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Welcome to our big grease gun test 2022. Here we present all the grease guns that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best grease gun for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a grease gun.


  • A grease gun is needed for the maintenance of various machines and vehicles. By pressing grease precisely and quickly onto bearings, wheel hubs and joints, the process can be accelerated.
  • In principle, you can distinguish between one-hand grease guns, hand lever grease guns, electric grease guns and pneumatic grease guns depending on the type of operation and function.
  • Important criteria for comparing grease guns with each other are capacity, weight, material, filling capability and pressure performance.

The Best Grease Gun: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a grease gun

What is a grease gun?

The grease gun is a pumping tool. It is mainly used for the maintenance of machines and vehicles. If you are a car mechanic, a farmer or perhaps you work in industry, you have certainly heard of a grease gun.

And if you haven't: the grease gun guarantees that important equipment is kept in good condition for an extra long time. How? With the help of a so-called grease nipple, grease is pressed to the desired location (such as bearings, wheel hubs or joints).

When you pull the trigger, high pressure is generated. This forces the lubricating oil through a hose.

The grease nipple is waiting at the end, which then precisely sprays the grease to the desired location.

With the pump technique, grease is injected until it comes out of the side again and you stop the mechanism.

Did you know that a grease nipple is a small nozzle?

The grease nipple is connected to the component via a thread and thus enables the grease to be deposited. A bearing ball is moved in the nozzle, which is responsible for absorbing the lubricant. This process is also called lubrication.

When do I need a grease gun?

It is really useful when you have to lubricate hinges, bearings or wheel hubs on a regular basis. Manual lubrication takes much more time, is inconvenient and also makes quite a lot of mess.

What are the advantages of grease guns?

Following on from the previous point "When do I need a grease gun?", we would now like to present the advantages of grease guns in more detail. The advantages of grease guns are often obvious at first glance.

In contrast to lubrication by hand, you can inject the grease very precisely and thus obtain a beautiful end result. In addition, you can lubricate a large number of devices or machines in a short time with grease guns - if you do it manually, it usually takes a long time.

Regular, compulsory maintenance is hardly possible. Do you want to spend hours in the bathroom after lubrication to get the grease off your hands? No? With the grease gun you no longer have this problem: your fingers stay clean because you do not come into contact with the lubricating oil if you handle it correctly.

Maschinen benötigen Schmierfett

If grease is regularly applied to the machines, they run smoothly and do not wear out so quickly. (Photo: MustangJoe /

How much does a grease gun cost?

The cost of grease guns depends on their type, of course.

Type price range
One-handed grease gun between €10 and €20
Electric battery grease gun between €120 and €400
Compressed air grease gun from €25

You can buy a one-handed grease gun on the usual shopping portals such as Amazon and Ebay. As already mentioned, however, one-handed presses are not sufficient for truly professional use.

An electric or cordless grease gun is in a much higher price segment. Less popular brands sell their products for around 120 euros.
However, if you want a high-quality product from a renowned brand, you will have to dig much deeper into your pocket. In return, you can use the cordless grease gun professionally in industry or agriculture.

The pneumatic or compressed air grease gun is priced between the two variants already presented.

However, the price range goes up to 100 euros. This suggests that the pneumatic grease gun is really the compromise between the inexpensive one-hand grease gun and the professional but expensive cordless grease gun - also in terms of handling.

What alternatives are there to a grease gun?

For regular lubrication, there is really no alternative to a grease gun. However, if you only want to lubricate something very rarely, the manual variant is of course the best option. This means that you apply the grease by hand.

However, this takes time and patience. To protect yourself from dirt, you can, for example, get a plastic syringe from the pharmacy and use it to apply the grease to the desired spot. However, in doing so, you forego the precision that you could achieve with a grease gun.

Decision: What types of grease guns are there and which is the right one for you?

We distinguish between four different types of grease gun:

  • One-hand grease gun
  • Hand-lever grease gun
  • Electric or battery grease gun
  • Pneumatic or compressed air grease gun

Although the different types of grease guns may sound similar at first glance, they each have very specific characteristics.

In order for you to find the right grease gun for you in this large selection, we will now briefly introduce all types and show you their respective advantages and disadvantages. We will also give you concrete examples of how you can use the different grease guns.

