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Grill mats enable safe preparation of a wide variety of dishes and also save tedious scrubbing work. They are suitable for experienced barbecue masters as well as barbecue novices and become an essential barbecue companion due to their durability. Reusable barbecue mats also save costs and contribute to sustainable consumption. They are available in various thicknesses, heat resistances and formats - no barbecue goes empty-handed! With our big barbecue mat test 2021 we show you how to distinguish between different types of barbecue mats. You will also find out how versatile fibreglass grill mats, Teflon grill mats, copper grill mats and silicone grill mats can be. The advantages and disadvantages we have listed should make your purchase decision easier.

The most important facts

  • Barbecue mats allow you to prepare a wide variety of barbecue dishes and baked goods in a tasteful way. Carcinogenic substances that otherwise get into the food through grilling don't stand a chance.
  • There are grill mats made of glass fibre, Teflon, copper and silicone. We recommend an anti-stick mat with a Teflon coating for particularly easy handling.
  • Grill mats save tedious cleaning of the grill as well as costs and additional environmental pollution.

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Buying and evaluation criteria for barbecue mats

The following shows you which factors you should take into account when deciding between the large selection of barbecue mats available. The criteria that you can use to compare the barbecue mats with each other include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain in detail what these characteristics mean.

Barbecue type / model

Whether gas grill, electric grill, charcoal grill, lotus grill or fibreglass grill - many grill mats are suitable for all grill types, even for the oven! You have to be particularly careful with charcoal grills, as there are only a few compatible mats for this type of grill. The information enclosed with the mat is important, because in addition to these universal mats, there are also mats that are only suitable for a specific type of grill. There are also mats that are not intended for the oven at all. Another thing to look out for is the grill model. It is very practical if the supplier of the grill also offers matching grill mats. Nevertheless, there is a large selection of barbecue mat suppliers who have adapted their products to universally popular barbecues, such as those of the Weber brand.


When choosing a barbecue mat, particular attention should be paid to the material. There are particularly heat-resistant materials such as Teflon or glass fibre. Teflon barbecue mats are therefore among the most popular variants in everyday use. The use of copper has the additional advantage of higher heat conductivity. Silicone grill mats are less recommended for use in the grill, as they begin to melt at 250 degrees Celsius and release toxic gases. However, they are perfectly adequate for the oven. Harmful materials can be avoided by buying a mat certified by Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest or FDA.

Only buy grill mats made of certified materials. High-quality mats are also available at low prices!


The size of a barbecue mat should be perfectly adapted to the barbecue grill. If the mat is too small, the entire grilling surface cannot be used. Of course, this differs depending on the grill model. Popular sizes for grill mats are 50x40 cm and 40x33 cm. A practical feature of many grill mats, for example Teflon grill mats, is that they can be cut to size and thus individually adapted to the grill. A grill mat can be cut to size with simple household scissors.

Temperature resistance

When buying a barbecue mat, you should always pay attention to its fire resistance and heat resistance. Depending on the temperatures your barbecue can reach, you may need a different mat. The reason why many mats are not suitable for charcoal grills is because of the high temperature that charcoal can reach. At temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius, a grill mat begins to melt.

Always check the heat resistance and fire resistance in the enclosed information.

Due to the risk of melting, silicone mats are not recommended, as they can start to melt at 250 degrees Celsius. This is not only harmful to the barbecue and the food, but also to your health. Materials such as silicone or certain non-stick mats emit toxic fumes at too high temperatures.


Reusable grill mats are really easy to clean. That's why you save a lot of effort and time by buying a barbecue mat. Disposable barbecue mats can be disposed of in the normal waste. This makes them more harmful to the environment and more expensive in the long run. It is important to clean the mat thoroughly after each use. To do this, you can first wipe off the remaining grease with a paper towel. You can then place the mat comfortably in the dishwasher or clean it by hand with a little washing-up liquid and a sponge.

A barbecue mat is much quicker and easier to clean than a whole barbecue.

Decision: What types of barbecue mats are there and which is the right one for me?

If you want to buy a barbecue mat, there are basically four types of products you can choose from.

Type Description
Fibreglass barbecue mat Fibreglass barbecue mats are particularly heat-resistant and are suitable for every type of barbecue. They can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius. They are usually coated and are therefore very easy to clean.
Teflon grill mat Teflon grill mats are suitable for grilling temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius. They are always anti-stick coated and easy to clean.
Copper grill mat Copper grill mats are particularly heat-conductive, which shortens the grilling time. They have their temperature limit at 250 degrees Celsius.
Silicone grill mat Silicone grill mats are easily adaptable to any grill fields. They have a heat resistance of up to 260 degrees Celsius. There is minimal risk of them melting and emitting toxins.

In the following four sections you can learn more about the individual types of grill mats.


Fibreglass barbecue mat

Fibreglass grill mats are particularly heat-resistant and can be combined with any type of grill. It can withstand temperatures from 260 to 300 degrees Celsius. Fibreglass grill mats are often coated with Teflon, which gives them an anti-stick layer. This makes cleaning all the easier.

  • Can be used on all types of grill
  • High temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Mostly non-stick
  • Very easy to clean
  • Cannot be cut to size

The fibreglass grill mat is therefore particularly durable and a worthwhile investment.


