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Welcome to our big grout scraper test 2022. Here we present all the joint scrapers that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

In this way, we would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best joint scraper for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a floor scraper.


  • There are grout scrapers that are tailored exactly to your requirements. For example, it makes a difference whether you are looking for a grout scraper for paving stones or whether you want to clean the grout on your tiles. Be sure to read the description of the scraper and what it can do.
  • The cleaning result is always particularly important. The grout scraper must not damage the material too much, but it must also be able to remove dirt, grime and weeds well. A particular quality indicator for a joint scraper is therefore the blade. It must be appropriately processed and do a good job.
  • A good joint scraper must also be comfortable and easy to hold. There are big differences here. Take a close look at the reviews or test the product yourself. Some manufacturers also offer products with an extended handle. This means you don't have to bend down so much and your back is protected.

The Best Grout Scraper: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a floor scraper

How much does a good grout scraper cost?

The prices for scrapers can vary greatly and fluctuate from supplier to supplier. It very much depends on what tasks your grout cleaner needs to handle. For example, if you want to remove weeds from the garden, you should invest in a robust, compact product that can also get a little wet and dirty.

Löwenzahn in Fuge

Uninvited guests often sneak into the joints of paving stones. The right joint scraper helps to combat them. (Photo: Distelpics /

There are also grout brushes that work completely automatically and electrically. These are usually also equipped with a practical, long handle. Of course, such products are not cheap. But you know what you can expect for your price. Professionals in particular like to invest in high-end products from which they can expect perfect cleaning results.

Very simple grout scrapers, like the ones you find on Amazon, are actually available for as little as €10. Of course, you can't expect the very best quality here - but these scrapers usually do the job just as well. Of course, the prices on Amazon go up steadily, but the grout scrapers in our ranking cost an average of €10-15.

Especially if you are a beginner and only need the grout scraper or grout brush for private use, such a model is perfectly adequate. If you want to use it later, you can always invest in a higher-priced product.

Note: You often save a little if you buy the desired products in a set. There are many different offers here.

Type Price(range)
Simple joint scraper approx. 10-15 €
Joint scraper with telescopic handle approx. 20 €
Simple joint brush approx. 10 €
Electric joint brush approx. 50 - 150 €

Where can I buy a joint cleaner?

You can actually order all kinds of joint cleaners relatively easily on the Internet, e.g. from Amazon. There is a huge selection of different suppliers. It's easy to lose track of what you're looking for. Which weed scraper is the best? And what is the difference between the weed brushes of different manufacturers?

Reviews from other customers can be particularly helpful. They usually give you an honest, objective and good impression of the product and help you to keep track.

If you are looking for a more expensive electric grout brush, you can also get good advice in a specialist shop. Often there are also sites that compare different brushes and point out advantages and disadvantages.

When deciding on a joint cleaner, it is often important how the product feels in your hand. This depends on your own personal, individual feeling. There is no right or wrong here - your grout scraper has to please you and no one else.

Note: Sellers like Amazon have very simple and good return conditions. Have the scraper or brush sent to you and let the quality convince you. If you don't like the product, you can simply return it.

Which manufacturers of grout scrapers are there?

There are a lot of different manufacturers and suppliers of grout scrapers and cleaning brushes. So when you are looking for a suitable product for you, it is often not so easy to keep track. In the following list, we have listed some of the better-known manufacturers for you:

  • Bosch
  • Dehner
  • Einhell
  • Fiskars
  • Fugen King
  • Joint Star
  • FugenKing
  • Fuginator
  • Gardena
  • Gloria
  • Grizzly
  • Handjäter
  • Kärcher
  • myGardenlust
  • Rokutec
  • Siena Garden
  • Skil
  • WOLF
  • Wolfcraft

Laub und Grab am Randstein

Especially in the joints of the curb, a lot of weeds often form that need to be removed! (Photo: Athree23 /

What are the differences between a grout scraper and a joint brush?

The biggest difference between these two products is certainly the cleaning method. It is also important which surface you want to clean.

Normal grout scrapers have a sharp blade. Most of them are made of powder-coated steel. It is important that you pay attention to the workmanship and the material. Dull blades and inferior steel will not remove weeds properly. Such a weed scraper is therefore not useful as a garden tool.