How does a one-hand grease gun work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

As the name of this press suggests, it can be operated with one hand. The other hand remains free and you can use it for other activities. Note: The one-hand grease gun is not the same product as the hand lever grease gun.

The one-hand press is very practical for beginners. It is handy and can therefore be used everywhere without any problems. The price is very reasonable.

  • One-handed operation
  • Low price
  • Space-saving
  • Flexible use
  • Low pressure
  • Little power
  • Time-consuming
  • No large areas

So although it looks perfect at first glance: regular greasing is tedious and time-consuming with the one-handed press. You can only apply a small amount of pressure with it because the lever is very close to the cartridge. This means that you have to apply a lot of force and press again and again.

A one-hand grease gun is therefore not suitable for frequent lubrication. However, it should be sufficient for occasional use.

How does a hand lever grease gun work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Despite the similar name, the hand lever grease gun is different from the one-hand grease gun. It can be found in almost every farm and in almost every workshop and is therefore called a classic.

Like the one-handed press, the hand lever grease gun can be used at any desired location. It is also inexpensive, but can score with a much better pressure performance.

  • Favourable price
  • Space-saving
  • Flexible use
  • Precise work possible
  • Two-handed operation
  • Great muscular strength required

The hand lever grease gun has to be operated with two hands and can therefore perform precise lubrication with just one press.

The classic grease gun is particularly stable, robust and fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomic handle.

How does an electric or cordless grease gun work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The cordless grease gun is the most modern product in our list. It is considered the future of grease guns. The biggest advantage, but also the biggest disadvantage, is the built-in rechargeable battery.

Due to the rechargeable battery, this grease gun can be used without a compressor, but still reaches a high pressure. The electric grease gun is therefore suitable for professional use.

  • High pressure performance
  • Space-saving
  • Flexible use
  • Battery-operated, works without a compressor
  • Fast work
  • Cannot be used in industry
  • Weak battery performance

However, current devices still have their problems with the battery. The runtime is not particularly long. But you can expect improvements from the manufacturers in the next few years.

A cordless grease gun is also not for the small purse, you should be aware of that beforehand.

How does a pneumatic or compressed air grease gun work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The pneumatic grease gun is used when a large number of places need to be lubricated. They are therefore mainly used in industry or in professional areas.

Although the compressed air presses have a very high output, they are extremely handy. You can also operate them with just one hand and have your other hand free.

  • Highest pressure output
  • Can be used in industry
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Fast work
  • Compressor required for operation
  • Cannot be used flexibly

Lubrication succeeds very precisely and quickly.

We would recommend that you do not buy an air press for home use, as you always need a compressor and it is therefore not flexible to use.

Schmierfett in Behälter

Lubricating grease is indispensable for full-time craftsmen, but also for those who like to tinker with machines as a hobby. (Photo: terimakasih0 /

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate grease guns based on these factors

To help you make a quick and easy purchase decision, we have compiled our criteria for evaluating and comparing grease guns.

To begin with, we present an overview of the criteria:

  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Fillability
  • Pressure capacity
  • Accessories
  • Type of suitability

Now, however, you should receive more detailed information on the purchase criteria. We hope that the following paragraphs will make your decision for or against a grease gun easier.


The capacity of your grease gun should play an important role for you. If the capacity is small, the frequent changing of grease or cartridges can become a nuisance.

Most grease guns can be filled with between 400 and 500 millilitres of grease. Surprisingly, this guideline value applies to all types of grease guns.

The capacity is most important for presses that are filled with grease cartridges. This is because the standard value of 400 to 500 millilitres of grease also applies to the size of the cartridges.

For you, this means that you can get standard sizes more quickly in an emergency.
If you buy a grease gun that deviates greatly from these values, you run the risk that a new cartridge can only be ordered.

A wait of several days for the new product is then possible.
For urgently needed lubrication, however, you often cannot wait. The machine would otherwise be damaged.

It is interesting to note that a large capacity is by no means synonymous with good performance. So don't be impressed by a high filling quantity.

When buying, make sure that the capacity of your press does not deviate too much from the standard values. Otherwise, you still have the option of filling the press manually with lubricating oil - here, of course, you don't have the problem with the cartridge.

However, manual filling is extremely tedious and not recommended. Precise and fast work is only possible with a grease gun.

More grease is not automatically better. Too much grease can damage the seal or similar.