Teflon barbecue mat

The Teflon grill mat is probably the most popular everyday grill mat. It has the advantage that its anti-adhesive properties are particularly gentle on the food. It is also very easy to clean. When buying a Teflon grill mat, you should make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

  • Can be cut to size
  • Heat-resistant
  • Always non-stick
  • Easy to clean
  • Can dissolve at 230 degrees Celsius

With a heat resistance of 260 degrees Celsius, Teflon grill mats are not quite as heat-resistant as fibreglass grill mats. Their durability nevertheless makes them a good investment.


Copper grill mat

Copper grill mats are particularly heat-conductive and allow food to be prepared quickly. Copper is often processed with other materials such as glass fibre.

  • Increased heat conductivity
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Not as durable as models made of Teflon or glass fibre

Copper grill mats are inexpensive and reusable. If they contain an anti-stick coating they are also very easy to clean. Qualitatively, they are not as durable as models made of Teflon and glass fibre.


Silicone barbecue mat

Silicone barbecue mats enjoy a somewhat poorer reputation due to their somewhat lower heat resistance and the danger that the melting silicone can then be harmful to health. It is definitely not suitable for charcoal barbecues and usually not for gas barbecues either, but it is often used in ovens.

  • Can be individually cut to size
  • Heat-resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius
  • Easy to clean when non-stick
  • Not suitable for charcoal grill
  • Melting hazard
  • Toxic fumes are emitted when melting

Nevertheless, it can be used well up to 250 degrees Celsius. Like the other models, it is reusable and easy to clean.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about barbecue mats answered in detail

In the following guide, we want to answer the most burning questions about barbecue mats. In our guide, you will be comprehensively informed about all essential backgrounds of the barbecue mat.

Who is a barbecue mat suitable for?

A grill mat is basically suitable for everyone. It makes baking and grilling easier and is therefore a practical gagdet for food preparation.


Barbecuing is a communal activity for young and old. A barbecue mat is a must.
(Image sources: Johanna Dahlberg/ unsplash)

It is ideal for baking/frying meat, fish, vegetables and even pizza and biscuits. Fat is not lost and even the typical grill stripes are guaranteed.

Grill mats are suitable for all those who like to eat and don't like to clean. Grill sustainably and efficiently!

In addition, the barbecue mat is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run due to its reusability. Anyone who likes to eat but is less keen on scrubbing the grill or oven will enjoy a grill mat. It is very easy to clean.

How much does a grill mat cost?

There is no great price range between different barbecue mats. Barbecue mats are basically inexpensive. There are small price variations depending on the material, size and brand.
Type Price
Small brands/no-name Between 10 and 20 euros
Weber brand barbecue mats Between 20 and 30 euros

Usually barbecue mats at these prices come in sets of 3 to 4 mats.

What alternatives are there to barbecue mats?

We have already introduced you to the different barbecue mat materials. There are also other types of products that can be used instead of or as a complement to a grill mat. In the following table, we will show you some alternatives:
Alternatives Description
Grill tray There are grill trays made of Teflon and aluminium. In principle, they work in the same way as a grill mat, but they are not durable. This makes them more expensive in the long run and worse for the environment than grill mats.
Aluminium foil Aluminium is a one-time use alternative. It is therefore not sustainable. When preparing particularly sour or salty food, aluminium can dissolve and get into the food.
Baking paper Baking paper is not reusable and thus not sustainable. However, it is inexpensive and versatile. It can only be used in the oven.

Alternatives to the barbecue mat are quick but not sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

Are barbecue mats harmful to health?

In principle, barbecue mats are not harmful to health. However, there are rarely very cheaply manufactured products that contain unhealthy chemicals, which is why FDA-certified mats should always be purchased. It is also important to make sure that the temperature limit of the mat is not exceeded. Substances such as silicone can emit toxic fumes when they dissolve. The use of barbecue mats even prevents some potentially harmful processes during barbecuing:

  • Dripping marinade/ burning oil: Harmful hydrocarbons that rise in the form of smoke and coat the grilled food can be avoided.
  • Burnt barbecue food: Burnt barbecue food contains amines, which have a carcinogenic effect. A grill mat can prevent burning and thus amine formation.


A grill mat prevents the carcinogenic carbon build-up in the grilled food. Enjoy charcoal-free meat from now on!
(Image source: Emerson Vieira /unsplash)

Is a grill mat suitable for an induction cooker or a ceramic hob?

A grill mat can be used on an induction cooker without any problems. You can place it directly on the hob and then put the pot or pan on it. It protects the ceramic hob from scratches and dirt. However, you should choose a rather thinner model for the cooker so that the contact between the pot and the induction plate is as thick as possible.

How often can a grill mat be used?

There are disposable grill mats that should be disposed of directly after use. We have explained some reusable grill mats. If the temperature limit is observed and the grill mats are cleaned correctly, they can be used for a very long time. However, if the temperature limit is exceeded and the mat has melted, it should be replaced with a new one.

How do I clean a barbecue mat?

Disposable barbecue mats can be disposed of in the normal waste. This makes them more harmful to the environment and more expensive in the long run. It is important to clean the mat after each use. This will also prolong the life of the mat. First you can remove coarse grease residues with a paper towel and then place the mat comfortably in the dishwasher or clean it by hand with a little washing-up liquid and a sponge.

What dishes can I prepare with a grill mat?

All barbecue dishes can be prepared with a barbecue mat without any problems. For example:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Tofu
  • Grilled cheese

In addition, there are also grill mats that are suitable for the oven. This means that even pizza, biscuits and other baked goods can be prepared.

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