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Utensils to remove body hair have been around for thousands of years. Over the course of time, many different methods have developed. Hair removers" can be understood as a wide range of products. From razors to cold wax strips and from tweezers to IPL hair removal devices. With such a wide range of products, it is easy to lose track.

With our hair remover test 2021 we want to help you find your way in the world of hair removers. We not only tell you which device is the best, but also which method is best for which area of the body.


  • Many different types of hair removers are not always suitable for all parts of the body. For sensitive skin, different products are used than for non-sensitive skin.
  • If you want, you can spend a small fortune on so-called IPL devices. But there is no need to worry, IPL devices are also available for the small purse.
  • Hair removal at home can often save you money, but it can also be risky, for example if you use it incorrectly. Discuss everything with your family doctor beforehand and listen to whether he/she has any concerns.

The Best Hair Remover: Our Picks

Hair Remover: Buying and Evaluation Criteria

Now we will go into the different devices that you can use for hair removal. There are many aspects that can be considered when buying a hair removal device.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what you should look for in the individual criteria.

Result of the application/longevity of the result

The results of different hair removal methods can vary. As mentioned above, laser and IPL methods destroy the hair root. This causes the hair to fall out after a few days and takes time to grow back. With the professional laser method, hair may disappear completely and never grow back. This result cannot be achieved at home with an IPL device, but it still takes up to a month for the hair to grow back.

Of course, when using the device, make sure to follow the operating instructions.

The same applies to methods such as waxing and sugaring. Because the hair is pulled out by the roots, the skin is also smooth for up to one month.

Differences are only seen with shaving and ear and nose trimmers. Shavers only remove the hair superficially, the root in the skin remains intact and the hair simply continues to grow normally. With trimmers, the principle is the same - the hair is not plucked, but "only" cut off.

Number of different applications

Hair removers can usually be used in several places. This works through different attachments, which are included in the range. Ear and nose hair trimmers are usually accompanied by an attachment for the eyebrows and upper lip. This has the advantage that you do not have to buy several devices to remove hair in different parts of the face.

Skin tone sensor and glide mode

This criterion refers to IPL hair removal devices. The light intensity is adjusted by the sensor, which detects the skin tone. This is important because skin tones vary on a person and are not the same everywhere. This ensures that lighter areas on the skin do not burn. Glide mode is helpful to remove hair faster from larger areas, such as the legs. By switching on the glide mode, the light pulses are delivered automatically.

Number of light pulses

The above-mentioned light pulses also play a role in IPL devices. Different numbers of light pulses can have different effects. For example, devices are also sold with several attachments that emit different light pulses. For hair removal, a number of approximately 250,000 to 450,000 light pulses is used.

Lamps with a light pulse of approximately 95,000 can be used for rejuvenating the skin.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery varies with different devices and manufacturers. What is usually included is a storage bag. Especially with IPL applications, you have to protect your eyes from the light pulses, which is why many manufacturers include protective goggles. The scope of delivery shows how many attachments are included and thus how many application possibilities a device has.

Operating mode

Most IPL devices are operated with mains power. One advantage of this is that hair removal can be carried out without pauses. Alternatively, you can use a device with a rechargeable battery. With these, you are more mobile and do not have to rely on mains sockets, but the battery only lasts for a certain time. Then it has to be recharged.

Hair remover: Frequently asked questions and answers

There is a lot of different and, above all, important information about hair removers, which now needs to be answered.

What is IPL hair removal and what are the risks?

IPL is English for "Intense Pulsed Light". Simply translated, it means "intense pulsed light". This light is emitted as short, strong flashes of light onto the hair. This produces heat which scleroses the root of a hair. After a few days, the hair falls out.

Consultation with a medical professional is recommended.

One risk is that the light pulses are too weak. This can lead to the hair root not being attacked, but only the melanin. This is responsible for the colour of our hair. If only the melanin is removed, the hair will turn grey.

The other extreme is when the light impulses are too strong. This can cause burns on the skin. The risk of skin cancer also increases with IPL treatment. So before you blithely remove your hair with an IPL device, you should consult your dermatologist and arrange regular check-ups.

What are the different types of home hair removal methods?

type advantage disadvantage
IPL almost painless, suitable for all parts of the body, almost permanent hair removal, thorough, fast involves risks, removal is more difficult on dark skin or light hair
razor easy to use, wide range of models smooth skin feeling usually lasts only a few days, skin can dry out, risk of cutting
Hair removal coil inexpensive, easy to use possibility that not all hairs are captured
Waxing / sugaring thorough, long-lasting hair removal, cold wax: not time-consuming, easy to use painful, warm wax: time-consuming
Trimmer easy to use, usually different application options not suitable for sensitive skin
Depilatory cream painless application time long, not suitable for sensitive skin
Tweezers precise removal only individual hairs can be removed

As the table shows, there are many different ways to remove annoying hair. Now you have to weigh up for yourself whether you want to put up with pain in order to remove hair in the long term. The price can also play a big role.

In short, there is something for everyone, whether your wallet is big or small or whether you feel a lot of pain.

How big the wallet needs to be in case of doubt is answered in the following question.

How much does a hair removal device cost?

The hair removal devices described above, such as a spiral or tweezers, can be purchased for as little as 3 euros in any drugstore. The big price differences, however, come with IPL devices and trimmers. In the following, we have compiled an overview of different models.

Type price range
IPL hair removal device 40-800 euros
Nose and ear hair trimmer 10-50 euros

Especially with IPL hair removal devices, you can see that prices vary widely. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself very carefully before buying such a device. You can't go far wrong with nose and ear hair trimmers; a popular model from Philips is priced at 24 euros.

What alternatives are there?

Alternative Description Price
Beauty salon As an alternative to removing hair at home, you can visit a beauty salon. There are salons in every major city that offer treatments with IPL, waxing or other methods face: about 50 euros / session, legs: about 190 euros
Hairdresser Many hairdressers offer to shape the eyebrows with the help of a thread. This technique originates from the Orient and is also getting more and more attention in Western countries. Eyebrow plucking: circa 7 euros
Brow Bar These are cosmetic studios that specialise only in eyebrows Eyebrow shaping, colouring and plucking: circa 35 euros

Prices vary depending on the provider.


Thread epilation originated in the Orient. It has also been available in western countries since around 2010. (Image source: Rune Enstad / unsplash)

The alternatives listed above are all those for which you have to leave the house. Beauty salons and hairdressers are everywhere in Germany, so this is a good alternative. Brow bars are still on the rise and can usually only be found in larger cities.


IPL hair removers are great for removing hair all over the body. You must not forget, however, that they also bring risks with them. As already mentioned, it is very important to consult a doctor beforehand. If you prefer to go "oldschool", you can use a normal razor without any problems. This is the most common way men and women remove hair nowadays.

Perfect for beginners is the hair removal coil. It means that the person using it has no risks. If you are interested in waxing but do not want to buy a kit, you can easily make a sugar paste for sugaring. In conclusion, everyone has to find the perfect hair remover or method for themselves.

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