Besides the capacity, the weight of your grease gun should also play an important role in your purchase decision. And not only for reasons of convenience.

The weight of your grease gun mainly depends on its type. Hand lever and one-hand grease guns usually weigh between one and two kilos. Pneumatic and cordless grease guns are heavier, weighing between two and six kilos. This is due, among other things, to the fact that accessories such as the battery contribute to the weight of these two types of presses.

When lubricating your machines, you hold the press permanently in at least one hand. Even with a weight of one kilo, this becomes exhausting at some point. But we can promise you that you will get used to it after using the press several times.

But beware: the familiarisation effect will not occur if you do not work with a grease gun on a regular basis. As a beginner or occasional user, you should choose the lightest possible weight (with good performance). This reduces the pain in the arm.

A lighter press is faster to work with. If you have to lift five kilos before you can grease anything for the first time, it will take much more time.
However, you can place the cordless grease gun partly on the floor and still have the necessary stability to do the greasing.

In any case, it is important to remember that light weight is not necessarily preferable to good performance. This makes sense if you only need the press for irregular everyday use. If you want to use your grease gun professionally, you should put good (pressure) performance before your own comfort. After all, if you don't lubricate properly, you will lubricate twice.


When it comes to the material, you have rather few choices when it comes to grease guns.

You should be aware of the fact that parts of your press are almost always made of (galvanised) metal or steel. Although there is also the option of a plastic tube, very few manufacturers use this. Only the battery-operated lubrication presses often consist of a plastic part.

You must make sure that you buy a stainless material. Otherwise you will not only be buying once, but twice.

Stainless materials for grease guns include:

  • Plastic or plastic
  • Steel
  • Galvanised metal

If the metal is not galvanised, you risk rust and thus oil leaking from the grease gun. The metal makes the grease gun heavier for you, but also much more robust. Wind and weather affect a metal press less than those made of plastic.

Even though this may only be of interest to a few (potential) users: You cannot choose the colour of grease guns. The manufacturer usually selects them in muted shades.

Two of the few exceptions are Milwaukee and DeWalt.
Milwaukee uses red as the identification colour for their company, while DeWalt designs its products in black and yellow.


Grease guns can be filled either with loose grease or with cartridges.

Type Price
With loose grease This is different when filling with loose lubricating oil. Here you can hardly work without dirt and you have to clean your hands with special soap after the work is done. In addition, the manual technique takes much more time than the quick application of cartridges.
With cartridges Filling with a grease cartridge is quick and easy. It already contains the grease you need automatically and you don't have to refill anything manually. You also don't make a mess if you use it correctly.

Nowadays, it is possible to use both options with almost every press.
We would recommend you to buy such a press. This way you keep both options open.


Grease guns can be filled with either loose grease or cartridges. As a rule, it is better to use cartridges.

Pressure output

The pressure capacity of a grease gun depends on its type and cannot be determined in principle. What is certain in any case is that a good pressure performance is synonymous with good quality.

The best performance is achieved - as the name perhaps already indicates - by compressed air grease guns. Shortly behind are the cordless presses. Both are among the more professional presses.

Single-handed or hand-lever presses can generate less pressure. These are mainly used for irregular everyday use.

The compressed air presses can apply the lubricant without the help of a compressor, just like the cordless presses. The one-hand or hand-lever grease guns, on the other hand, need a compressor to generate pressure.

In most cases, the pressure output of the grease guns is around 400 bar. However, it is always a good idea to take a closer look at the product information beforehand. This procedure avoids unpleasant surprises: there are also grease guns with pressure ratings below 100 bar.

A high pressure output means little effort and little rework for you. However, really precise greasing may not be necessary everywhere. Often it is not the beauty of the result that counts. With a low output, it is possible that a little grease will be missed.

It is best to decide with two criteria in mind: Price and (pressure) performance.


Almost everyone likes free products. The accessories included with grease guns are paid for anyway. Nevertheless, people are happy when suitable accessories are included and do not have to be ordered separately.

During our research work on grease guns, we found that almost every manufacturer sells its product including the parts that are important for commissioning. This is practical and convenient for you and does not cause any extra costs for additional orders.

The accessories that should be included with grease guns are:

  • Hose
  • Mouthpiece
  • Battery for cordless grease guns
  • First grease cartridge

Grease nipples are not part of the standard initial equipment of a grease gun.

