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Welcome to our big grapefruit oil test 2022. Here we present all the grapefruit oils we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best grapefruit oil for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of if you want to buy grapefruit oil.


  • Grapefruit oil is a versatile essential oil. The oil can be used in many different ways.
  • Due to a very pleasant scent, the oil is also used in therapeutic areas. Grapefruit oil has a mentally uplifting effect and can relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Depending on the needs, grapefruit oil can be used in the fight against cellulite as well as against the pain in the body.

The Best Grapefruit Oil: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying grapefruit oil

How is grapefruit oil extracted?

The pure essential grapefruit oil is extracted from the pressed peel of the grapefruit fruit. To ensure that as few valuable ingredients as possible are lost, the peels are cold-pressed in a press.

To produce 1 litre of grapefruit oil, about 200 to 300 kilos of grapefruit peel are needed. It is roughly equivalent to the peel of 2000 grapefruits.

Grapefruit is a cross between the orange tree and the grapefruit. (Image source: / couleur)

How does grapefruit oil work?

Grapefruit oil has a wide range of effects and a direct influence on many health problems of the body.

Grapefruit oil not only has a positive effect on the body, but also a pleasant effect on the mind and psyche.

Grapefruit oil against cellulite

Cellulite is caused by water retention in the connective tissue under the skin. Grapefruit oil helps to fight cellulite.

As grapefruit oil has a strong astringent effect, the skin contracts when the oil is applied. The water retention from the cells is pushed out by the contraction.

This reduces the occurrence of this undesirable event.

Grapefruit oil for the skin

Grapefruit oil, like many other essential oils, has a pronounced antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Due to this effect, grapefruit oil is used to combat infectious skin problems. For this reason, the oil is an excellent remedy for skin care.

The oil is also added to many ointments used to fight acne.

Grapefruit oil against digestive problems

After taking a food that is difficult to digest, it often happens that the food stays too long in the stomach.

The oil has a strong blood circulation stimulating effect which helps to digest the food faster.

The oil stimulates the stomach wall, which increases the production of stomach acid, which in turn leads to faster digestion of food.

As the oil has increased blood circulation, the food substances can also be absorbed more quickly by the stomach wall and transported into the bloodstream.

Grapefruit oil for intestinal problems

Grapefruit oil is recommended for many people who suffer from intestinal problems, which are caused by a negative change in the intestinal fauna.

Intestinal bacteria play a very important role in this. The proliferation of certain bacterial strains very often causes diarrhoea in the intestine, for example.

The antibacterial effect of the oil can help to stop the proliferation of bacterial strains and remedy the intestinal problems.

Grapefruit oil for detoxification and liver cleansing

Grapefruit oil, as already mentioned, has a strong circulatory effect, which is not only superficial.

By taking the oil, the kidneys and liver are exposed to increased blood flow. These organs have a task, namely to absorb the toxins from our bloodstream and to transport them out of our body via the urinary tract.

Because of this task, the liver and kidneys are exposed to higher levels of toxins, which can lead to severe consequences. Increased blood flow detoxifies more of the liver and kidneys, increasing performance.

Grapefruit oil against stress

The ingredients of grapefruit influence our mood, as some of these ingredients can also directly regulate our hormone balance.

Grapefruit can also, for example, stimulate our body to produce more endorphins. Grapefruit produces increased endorphins, which are known as happiness hormones.

This is also how grapefruit makes us happy. We feel happy because the increased release of endorphins increases our sense of well-being.

Due to low endorphin levels, many people suffer from depressive moods and feel down. Therefore, it is advisable to consume grapefruit.

Grapefruit also stimulates the production of enkephalin in our body.

Enkephalin is the body's own painkiller. Lack of enkephalin leads to overstimulation and hypersensitivity to stress. The increase in our resistance to stress comes through the grapefruit oil in its full effect.

It is also worth noting that the effect of grapefruit oil also has on the release of dopamine and noradrenaline. Dopamine and noradrenaline are neurotransmitters that have the task of promoting the transmission of signals between nerves in our brain.

This is why the performance of our brain also increases. Grapefruit oil, like all other citrus oils, has a relaxing effect on our psyche and mind.

What should the dosage of grapefruit oil be?

It is also very important to use the oil in certain quantities, as an overdose can cause skin irritations, for example.

It is recommended to use the oil, as well as other citrus oils, sparingly, as you will also feel a positive effect with a lower dosage.

If you make your own massage oil, you can add 1 to 3 % grapefruit oil, as no more than 1 to 3 % grapefruit oil is recommended.

Before using grapefruit oil, it is helpful to do a personal tolerance test.

Where can I buy grapefruit oil and how much does it cost?

You can get grapefruit oil at the pharmacy. There you can look at the products to choose the product of your choice.

Alternatively, you can order grapefruit oil from an online supplier such as Amazon, Ebay or an online pharmacy. With online orders, you can order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your door.

You can also order the products from the manufacturers of grapefruit oil directly on the site.

Prices vary from 5 pounds to around 30 pounds.

How should grapefruit oil be stored?

Basically, essential oils should be stored in a dark and cool place. It is important that grapefruit oil is stored in a dark and cool place, as valuable ingredients are not destroyed in the process.

Did you know that grapefruit juice enhances the effect of medicines?

The bitter substance naringin contained in the grapefruit - which is responsible for the typical taste - is transformed into naringenin after being broken down in the stomach.

This plant pigment has an inhibiting effect on degrading enzymes and thus enhances the effect of the medicines.

What is the shelf life of grapefruit oil?