A joint brush, on the other hand, is equipped with bristles. A mesh of hardened wire flexibly adapts to the grout and removes dirt without leaving marks on the tiles. Once the tile is really dirty, conventional tile cleaners often no longer help.

Even scrubbing with a cloth is tedious and the result leaves much to be desired. This is where a grout brush comes in.

To get into every crack and every corner, these grout brushes are available in all kinds of colours and shapes.

Many of them come with a roller guide so that you can't slip off and scratch the tiles. Handling is easy and after only a short time, the grout shines like new again.

The bristles of the grout cleaner remove any kind of dirt. They are particularly robust and durable.

Note: It is important that you do not try to clean the soft silicone grout of your tiles with a sharp blade. The material of the grout can be worn away and repairs will be necessary. This costs not only money but also nerves.

What alternatives are there for grout scrapers and brushes?

When it comes to choosing the right scissors, you can choose between several variants. It is rarely a question of "better" or "worse", but rather of finding the perfect product for your individual requirements and tasks.

Of course, like everywhere else, there are different alternatives to conventional joint scrapers and brushes. In the following table we have listed some of the variants with their advantages and disadvantages:

Alternative Description
Kitchen knife If you don't have a professional tool at hand and don't feel like investing in an expensive weeding product, a kitchen knife will do. However, scraping out the kerb grooves will make the knife unsharp and break the blade of the knife. So think carefully about whether you use a kitchen knife for this or not
Gas burner Extremely effective and practical - a gas burner destroys weeds very quickly and thoroughly. The weed plant is burnt down to the roots and thus dies. However, not every surface can withstand such high temperatures. Some slabs can crack or even burst. Hard-to-remove stains can also develop on light-coloured floors
Grout cleaning products Especially indoors, special care and cleaning products are a good choice. There are many different brands from different manufacturers. Just do some research - a good cleaner can clean silicone grout extremely well, without any scrubbing and effort

Grout cleaner

If you don't want to spend time scrubbing and scratching, there are also cleaning agents that do most of the work by themselves. It is important to note that these products can usually only be used indoors, i.e. on tiles in the house.

If you decide to use them, you have to pre-clean the floor accordingly. You can simply remove coarse dirt and dust with a broom or a hoover. Then apply the appropriate cleaning agent to the surfaces to be cleaned.

  • Very easy to use
  • Only suitable for interior joints
  • Environmental pollution due to ingredients
  • Not suitable for coarse dirt and weeds

Then leave the product to work and remove it after some time. The dirt should then have dissolved from the material and the joints should look like new again.

In the case of very coarse soiling, you may have to work again with a grout brush. It is often helpful to work a little on the joints with the brush during the soaking time.

Decision: What types of grout scrapers are there and which is the right one for you?

Conventional joint scrapers

When it comes to weed control in your own garden or in the cracks of the pavement in front of your front door, you can't do without a good joint scraper. Weeds are a nuisance, don't look nice and unfortunately grow at all times of the year. The survival artist is extremely stubborn.

If you don't get rid of it completely and with all its roots, it will soon come back and overgrow the whole open area at breakneck speed. So if you don't like green weeds, you should definitely get a joint scraper with a sharp blade to remove them.

  • Perfect for removing weeds
  • Clean way of working
  • Effective way of working
  • Not suitable for soft silicone grout
  • Quick wear and tear of the blade with poor quality

Whether with a wooden or plastic handle, grout scrapers come in all kinds of varieties. Many different manufacturers have set about designing such products. The most important thing is the blade, it must be made of good, durable material, so there is a clear cut that removes the weeds cleanly.

However, a conventional grout scraper is not suitable for dealing with soft silicone grout. The sharp blade can damage the silicone and then it may be clean but broken. Sharp grout scrapers are really only suitable for outdoors.

Grout brushes

Once the tile grout is really dirty, cleaning it with a cloth is often tedious. Dirt usually sits very deep in the grout and cannot be removed by simply wiping with a wet cloth.

What is needed now is a cleaning product that reliably removes the dirt but does not scratch or damage the floor. Grout brushes have relatively firm bristles. These are made of a mesh of hardened wire.