The biggest advantage of including accessories is that you can use your product immediately. In addition, you get an immediate impression of the possibilities you have with your accessories and can buy or exchange something if necessary.

Type of suitability

Finally, the type of suitability of the grease gun is almost the most important criterion in your decision-making process.

Before buying, you need to know whether you need the grease gun for regular, professional use or for irregular everyday use.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you can achieve a better and more precise lubrication result with a professional grease gun. However, you have to dig deep into your pocket for such a product - professional presses are not exactly cheap.

But if you really need to do regular maintenance, we recommend you invest. Suitable presses for this purpose are the compressed air and the battery grease gun.

For everyday use, a hand lever or one-handed press is often sufficient. Here you have to invest much less money and get an adequate product at a reasonable price.

Facts worth knowing about grease guns

Which grease do I need for my grease gun?

You should ask yourself the question about the grease you need before you buy. For a grease gun that is filled with the help of a grease cartridge, you do not need to buy any lubricating oil yourself, as this is already present in the cartridge.

Did you know that besides the grease gun, the choice of grease also plays a role?

A good grease is resistant to pressure, temperature and water. Additives in the grease can also reduce the susceptibility to corrosion.

This is not the case with a manually filled press and you have to take care of suitable grease yourself.

Now you already know that you can buy a grease gun either online or locally. If you buy online, you should check whether there are links to suitable lubricating oils for your product.

If you buy your product locally in a DIY store or directly from the manufacturer, you should consult a salesperson. They will be happy to help you choose the right lubricating oils and can also tell you something about their respective advantages and disadvantages. This way you get exactly the oil you need.

If you don't need a specific grease and perhaps have an urgent emergency, you can also ask for lubricating oil at your local petrol station.

How do I fill my grease gun?

You can fill a grease gun with either a grease cartridge or loose grease as explained in the section "What grease do I need for my grease gun?

Basically, it always depends on the respective model how it can be filled. In the meantime, however, most of the current models can be filled in both ways. Of course, this first requires a decision for one of the two methods.

At first glance, the grease cartridge seems to be the better choice - after all, it is very handy and can be stored in one's own toolbox. Moreover, the old, dried-out cartridge can be replaced very quickly with a new one.

In contrast, when filling with loose lubricating oil, you first have to drive to a petrol station or other supplier, which is very time-consuming. The cartridge, on the other hand, can be inserted with a simple click system - done in a few seconds.

The biggest disadvantage of cartridges is the price. Loose grease is very cheap, the grease cartridge cannot compete with that. But in the end, you pay for the low price with a considerable amount of extra work: manual filling with loose grease takes a long time and not infrequently makes quite a lot of mess.

How much pressure does my grease gun need?

This question is not so easy to answer. The required pressure is set individually for each grease gun and can only be influenced a little.

In the case of hand lever and one-hand grease guns, it also depends on your own strength; the pneumatic or compressed air gun and the electric or battery-operated gun can be set to the desired pressure depending on the model.

Basically, we recommend that you inform yourself or seek advice before buying. You need a lot of pressure and good performance, especially for everyday use. However, if you only want to lubricate something from time to time, a lower output and thus a lower pressure is usually sufficient.

Which hose do I need for my grease gun?

The hose is the connection between your grease gun and the area to be greased.

If you have little or no experience with grease guns, we would recommend that you buy the hose from the same manufacturer. These are optimally adapted to your product and you will normally not have any problems. As a professional, you can of course adapt your hose to your needs.

Hoses are available

  • With mounted mouthpiece
  • Without mounted mouthpiece

You then put your grease nipple on the mouthpiece. Make sure that they fit together. Otherwise, the grease may not be injected properly and run out the side.

How do I clean my grease gun?

Without exception, grease guns should only be cleaned with dry, soft cloths. Cleaning agents should not be used to prevent damage to the unit.

How do I change the cartridge of my grease gun?

Changing a grease cartridge is different for each press. We recommend that you read the operating instructions for your product before using it for the first time. It should tell you how to change or insert the grease cartridge in your product.

Our research shows that almost every product requires disassembly in order to insert the cartridge. Important: The grease guns are under high pressure. Please never point them at other people or yourself to avoid injury.

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