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More and more men and women have been concerned with a good appearance. And to help, nothing like a good hair mousse. That's what we'll be talking about today on the Wellness Guide.

Helping to model the hair and keep the hairstyle intact for longer, these mousses are no longer restricted to beauty salons, and that's because it is very easy to use them at home. Check out our review with more information.


  • There are different types of mousse for each type of hair, so be aware before making the purchase.
  • Using a fine comb or a hair dryer helps to achieve different hairstyles and to increase the volume of the strands.
  • Mousse can be used with damp or dry hair. Check the formula and the manufacturer's directions.

The best Hair Mousse: Our Picks

Mousse has become a darling among hairdressers, both professional and amateur alike, as it allows for great styling and different types of looks. And with so many formulas available on the market, finding the best one for your hair type can be a real challenge. Here are some recommendations of mousses that have stood out among consumers.

Buying Guide

Hair mousse is an excellent finisher, giving volume, shine and flexibility to the hair, ensuring that that special hairstyle will last for much longer.

But with so many formulas available on the market, finding the best option for your hair type is essential. So, be sure to check out our Buying Guide for more detailed information.

 Imagem de cabeleireira segurando o mousse para cabelo antes de aplicar na cliente

Many hairdressers use mousse to ensure that elaborate hairstyles last longer without coming undone. (Source: blueskyimage/

How to use hair mousse?

Hair mousse is a finisher that can be used in different ways to achieve different effects, as well as being made for various hair types.

Although this can vary a lot from one formula to another, many can be used both on still damp and already dry hair. Either way, the recommendation is to apply it on the entire length of the hair, from root to tip.

Using a good wooden comb is also a great way to help you distribute it well through your hair, already shaping it according to the hairstyle or effect you wish to create.

In case of doubts, remember to always check the packaging, the manufacturer's recommendations and how to use it.

Imagem de mulher usando modeladores de cabelo para conseguir cachos

After applying the mousse, you can use curlers to achieve longer-lasting and well-designed curls. (Source: markusspiske/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hair mousse?

Hair mousses have stood out because of its advantages, as it is an excellent finisher, helping to create and maintain different hairstyles while increasing the shine and volume of the strands.

However, there are also some disadvantages. Each hair type needs a specific formula. For a professional finish, you may need to go to a salon or get expert help and they don't offer as much hold as other types of finishers.

  • It is an excellent finisher
  • Helps to create and maintain different hairstyles
  • Increases shine and volume of the strands
  • Each type of hair needs a specific formula
  • For a professional finish, you may need help
  • They do not offer as much support as other types of finishers

What are the different hair styling products I can use?

There are currently four main categories of stylers available on the market. Mousse is great for adding volume and styling curls, with formulas for all hair types. They can be found in an intermediate price range.

Sprays, on the other hand, are more geared towards fixing the hair, allowing for a wide variety of hairstyles, which usually makes them a little more expensive.

The pomades are excellent for a drier effect, ideal for top coats and masculine hair. The price can vary a lot according to the formula.

Finally, gels can be used for wet, dry or shiny effects. They are great for short hair and are among the cheapest on the market. And, it is worth remembering, before use, it is important to wash your hair with a quality shampoo.

Mousse Spray Pomade Gel
Effect Volume and curl modeling Fixing Dry Wet, dry or shiny
Indication of hairstyle For all types of hair Great for various types of hairstyles Tops and male hair Short hair
Price Is in an intermediate price range They usually cost a little more expensive Varies widely depending on the formula Are the cheapest on the market

Are there any contraindications to using hair mousse?

This depends a lot on the formula, especially when they are not completely natural or vegan. So, always check the packaging and the products contained, especially if you have a history of allergies and scalp irritations.

Remember to always check that the product is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. If you notice these symptoms, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor you trust.

Did you know that some mousses have thermal protection, allowing them to be used with hair dryers, flat irons and babyliss without damaging the hair?

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying hair mousse

Mousse is an excellent finisher for more elaborate hairstyles, and you can now find formulas for all hair types, from straight to curly hair.

But with so many formulas and brands investing in these products, you need to be aware of some factors before making the purchase so you don't end up regretting it. Check it out:

After carefully analyzing each of the topics below, you'll be more than ready to find a great mousse and get amazing curls without requiring much effort.


As with every cosmetic product, paying attention to the formula is extremely important. Today it is possible to find formulas that use natural products and even avoid raw materials of animal origin.

Especially in the case of people with sensitive scalp or with a history of allergies, always check if the product is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Imagem de cabeleireira modelando o cabelo da cliente com um secador após utilizar o mousse

Some formulas can be applied to damp or dry hair. (Source: Keren Perez/

Net weight

Another important factor you should be aware of is the net weight. The first thought is: the more, the better. But, this directly affects the final price of the mousse.

Generally, there is also an association between weight and value, where the higher the price in relation to the quantity, the better the mousse will be. This is not always true for all brands.

If this is not your first purchase, consider how much of the product you use in each application to find the best value for money.


A good presentation of the product is also essential. So, give preference to packaging that contains as much information as possible regarding formulas, contraindications and how to use.

Preferably, opt for packages that contain information in our language to facilitate reading and that do not cause waste during use.


Unlike other finishers, mousse has a foam texture, and the consistency may vary a lot according to the formula and even the type of nozzle found on the packaging.

And, it is worth remembering that when applied to the hair, the foam changes texture, becoming more liquid, until it dries completely.

All these factors vary a lot from one manufacturer to another, so it is worth doing some research until you find the texture that suits you best.

(Featured image source: Chakrapong Worathat/