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The times we live in today are no longer like those of our grandparents, children play less in the streets, they don't go to the shops alone, much less to the corner to play on the machines; going to and coming back from school is often accompanied.

Today's children live a great technological boom and a half-hearted freedom. For parents' peace of mind and children's safety, smartwatches have emerged that work with GPS to keep their location visible. ReviewBox has taken on the task of getting to know them because we know how important the little ones in the home are. Stick around and find out what you can do with this gadget.


  • GPS watches for children are smart electronic devices that in addition to telling the time have on average more than 10 functions that serve as a tool for parents to care for and monitor their children.
  • There are several models with GPS for children that provide similar functions, but basically we can divide them into 3 types according to connectivity: those with GPS, those with LBS and those that can connect via WIFI.
  • In order to choose the right watch for the needs of parents and child(ren), we must take into account all the possibilities that we can obtain and ensure that we have the best and most complete functions, for example, two-way calls, sending texts, security fences, alarms, SOS button, etc.

The Best GPS Watch For Kids: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about GPS watches for children

When looking into this type of product, one knows that there is nothing left to do but research thoroughly, as the options on the market offer very similar alternatives and some variables on which the final decisions will depend. We have already seen what GPS watches are, but what else should we know about them?

The peace of mind of being able to listen to them at any time or in any situation is priceless. (Photo: Supparsorn Wantarnagon /

What do I need to be able to use a GPS watch for children?

Although they are not like any common watch, they are not difficult to use, you just need to download an application to your mobile phone and buy a micro chip with credit, it can be prepaid. Once you have both, you configure the watch to link to the application and that's it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GPS watches for children?

Giving the time, it is not their main contribution, children get a device suitable for their age, without having to give them a mobile phone but with several similar functions and with the main advantage that represents: support for monitoring and communication with their children.

GPS watch for children with connectivity via GPS, LBS or WIFI - what should you pay attention to?

One of the main features of the watch is the monitoring of the little ones at any desired time, e.g. during their outings anywhere, be it to school, back home, going to the cinema, hiking, etc., but "successful monitoring will depend on its connectivity".

  • GPS. A GPS or Global Positioning System watch works by using a chip that achieves connectivity via satellite to show an accurate location on a map. It works well outdoors.
  • LBS. This stands for Locational based service or location based services. It is an alternative to GPS that when GPS does not have a good reception, LBS makes a triangulation of antennas that generates an approximate location with a range of error.
  • WIFI. WIFI connectivity is another alternative that helps to give an accurate position when we are indoors, because there the GPS signal can be lost. By making use of existing WIFI signals we can maintain a more accurate geolocation.
Meaning Global Positioning System Location Based Services Wireless Fidelity
Feature Captures location via satellite Triangulates antennas Using internet signal captures location
Usage Outdoors When GPS signal is not good Indoors

Purchasing Criteria

This segment is crucial for this product, as we will delve into the features we can get according to the model we choose, being able to buy a more basic or more advanced product according to our family needs.

Communication functions

The watch has qualities similar to those of a mobile phone that allow us to keep in touch with our children, without having to give them such a device. Most watches are equipped with this function, which is one of the features that make them strong and reassuring for parents.

  • Two-way calling. Depending on the model, the child can make calls by pressing buttons that link the watch to the main numbers that have been registered, usually those of the parents, who also have the option of dialling the children.
  • Phantom call. This is another feature that is highly valued by parents, as without the child realising it, guardians can link to the watch to hear what is happening around the child at any given time.
  • Text and Voice Messaging. Parents and people who are able to link to the watch have the possibility to send short text and audio messages, on average around 15 characters and 15 seconds respectively. Messages that are sent from the app.

GPS watches for children are smart electronic devices that in addition to telling the time have on average more than 10 functions that serve as a tool for parents to care for and monitor their children.
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Safety functions

The essence of these watches is to provide security to the wearer as well as to the monitor, which is why their functions are indispensable qualities and part of the rationale for purchasing these items. Among the features that can be located:

  • SOS button. Emergency button that the child must press in case of a problem or threat. Previously configured phones will receive the alerts. For this and other functions to take effect, the battery must be charged and the chip must have credit available.
  • Security fence. Some watches give you the possibility to enable a safety zone marked on the map, where children cannot leave and if they do - for whatever reason - the watch will alert parents to act quickly.
  • Remote shutdown. Once turned on, the watch cannot be manually turned off by the user, so neither the child being monitored nor anyone else has the ability to turn the watch off under any circumstances. Switching off is done through the application.


The watches have a battery that is recharged via a USB cable and the battery life will depend a lot on the user's usage, but usually ranges from one to two days. It is recommended that even if the watch has half a battery charge, it should always be recharged before going out. The battery status of our watch will also be recorded in the monitoring done by parents, who will also receive an alert when the configured watch(s) have been discharged. This function helps us to keep the device in an optimal state of charge.


Not all watches have this function, even the most expensive ones tend to have it. The camera is another monitoring tool for parents to ensure that their child is safe and well when they are not together. Thanks to this feature, video calls are made where parents can make sure by seeing where the children are physically located if they do not know how to give references. In addition, it is possible to see everything the watch records from the mobile phone.

There are several children's models with GPS that provide similar functions, but basically we can divide them into 3 types according to connectivity: those with GPS, those with LBS and those that can connect via WIFI.
(Photo: Serenko/

Additional functions

There are so many possibilities that extra options could not be missing, so if this has not been enough for you and you want more, possibly these additional features that some models offer will be the plus that will help you to convince you.

  • Sleep monitoring. Only if the child sleeps with the watch on, it collects quantitative information about the child's sleep, generating a report that is sent via the app to the parents.
    Only if the child sleeps with the watch on
  • Rewards. Using hearts and according to the rules set up in the home, parents can reward the child by adding or sending hearts from the application that the child will see on their watch. A way to encourage or reward them for being better at something.
  • Agenda. The application can be used to set up to 10 numbers on average for family members or people close to the child that they trust. Numbers to which the child will have access to call them and vice versa, as long as they have credit.

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