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Whether it's to hold back your hair in hot weather, to conceal hair chaos or to create different casual, modern or elegant styles, hair clips are an excellent alternative. And you can find them in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and materials.

Throughout the article we will tell you everything you need to know about hair clips, so you can learn about their main features and choose the model that best suits your preferences and needs, you have hundreds of options to choose from, don't miss out!

The Most Important Facts

  • Hair clips are accessories designed to hold your hair in place, either for comfort or aesthetics. You can find them in different designs, sizes, materials and formats adapted to different styles and uses, making them extremely versatile and functional.
  • In the market you can find a huge variety and assortment of hair clips, among which the most popular are the clip-type models, the snap fasteners and the oversized ones. These variants differ from each other in terms of utilities, sizes and styles, among other aspects.
  • It is important that when buying a hair clip you take into account certain relevant factors, such as their different varieties, sizes, materials and styles, since these particularities will help you choose the perfect model for you.

The Best Hair Clip: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Hair Clips

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with useful and necessary information about the product you are interested in buying. That's why we will tell you about the most important features of hair clips, including their advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to being practical and comfortable, hair clips are extremely eye-catching and ornamental. (Photo: obencem /

What are hair clips and what are their advantages?

Hair clips are feminine accessories, of varying sizes, which are used to hold the hair in place. They serve a practical and at the same time aesthetic function, as there are countless beautiful models adapted to different types of uses and styles.

In the market you can find a huge assortment of hair clips made of different raw materials such as plastic, metal, wood, fabric and even pearls, stones and rhinestones. You will also find a wide range of designs in a variety of new formats.

Among their many advantages, these barrettes can be used to tie up your hair in hot weather, as well as to create different looks, making them an extremely versatile and functional alternative. There are simple variants for everyday use and glamorous ones for parties and events.

  • They are very practical and comfortable
  • There are countless models
  • There are variants for different uses and styles
  • You can carry them in your wallet, handbag, vanity case, etc.
  • They are beautiful, eye-catching and decorative
  • They can damage the hair if used daily
  • There are large and heavy models that are uncomfortable
  • There are very small variants that do not hold too much

Clip-in, snap-in or oversized hair clips - what should you look out for?

As previously mentioned, there is a huge variety of hair clips to suit different uses and needs. Here are some of the variations so you can get to know their characteristics and choose the one that works best for you.

  • Clips: Clips are long accessories that hold your hair in place without putting too much pressure on it, so they don't damage your hair as much. They are widely used for styling, but are not suitable for those with thinning or straight hair, as they tend to slip easily.
  • Snaps: Snap clips are the most common and widely used. These variants come with a hook that locks them in place, so they tend to hold the hair well (depending on the model and size), although they can damage the hair if used regularly.
  • Oversized: Oversized hair clips are clips that take up almost the entire back area of the head. They are mainly used as decorative accessories for parties, events and other celebrations to create more elegant and glamorous hairstyles.
Clip type Snap type Oversized
Main functions Decorative Functional and decorative Decorative
Format Elongated Variable Elongated
Size Variable Variable Large, usually
Materials Plastic, metal, wood, fabric, beads, etc. Plastic, metal, wood, fabric, etc. Pearls, stones, rhinestones, etc.
Style Variable Variable Elegant, glamorous
Main characteristics They are functional, but mainly decorative They are mainly functional, but also decorative They are purely aesthetic and decorative

Buying Criteria

In this last section of the article we will discuss the buying criteria you should apply when buying hair clips, as these women's accessories come in multiple variations, so you have numerous options to choose from.


In addition to the ones mentioned in the comparison chart, there are multiple varieties of hair barrettes for different styles and uses. Below, we will mention some of them so that you can get to know their main characteristics.

  • Children's: As the name suggests, these hair clips are designed for little girls, so they tend to be more colourful and eye-catching. You will find variants with drawings and formats of animals, objects, children's characters, etc., depending on the age of your little one.
  • Themed: Themed hair clips are designed based on specific themes, so you can find variants with flowers, stars, geometric figures, letters, names, etc. This option allows you to find the perfect model for you based on your specific tastes or interests.
  • Assortments: You can also find packs with assorted hair clips, which come in different sizes, formats, materials, themes and designs so you can have different alternatives according to the occasion you use them for, and the complementary outfits and accessories you wear.

In the market you can find a wide variety of hair clips adapted to different tastes and uses. (Photo: Giovanni Boscherino /


Hair clips are made of different materials that have a direct impact on the quality, durability and style of the clip. Here we will detail the characteristics of the different raw materials used to make these attractive, comfortable and practical feminine accessories.


Many hair clips are made of transparent plastic, coloured plastic, plastic with appliqués, etc., so you will find many variations to choose from. Try to choose a model made of acrylic, as it is a more rigid, resistant and durable material.


There are also hair clips made of wood, which can be varnished, painted or natural. If you choose the painted variant, make sure it is of good quality and has some kind of protection so that it does not discolour in the sun, water and continuous use.


All hair clips (or the vast majority of them) have their gripping and pressing systems made of metal, but there are also models that have metal housings. They tend to be very delicate, but try to look for variants that won't bend, rust or darken with use or weathering.


Fabric hair clips are very popular with girls, as this material adds freshness and cheerfulness to the accessory. However, you will also find beautiful fabric variants for young or adult women in different colours and patterns that are extremely eye-catching and ornamental.


The pearl hair clips are characterised by their elegance and sophistication, which is why they are mainly used for more elegant or glamorous celebrations, although they are now very fashionable and can be used for different occasions (not necessarily very formal).


One of the characteristics of hair clips are their numerous and varied designs, elaborated according to different uses and styles. Here are the main characteristics of each one of them, so that you can choose the type that suits you best.

  • Classics: Classic hair clips are those with plain or discreet patterned designs, in small to medium sizes and in low key colours that you can easily mix and match. These variants are timeless, so you can wear them without them ever going out of style.
  • Elegant: The elegant models of these brooches are made with pearls, stones and rhinestones, in the form of crowns, flowers, etc., or with lace-like finishes. You will find a wide variety of these accessories for special occasions, or for formal gatherings (as long as they are not too flashy).
  • Modern: The modern variants of hair clips usually have irregular or abstract shapes, in animal print, polka dots, stripes, or original and avant-garde appliqués. You have several options to choose from according to your personal look, or to include a different accessory to your personal style.
  • Vintage: Vintage hair barrettes are those inspired by an antique and romantic style. Very common are the varieties with renaissance style flowers in aqua green or pale pink colours, ideal to give a special and retro touch to your everyday style.

The materials used to make hair clips determine their quality, resistance, durability and style. (Photo: nakedking/


Hair clips also come in different sizes so you can adapt them to your hair type and the use you will give to it. Here are the key features of each size so you can choose the one that best suits your hair and style.


Small hair clips, which are usually no longer than 5 cm, are used as purely decorative accessories or to gather the fringe. They are generally used in pairs as their size means they can't hold too much hair (especially if you have a full head of hair).


Medium sized hair clips are about 10 cm long and are used to hold half of your hair (half a ponytail) if you have a full head of hair, or a full head of hair (a ponytail) if you don't have a full head of hair. If you have sparse or very straight hair you may need to go for a smaller clip.


Large variants of hair barrettes can be around 15 to 20 cm long and are mostly used for festive hairstyles (like oversized barrettes or some clips), although this size is also used by women with very thick and curly hair.

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