  • For cleaning silicone joints
  • For stubborn dirt, for cleaning surfaces that have already been worked on
  • Not suitable for removing weeds
  • Powerful and strenuous work

With a few simple movements, the grout joints are then really clean again - the floor shines like new. especially in the bathroom, there are also tiled surfaces that can be easily cleaned with such brushes. You can see what this looks like in this post:

In the garden, however, such brushes are of relatively little use. They are not sharp enough to remove weeds cleanly. You can only use such a brush to clean up areas that have already been worked on. Excess soil and fallen leaves can be removed easily.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate joint scrapers

It is important that you compare the different products before you buy a floor scraper and then weigh up which is the ideal product for you and your requirements and wishes. The following criteria will help you to distinguish between grout scrapers. They should help you to find the perfect scraper for you.

In summary, these are:

  • Sharpness of the blade
  • Handling
  • Material and durability
  • Handle

In the following paragraphs you can read about the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them.

Sharpness of the blade

A good joint scraper must cut. This is probably the most important criterion when buying a suitable product. Nothing is more annoying than spending money on a weed remover and then realising that the blade no longer cuts after only a short time of use.

Of course, it is important what material the blade is made of and what quality it is made of. The grind of the blade is particularly important.

In general, it can be said that more expensive weed scrapers often have a better quality and a more elaborate grind, i.e. those that you can buy for less money.

However, if the price is too high for you, you should also be satisfied with average scrapers from a wide range of suppliers. You can find them on Amazon, for example. As already mentioned, the reviews of previous customers are particularly helpful.

If the blade does become blunt, there is often the option of resharpening the old blade or replacing it with a new one. Taking care of the old joint scraper is worthwhile - new purchases are much more expensive than, for example, a whetstone or a knife sharpener.


Your floor scraper must fit comfortably in your hand. Most manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on ergonomically adapting the floor scraper so that it is easy to hold and operate.

Of course, this depends a little on your individual and subjective preferences. Every hand is different and everyone finds different things comfortable. Nevertheless, there are floor scrapers that are generally more comfortable to hold and use than others.

For example, the joint scrapers are particularly curved and balanced for better handling. Rubber or knobs on the handle also ensure that the weed scraper does not slip out of your hand so easily and that you can apply the necessary force to remove the weeds.

Note: Perhaps you prefer heavier models? Or do you prefer a garden tool that is easy to hold? There is a suitable product for every taste.

The possibility of extending the handle is also extremely important for handling. With a longer handle, you can also reach corners and edges that are difficult to reach. It is also more comfortable and easier on your back if you don't have to work bent over all the time.

Such handles are called telescopic handles. Most electric crevice brushes are equipped with such a handle. This is of course very practical. With some products, however, such a handle is also optional. Here you can decide for yourself whether you want to have an extended handle or not.

Unkraut, Pflanze

Some weeds are actually quite useful. There are many books that help you to recognise and use these plants. (Photo: Free-Photos /

Material and durability

A joint scraper is a purchase. Whether you choose a very expensive high-end model or a rather cheap average product - money is money. In any case, your weed scraper or joint brush should last you a long time.

Many cheaper products often have the problem that they quickly become very worn and start to rust. Of course, you can prevent such things by taking good care of them, but a good material is a prerequisite for the longevity of your weed scraper.

Whether it's a simple crevice scraper or a crevice brush, pay attention to the material the product is made of. Most blades are made of stainless steel. However, there are differences in quality here too.


Handles made of wood lie very nicely in the hand and are also robust. They are also convincing because of the lightness of the material. Other handles are made of plastic. It increases grip safety if there is a control zone on the handle and finger contours protect the hand and distribute the force evenly.

This point plays a minor role, but of course there are considerable differences in the design of joint scrapers - as there are everywhere. You can decide that individually and according to your personal taste. From different colours to very unusual designs - there is everything your heart desires.

Facts worth knowing about weed scrapers

Interesting facts about weeds

Weeds require a lot of light, nutrients and water to grow, so they compete directly with the plants you want in your garden. In addition, heavily weeded plant stands dry out more slowly and are therefore more susceptible to fungal diseases.

Some weeds act as host plants, transmitting certain pests and plant diseases to the crops in the garden. Weeds are usually also considered a nuisance during harvesting.

For these reasons, weeds are very unpopular with most gardeners. The fact that some weeds are medicinal plants or edible herbs is usually of little comfort. This is because they often cannot be consumed to the extent that they occur in the garden.

Even in places that should look neat and tidy, the green weeds are a nuisance. Weeds, for example, are not a welcome guest at the kerb of the pavement and need to be removed.

Photo source: Bernhard_Staerck /