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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! We appreciate your company here! Today we are going to talk about a personal care item that is basic, everyone uses or has used one day: the hairbrush!

Although some are very similar to each other, all brushes are not the same, and the model you choose directly influences your strands.

As it's a product for daily use, it's important that you choose carefully, always thinking about keeping your strands in great condition.

If you are looking for a cool model to buy, but haven't found a cool one yet, we invite you to a complete reading about hairbrushes and their benefits!

The most important

  • Hairbrushes are commonly used items that are part of our daily lives. They are used for brushing, styling and detangling hair strands.
  • There are two types of brushes: flat and styling brushes. Each one of them has a specific use.
  • The styling brush is suitable for those who want to straighten their hair with the help of a hairdryer, or model curls at the ends.

The best Hairbrushes: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Although it is already an old acquaintance of ours, the hairbrush is an item in constant evolution. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of models, specific or not, for styling hair.

In this guide, we will present you with the benefits of this very common product in our routine, and all the information about its use.

Foto de uma mulher em salão de beleza, sentada em uma cadeira com as pernas para o alto, segurando uma taça de bebida. Ao seu lado, um cabeleireiro espirra um spray no seu cabelo e segura duas escovas de cabelo.

The hair brush can be used to comb, untangle, straighten or model the hair. (Source: Valeria Boltneva / Pexels)

What is a hairbrush?

Keeping our hair in good condition is part of our routine, and that is why the hairbrush is so present in our daily lives. Its function is to keep our hair untangled and in order.

Although its main goal is to untangle and comb the strands, they go beyond. Nowadays, you can find many brushes that help you straighten and shape your hair, allowing you to create at home the kind of hair you would create at the salon.

Some of them even have special bristles, or metallic bases, to help in the process of reducing frizz and volume.

What are the advantages of the hairbrush?

In addition to all the advantages mentioned so far, the cool thing about the hairbrush is that it is practical, cheap, and of common use: men, women, adults or children use it. It is a routine product, which has more than one format.

It is important that when you choose yours, make sure it works well for your hair type so as not to break or tangle the strands. The bristles make all the difference and it is important that you test them.

In general, it is a useful product, simple and easy to use, which can be used on both wet and dry hair, at different times of the day.

Did you know that brushing your hair is also a hair health issue? In addition to giving the hair the look we want, the use of the brush is very important for the activation of blood circulation in the scalp, especially before washing.

You should always brush your hair before bathing to ensure that during the wash the strands are able to receive vitamins and nutrients from beauty products. In addition, brushing spreads the hair's natural oils along the strands, as they are often concentrated only on the scalp

What's the difference between a flat brush and a styling brush?

Talking about brush may seem a little confusing, because there are two types widely used, but they do not have the same function. In fact, the flat brush and styling brush complement each other.

The flat hair brush, as the name implies, is not circular and has bristles only on one side of its base. Its bristles are more separated and thicker, and usually have rounded tips due to direct contact with the scalp.

The function of this kind of brush is to comb and untangle the hair. It can be used several times a day, both on dry and wet hair.

Its usefulness is very similar to that of a comb, since it is also widely used to untangle the strands, although it does not always please people who have thinner hair.

Foto de uma mulher escovando o cabelo com escova de madeira plana.

You can have a flat hair brush and a styling brush. (Source: kzenon / 123rf)

The hair curler brush, on the other hand, does not comb or even untangle, it is designed to help straightening with the hair dryer and to shape and tame the ends of the hair.

Its shape is different: its base is circular and the bristles fill all the sides. Still on the bristles, in this brush they appear in larger quantities, forming small tufts.

Normally, natural boar bristles are mixed together in a tuft with just one synthetic bristle with a rounded tip.

The boar bristles, when well bonded, ensure good traction on the strands, making it possible to slide the brush through them when drying.

The ideal is that after washing you use the flat brush to align the hair, and when drying, the styling brush. The process of one completes the other, so, it is interesting to have both at home.

Flat hair brush Modelling hair brush
Function To comb and untangle To help straightening with hair dryer and modelling
Bristles Separate Together
Price Low Low to medium
Use Daily, with dry or wet hair With wet hair, when you want to brush it

Foto de um secador, um pente, uma escova e três prendedores de cabelo em cima de um tapete branco de pelinhos.

It's important to be vigilant about the quality of your brush, especially when it comes to the bristles. (Source: Element5 Digital / Pexels)

Buying criteria: Factors to compare hairbrush models

Now that you know a little bit more about the hairbrush, we will give you tips on what to observe when buying it. Have a look:

  • Bristles
  • Handle
  • Metal base
  • Material

Below, we'll explain it point by point so that you're not left in any doubt.


The bristles are the main part of a brush, right? And that's why it's very important that they are firm and comfortable to the scalp.

If you plan to buy a flat brush, prioritize the models that have rounded tips, because they don't hurt the scalp and are also great for separating the strands.

Also, give priority to brushes with firmer bristles, because the too soft ones can't always handle the weight of your hair, especially if you have a lot of hair.

But if you're going to buy a styling brush, opt for those that have boar bristles in firm, joined tufts. This type of bristle provides excellent traction on the strands and does not tangle.


The hair brush handle is also very important. Choose a model that is anatomical and preferably rubberized where you hold it.

It is important that it is comfortable, especially for those who have a lot of hair to be able to brush it without feeling discomfort when holding it.

Some grips also have a built-in lock separator at the end of the handle, which is a great help if you like to style your hair with the hairdryer.

Metalic base

The metallic base is quite common in hairbrushes, especially styling brushes. It helps conduct heat to the strands when they are being brushed with the help of a hair dryer.

Foto de pessoa segurando escovas de cabelo e secador.
The metal base is most common in styling brushes. (Source: akz / 123RF)


The most common materials in brushes are wood and plastic. Both are firm and resistant, however, with the plastic, it is interesting that you be a little more careful in the choice. It must be of good quality to avoid the risk of cracking or breaking.

The wood ends up being a more ecological and resistant option, you just need to be careful not to get the wood wet or leave the brush wet.

(Source of the highlighted image: serezniy / 123RF)