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Hello and welcome to the Wellness Guide. Today we are going to give you tips and information on how to better organize your bedroom, wardrobe or bathroom with a good hair dryer holder.

Who has never lost a good hair dryer because the cord ended up with bad contact or it ended up wet when it was on the bathroom sink? To avoid these and other inconveniences, check out our review.


  • Some bracket models are fixed and require installation. Before you drill into the walls, be aware of pipes and wiring to avoid accidents or future headaches.
  • If you want to put the bracket in the bathroom, make sure that it is made of a good quality material and that it will not rust in contact with moisture in the room.
  • For greater practicality, the ideal is to place the support at an intermediate distance between the place where you usually dry your hair and the nearest outlet. This way, you'll have room to move around comfortably

The Best Hair Dryer Stand: Our Picks

With a good stand, you'll no longer have to worry about the safety of your hair dryer, which can extend the life of your appliance and make your day-to-day life easier. See below some models that we've separated for you.

Buying guide

Drying hair is a routine task for many men and women, so it's natural to own at least one hairdryer at home. But as they are large and most are still wired, putting them away can be a real headache.

Both for more convenience at the time of use and to better protect the equipment, the holder is the best option to safely store your hair dryer. Take a look at our buying guide to understand a little more about all the benefits of the product and the different models available on the market.

Imagem de homem cortando o cabelo em um salão com suporte para secador de cabelo ao fundo

The stands are indispensable to maintain the organizations in barber shops and beauty salons. (Source: alexkrasovsky /

Where should I install my hair dryer stand?

Practicality and organisation are the watchwords when we talk about stands, as they can be fixed or mobile. This allows you to install them in the bathroom, bedroom or just hang them on a cupboard door, somewhere near your worktop.

The important thing is that it is in a practical and safe position, to avoid possible accidents. It should be firm, so that no accidents occur during use; and easy to reach, so that you can use it to support the equipment while it is still hot.

Another consideration is that your hairdryer should always be at hand, so the ideal is to keep it at a good distance between you and an outlet. Preferably the cord should not be too taut or too tangled to avoid damage to the product.

Did you know that the first hair dryer was invented in 1920 and is the result of combining the hot air expelled from hoovers with motors used in blenders?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the hair dryer stand?

Much of the practicality we mentioned comes from the fact that stands are easy to install, helping to protect your hairdryer and surfaces from possible accidents as you won't need to prop it still hot directly on your worktop.

They're compatible with a wide variety of models and most are pretty rust-resistant, ensuring that the holder lasts a long time.

But you need to be careful, since the material can heat up when in contact with the dryer during use. And some models have no support for the cord, which can leave the environment a bit messy when you're not using the dryer.

  • It is easy to install
  • Protects your dryer
  • Wide variety of models
  • Most are rust resistant
  • The material can get hot when in contact with the dryer
  • Some models do not have a cord holder

What are the different types of hair dryer stands?

There are two main categories of holders available on the market. The most common are fixed stands which are ideal for larger spaces.

They are more reliable, avoiding falls and accidents during handling. Another advantage is the price, as they are among the cheapest models.

Mobile stands, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want more mobility. They do not require installation. Some are on the worktop, attached to a door or drawer, or even have suction cups to temporarily fix them to the wall.

All this ends up weighing on the price, since they usually cost a little more.

Fixed brackets Mobile bracket
Indication of use Ideal for larger spaces Perfect for those who want more mobility
Benefits Are more reliable, preventing falls and accidents Do not need installation
Price Are among the cheapest models Cost a little more expensive

What care should I take with the hair dryer stand?

This depends a lot on the model. In the fixed supports, for example, which require installation, you will have to make one or two holes in the wall. Although this is a simple process, it will require some tools and a previous knowledge of your room.

Can you imagine drilling a water pipe or hitting the electric wiring? So, be careful. And, if your bathroom is used to accumulating a lot of steam in your long showers, over time this could end up damaging some dryers.

In the case of supports for mobile hairdryers, the biggest risk is of falling, either in the countertop models or those that are fixed on the door, since they can fall according to the weight of the equipment.

Now that you know a little more about the product, check out some tips that we have separated so that your hair is always healthy and looks amazing.

Purchase criteria: What to know before buying a hair dryer stand

Are you one of those people who has a drawer or cupboard space reserved for beauty products that's always piled high, with tangled wires and a lot of clutter?

Even if this is not the case, it is still possible to take care of your hairdryer with special care and make your life easier with a good support. To help you find the best model, be sure to check out the topics below that we've separated for your consideration.


For the sake of convenience, most hairdryer stands are made of steel, usually with a chrome finish. This makes them sturdy and durable, especially in humid environments like the bathroom.

But it is also possible to find brackets made of wood or plastic. The important thing here is to take into consideration the environment in which it will stay and whether it can withstand the temperature of the hairdryer, which tends to stay hot for some time after use.

Imagem de suporte para secador de cabelo de aço cromado

Besides the resistance, the material may help you combine the support with your decoration. (Source: Divulgação/


In the same way that there is a huge variety of hair dryers, with different dimensions, it is possible to find supports of all sizes.

So, before making the purchase, check the specifications of the product.

So, before making the purchase, check the specifications of the product, both the hair dryer and the stand. Most are universal, compatible with various models, but checking is never too much.

Some stands also have extra space, either to accommodate hair straighteners, combs or other utensils. They are recommended for those who want to store all their hair equipment in one place, keeping everything in order.

And remember to always take into consideration the space you have available before purchasing a holder for hair dryers, especially if you intend to fix them to a piece of furniture. After all, there may be shelves and hinges that may compromise the perfect positioning of the holder.


Another thing that varies a lot from one holder to another is the shape. You can find from the traditional and simpler ones, in cylindrical shape, to the bigger and more spacious rectangular ones.

In the fixed wall models, it is also very common to find brackets in holster format, facilitating the use of the dryer and leaving it always at hand.

Imagem de suporte para secador de cabelo fixado na parede do banheiro

Close to the sink and in front of the mirror, a great position for your hair dryer. (Source: Matthis Volquardsen/

Type of attachment

Lastly, the mode of attachment is also very important. In fixed models, you will need to hang it on the wall with the help of a nail or screws.

As for mobile models, it is very common for them to have their own hooks. The most common ones are the door hooks.

And if you want mobility without compromising safety, some supports work with a suction cup system. This way, they are well attached to the wall, but can be moved whenever you need them.

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