In general, citrus oils, including grapefruit oil, have a limited shelf life.

Therefore, when buying grapefruit oil, you should make sure that either the production date or the best-before date is visible on the label, so that you know how long the grapefruit oil can still be used.

What are possible alternatives to grapefruit oil?

Grapefruit oil belongs to the citrus oils. Besides grapefruit oil, orange oil and lemon oil also belong to the fruity and fine essential oils.

It is not only grapefruit that can provide relief from health complaints - lemon and orange oils also offer relief from many symptoms. (Image source: /

Lemon is a very good remedy for colds and sniffles. It also helps, for example, with flu-like infections or bronchitis and asthma. Like grapefruit oil, lemon oil is very strong cleansing, antibacterial and antiseptic. In addition, lemon oil helps with arteriosclerosis and increases the ability to concentrate.

Orange oil, on the other hand, has a stimulating effect on our internal organs, especially our stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder and even the heart. At the same time, orange oil dissolves cramps and calms the stomach.

Orange oil helps against cellulite, which is why the oil is also used as a skin care product. The oil tightens flabby connective tissue, which has a positive effect on combating cellulite.

What advantages does grapefruit oil have over other essential oils?

Many essential oils offer relief from certain physical ailments. Here we list the advantages of grapefruit oil over many of its close relatives.

  • Helps against cellulite
  • Helps against depressive vibes
  • Cleansing of the kidneys and liver
  • As a disinfectant
  • Metabolic stimulant
  • Cleanses lymphatic and vascular systems
  • Light sensitivity of the skin increases, causing dark discolourations (spots) to form on the skin when exposed to the sun
  • Intolerance

Buying criteria: You can use these criteria to compare and evaluate grapefruit oil

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate grapefruit oils. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular grapefruit oil is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Possible uses


The ingredients are mostly identical to those of citrus oils. The composition is almost the same.

Grapefruit oil contains ingredients such as aldehydes, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, limonene, coumarins and furanocoumarins.

In the case of orange oil, the ingredients are as follows: Limonene, terpineol, geraniol, linalool, vitamin C, citronella, citral and aldehydes etc.

The ingredients of the lime oil are limonene, gamma-terpinene, beta-pinene, alpha-pinene and sabinene ect.

The most important thing to look for when buying is the content of limonene (D-limonene) in the oils. Since limonene is the main component of citrus oils, it is recommended to pay attention to the concentration of D-limonene.

Ingredient Grapefruit oil Orange oil Lemon oil
Limonene 88 - 95 % 90 - 95 % (the pure orange oil) 59-73%


The prices for grapefruit oil vary depending on the filling quantity. In addition, different suppliers of grapefruit oil have different prices.

Depending on the manufacturer, the prices can vary.

Product quantity Price
Grapefruit oil 10ml 4-12€
Grapefruit oil 50ml 5-20€
Grapefruit oil 100ml 10-30€

Possible applications

The applications of grapefruit oil are as varied as its effects. It can be used for mental as well as physical needs. Grapefruit oil can be used as follows:

  • as a bath additive in the bathtub
  • as massage oil
  • in the fragrance lamp / diffuser
  • as an additive in shampoo

When massaged, grapefruit oil can provide additional relaxation. (Image source. / rythmuswege)

The following areas of application are highly recommended:

  • for cellulite
  • against greasy hair and skin
  • against acne
  • weak connective tissue
  • sagging skin and wrinkles
  • for swellings
  • to support a diet wish

Grapefruit oil in the fragrance lamp

If you want to stimulate your metabolism, it is better to put one drop of each of the different citrus oils in a fragrance lamp or diffuser.

It is advisable to mix different citrus oils, as grapefruit oil harmonises best with other citrus oils (lemon oil and orange oil).

Positive effects can be brought out very well through inhalation. In addition, positive effects can also be supported with a massage if the selected massage oil contains grapefruit oil.

For people who want to reduce their weight, the fragrance lamp with grapefruit oil is a good way to strengthen the psyche.

The internal use of grapefruit oil

For internal use, it is advisable to add 1 to 2 drops of grapefruit oil to mineral water, tea or smoothie. You can enjoy the relaxing and stimulating effect.

Grapefruit oil can protect internal organs. The limonene contained in grapefruit oil is also said to protect against skin, intestinal, pancreatic, liver and stomach cancer.

With a few drops of grapefruit essential oil, you will not only be delighted by the refreshing taste, but also by the positive effect on your body and mind.

Facts worth knowing about grapefruit oil

Study on grapefruit oil: Effect against cancer

Animal studies in America have shown that limonene (D-limonene) can protect against pancreatic, stomach, colon, skin and liver cancer.

D-limonene is found in the peel of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange and lemon. Grapefruit contains approx. 88 - 95 % D-limonene.

The study of Brigham Young University showed that grapefruit oil has an 80.5% cell inhibition against skin cancer cells.

The observed effect has been confirmed by more than 50 universities and hospitals worldwide. Further studies report that the regression rate of breast cancer was increased.

Grapefruit oil in pets

Grapefruit oil acts as a repellent against fleas and other sucking insects in dogs. The dosage should be kept very low. In contrast to dogs, grapefruit oil is very dangerous for cats.

Especially the essential oils like citrus oil can be harmful for cats, as it is poisonous for cats. Therefore, always make sure that you only apply your grapefruit oil in the rooms where there is no cat.

Did you know that grapefruit is a winter fruit?

The main grapefruit season is from October to May. Grapefruits that are offered in Germany mainly come from the USA or Turkey.

Photo source: / serezniy