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A hand shower is located at the end of a hose in the shower, by the bidet or by the washbasin. The hand shower, or shower head, helps you wash your body thoroughly. It can also be used to clean objects or the shower / washbasin.

In our big hand shower test 2022 we want to show you how to find the hand shower that suits you best. In this guide, we describe the special features that you can use to recognise a good hand shower and give some tips on functions and care.


  • A hand shower can be used in the shower, by the bidet or by the washbasin. There, they support efficient cleaning.
  • Most hand showers have a surface coating of chrome. This coating ensures that the hand shower has a long-lasting shine. There are also hand showers made of ABS plastic.
  • You can maintain your hand shower with limescale cleaner from the trade. A popular household remedy for descaling your hand shower is vinegar.

The Best Hand Shower: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for hand showers

In the following, we will show you how to decide between the many hand showers based on various features.

In summary, these are:

We will go into the individual criteria in more detail in the following paragraphs.


Most hand showers have a chrome coating. A great advantage of this coating is its stylish appearance and lasting shine. Hand showers made of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer) can also be found.

If the spray nozzles of your hand shower are made of silicone, they are particularly easy to clean.


When choosing your hand shower, you can choose between different designs. Particularly popular are the round, square and elongated shapes, which are often used in the kitchen.

Most hand showers are available in white or silver. If you are looking for a different colour, the selection is much smaller, but you can also find colourful hand showers.


Some hand showers have various additional functions. To make it easier for you to find them, we have put them together in a table:

Function description
Adjustable spray types many hand showers allow you to adjust the spray type, which changes the width of the spray and often also the water pressure. Many hand showers also have massage functions
Quickclean and anti-calcification nubs some hand showers have nubs made of silicone or other easy-to-clean materials. These can be cleaned simply by wiping over them with your finger
Washable sieve in hand showers with a washable sieve, dirt does not get into your hand shower

The different hand showers allow you to adapt the hand shower to your needs. Anti-calcification knobs offer the advantage of quick and easy cleaning.

Flow rates

Before buying your hand shower, you should find out about the flow rate. This is especially important if you want to save water. This is good for the environment and your bank account.

About 15 litres of water per minute flow through a standard hand shower.

However, there are also more water-efficient models. How many litres your hand shower uses per minute is indicated on the product insert or packaging.

If you can set different spray types for your hand shower, these spray types usually differ in their flow rate. One way to save water can be to always use the spray type with the lowest flow rate when a larger amount is not needed.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying hand showers

In the following, we will answer some frequently asked questions about hand showers.

What is special about a hand shower and what advantages does it offer?

Because the hand shower is attached to a hose, it offers several advantages compared to a rain shower or a tap. You can clean yourself and objects from any angle.

Hand showers with adjustable water jets allow you to adjust the water pressure to your needs.

You can also fill vessels such as buckets or pots without having to lift them into the washbasin or shower.

What types of hand showers are there?

Before buying a hand shower, you should consider whether you want an adjustable or non-adjustable hand shower. In the following we have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives.

Adjustable hand showers

With an adjustable hand shower, you can change the spray by turning the spray head or pressing a button. This is practical because different parts of the body or objects to be cleaned often need different water pressure.

A stronger water pressure is usually preferred when rinsing out shampoo. People with sensitive skin usually prefer a weaker water pressure.

  • Flow rate can be switched
  • different functions serve different purposes
  • often contain a massage function
  • more functions often lead to higher purchase costs of your hand shower

Massage spray settings are also popular. They allow you to feel like you're at the spa when you're in the shower.

Non-adjustable hand showers

Sometimes an adjustable hand shower is not needed. In fact, there can be advantages to using a non-adjustable hand shower. Since a non-adjustable hand shower always flows the same amount of water per minute, it is easier to keep track of your water consumption.

You can calculate exactly how much water you use when showering.

  • Water consumption can be better calculated
  • Water pressure cannot be adjusted

The water consumption can be calculated better, but you cannot adjust the water pressure.

Who are hand showers suitable for?

Hand showers are suitable for people who prefer flexibility when using water connections such as in the bathroom or kitchen. Since the hand shower is connected to the water connection with a hose, you can move it as you wish.


The hand shower is practical because it is flexible.
(Image source: 955169 / pixabay)

This is not only practical for activities such as washing hair in the shower, but can also make it easier to wash dishes at the kitchen sink.

A hand shower is also suitable for people who have to sit in the shower due to physical limitations, as you can easily hold it in your hand and reach all parts of your body with it.

What does a hand shower cost?

The cost of a hand shower can vary. They depend especially on the material and additional functions.

The cost of a hand shower with and without additional features is usually in the following range:

Type Price
Non-adjustable hand shower 8 - 50 euros
Adjustable hand shower 8 - 200 euros

Adjustable hand showers are usually in a higher price segment than non-adjustable hand showers. But you can also buy them for little money.

What is a hand shower suitable for?

A hand shower is particularly suitable for thoroughly washing the body or objects. You have the option of moving it as close as you want to the object or body to be washed.

It is a practical addition in the bathroom, garden shower, bidet or kitchen sink. Since you can adjust the water pressure of most hand showers, you can also use them to remove stubborn dirt.

What are the alternatives to a hand shower?

The answer is simple: none. At least if you want to clean bodies or objects flexibly and with variable water pressure.


If you don't mind the lack of flexibility, you can also make do with the attached rain shower.
(Image source: Olichel / pixabay)

For those who want to do without this comfort, the simple tap or rain shower is also an option.

How do I care for / descale a hand shower?

You can easily clean your shower head with limescale cleaner from the shops according to the instructions. If you don't want to go to the supermarket, we have an alternative solution for you.

A popular alternative to limescale cleaners is cleaning the hand shower with vinegar, which is perfect for cleaning bathroom surfaces and fittings thanks to its antibacterial effect.

To do this, pour vinegar into a plastic bag and put the hand shower in it. Then attach the bag to the shower head with a rubber band. Depending on the degree of limescale, leave it to work for up to three hours.

Then remove the bag, rinse the shower head with water and run hot water through the shower head for a short time. Then wipe with a clean cloth.

Image source: Puangkingkaew / 123rf