here.


  • Gold earrings are, in short, aesthetic and complementary accessories, which are placed in the ear, in the corresponding piercing in the lobe. They often complement an outfit without overshadowing it, and even enhance the style.
  • There are many varieties of earrings on the market today, and you can get confused if you can't tell the difference between gold earrings and others. There are two in particular that you should know about: gold earrings, which are durable and resistant, or gold-plated earrings, which are more economical.
  • Before you make your final decision, it is important that you take into account certain aspects that will allow you to compare between your different options, making the buying process easier. Factors such as carat, design, type of use and size are very relevant.

The Best Gold Earrings: Our Picks

When you don't have a clear picture of the product, it is often normal not to know where to start to get to know it. Therefore, a very good and effective strategy is to analyse the market, because, knowing the best current models, and the opinion of the public, you will be able to orientate yourself better during the purchase.

Buying Guide

After knowing the best models of gold earrings, you may have a clearer idea about them, and maybe you already have one in mind as your possible purchase. However, before you make your decision, it is good to know certain aspects and terms so that you can be more confident.

Your gold earrings can accompany you in the happiest and most important moments of your life. (Photo: Владимир Иваш/

What are gold earrings and what are their advantages?

A gold earring is basically a fashion and style accessory, which is placed in the ear, through a minimal piercing. They are made of gold, the carats varying depending on the model. They are shiny, light and very eye-catching, but without sacrificing elegance, making them very popular.

Among their most relevant advantages is the obvious elegance they provide, as well as a natural shine that can be obtained by polishing the earrings a little. The durability, resistance to external agents and ease of combination with any colour and style, make them a favourite choice for many.

You probably consider this product to be perfect by now, and they are a very wise purchase. However, like any product on the market, there are advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before making your final purchase.

  • They are very elegant
  • They combine with everything
  • They are highly resistant to external agents
  • They are very shiny
  • can be expensive
  • They are easily lost
  • The weight varies depending on the amount of carats.

Gold earrings or gold-plated earrings - what should you look out for?

When it comes time to buy, you are likely to come across different models, with features that may or may not be what you expected from the earrings. There are two types in particular that you should be aware of and differentiate between, and these are: gold earrings and gold plated earrings.

Gold earrings: These are the ones we are mainly talking about in this article, and they consist of earrings that, part of their composition is gold, that is to say, that the material is found within the structure and manufacturing process and creation of the earring, which allows it to have the characteristics of the mineral.

This type of models are characterised by being more expensive, but this is due to the level of quality, as they will never stop looking golden, no matter how much time passes, they will not lose their shine, and aqueous agents or oxygen itself will not deteriorate them. Buying earrings of this type is a lifetime purchase.

Gold plated earrings: When we talk about gold plated, we refer to those whose base material is not gold, but a common metal, which then goes through a bath with gold, which allows it to acquire the colour and brightness of this, but without this is within the root composition of the jewel.

These models are much cheaper, as the price is really in the use of the mineral. Although they are very affordable, their durability is very little, as the gold layer is on top like a paint, which falls off over time due to water, the same air, even scratches.

Gold earrings Gold plated earrings
Resistance High, it does not deteriorate with anything Low, water, air or scratches damage it.
Brightness They are always shiny Low, it falls off with time.
Durability Lifetime Few months.
Price They are expensive Very affordable.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of gold earrings

Before making your final decision, it is important that you take into account certain aspects that will help you during the selection process, as the idea is that you can make comparisons between the different options, choosing the best one for you, and that satisfies your main need.

  • Size
  • Carat
  • Design
  • Type of use


The first thing you should analyse is the size of the art, because depending on who wears it, some models will fit better than others. The idea of wearing earrings is that, besides being decorative and eye-catching, they should be comfortable, so that you can wear them for days without them even bothering you.

Young-adult size: This is the standard earring size, i.e. it has a weight and dimensions suitable for young people or adults. It allows for a variety of designs, both long and short and single point (not dangling).

Baby size: These models are special, as they are extremely small, light and shiny. They do not hang from the ear so as not to hurt it. They are designed for the baby stage, up to 4 or 5 years old, depending on the growth of each child.

In your day to day life, your gold earrings will accompany you without any problem, as they are comfortable, light and resistant, they will always keep you looking your best. (Photo: Cathy Yeulet/


The amount of carats influences the purity and weight of the model, so it may or may not be beneficial in terms of comfort, depending on the wearer. There are two types of carats in particular that are seen a lot in common gold earring models.

10 carat earrings: These are the lightest models, usually this is the amount that baby earrings have. The amount of gold is not too much, but it does not detract from the shine or strength. They are the cheapest and simplest, recommended for everyday use.

18 carat earrings: It is an intermediate point in the amount of gold, it is recommended only for young people and adults. The designs tend to be a little more elaborate and detailed, as they tend to want to show a more ostentatious appearance, due to the level of gold. They are more expensive, perfect for going out or everyday wear.

24 carat earrings: It is one of the highest amounts that is handled in this market, they tend to be heavier, so they are only good for adults. Their designs are very extravagant and shiny, they are usually quite big, especially if they are rings. Ideal for important and formal events.


The design of the earring will help you determine if it is the one you need, because each design is usually more suitable for certain occasions. For this reason, you should take into account what you are buying the earrings for.

Hoop earrings: They are the most remarkable, because their size makes them very easy to notice. They are recommended for formal and punctual occasions, as they are extremely elegant, which makes them look a bit out of tune with casual outfits.

Hook earrings: These are the most versatile models, as they look elegant enough to be worn for formal gatherings, but they also work with casual wear. They consist of earrings that dangle from the ear piercing, with a hook-like point.

Pearl Earrings: The simplest of all, they can be both formal and informal, but are recommended for everyday wear, as they are not extravagant at all. Their body is a sphere, similar to a pearl, which is very shiny and not too big and bulky.

Type of use

Each earring has a best use for one occasion or another

As a last point, the type of use you want to apply to your gold earrings is determinant at the time of selection, as each earring has a better use for one occasion or another. It is important to consider what you will use the earrings for once you buy them.

Daily use: If you want a model of gold earrings that you can wear daily, the most recommended are the ones that have between 10 and 18 carats, and with very simple designs, such as pearl, which do not go unnoticed, but are not extravagant to the point of exaggerating your outfit.

Sporadic use: In case you are interested in buying earrings for special occasions, and not continuous use, more detailed and striking models may be ideal. Such as hoop earrings, or 24 carat earrings. The shine and shape will make you stand out from the first moment you wear them.

Versatile use: Finally, versatile use is in case you want earrings that work for both elegant gatherings and everyday use. The 18 carat ones are usually the most successful, and with designs such as pearls or hooks, especially the latter, which is very decorative, but not extravagant.

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