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You probably have a lot of heavy furniture that needs to be loaded or you need strong support for the daily heavy transports for your business? If you are looking for a suitable solution, then read this helpful article about hand trucks. Here you will learn the most important aspects that you should consider when buying a hand truck and we will also answer the most important questions about hand trucks. These practical devices can be an excellent support for you. We will also tell you which model is right for you and which products are probably the best on the market.


  • Hand trucks help you with heavy loads and when transporting large objects from A to B. They are also available in a variety of versions.
  • There are also hand trucks with an electric motor, which practically minimises your own effort. Models with a stair function also help with removals and deliveries.
  • The large product variation provides the right model for every area of use. That is why a sack truck is suitable for a wide range of uses.

The Best Hand Truck: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for sack trucks

So that you know what to look out for before you buy, we have compiled the most important buying criteria for you and now present them to you in this section.

Area of use

This criterion is one of the most important. It determines which material, which load capacity and which functions your hand truck should have. The area of use is based on the purpose for which you need the hand truck. You can buy different hand trucks depending on whether you need them for gardening, transporting boxes, loading bulky goods or other tasks. It is best to get a good idea of your intended use for the hand truck and decide which model is best for you based on this consideration.

Load capacity

The load capacity or maximum load that your hand truck can carry is based on your intended use. Depending on what you need it for, you should narrow down your search. Whether you buy a hand truck for home use or for professional use makes a difference.

In principle, as a rule of thumb, you can say that up to 100 kg is completely sufficient for your own four walls in everyday life, for heavier loads such as furniture and the like, 150-200 kg may be needed as an exception, and for commercial use you should orientate yourself towards the models with 300 and more kilograms load capacity.


There are also various choices when it comes to the finish of the hand truck. The material determines the price, but also the load capacity and durability of the hand truck. Basically, you can choose between aluminium, steel and plastic. Aluminium impresses with its light weight and the associated mobility of the hand truck.

If you have heavier loads to handle, a sack truck made of stainless steel would probably be more for you. The metal can withstand a high load but has the disadvantage that it is relatively heavy itself. Depending on the quality used, models made of plastic have an amazingly high load capacity and a very low dead weight.


If you need a sack truck with more than the simple use as a transporter over flat surfaces, you should look for variants with extra functions. For example, for stairs there are special hand trucks with a stair function, which usually consists of a combination of three wheels.

Also very useful are the 2-in-1 models, which can be used as a sack truck or as a trolley. Here you can save on an additional purchase and benefit twice over from a helper tool.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about sack trucks answered in detail

So that you are not left out in the cold, we have researched the most important questions about hand trucks and answered them for you here.

Who is a hand truck suitable for?

A sack truck is a multifunctional, helpful transport device that will help you from day one. It is ideal for gardening, moving and transporting all kinds of bulky items from A to B. Everyone can benefit from a hand truck under certain circumstances.


A hand truck is good for transporting bulky and heavy furniture.
(Image source: dokumol / Pixabay )

In addition, a hand truck is very practical if you are plagued by back pain. The way it works supports your health and relieves you of the burden of lugging heavy items.

What types of hand trucks are there?

In this section we present the different types of hand trucks that might be relevant for you.
Type Description
Classic sack truck The simple classic sack truck fulfils the expected purpose as a load carrier. With two rubberised wheels, it needs to be pushed and becomes proportionally harder to push as the weight increases.
Electric or motorised sack truck With these variants, an electric motor helps you to transport heavy loads. This function is available for normal use on flat surfaces and as a stair lift. Electric hand trucks usually come at a high price.
Hand truck with lever Hand trucks with lever come with an additional middle level where chairs and other bulky items can be transported more easily.

The type of hand truck that is best for you depends on the purpose for which you want to use it and your budget.

How much does a hand truck cost?

If you are wondering how much you have to spend for your desired hand truck, you can find a small overview here.
Price range Available products
Low-priced up to 300 euros classic, simple sack trucks without special additional functions
Medium-priced 300 to 1000 euros stainless steel sack trucks with stair function and lever, 2-in-1 sack trucks
High-priced from 1000 euros electric sack trucks with motor, heavy-duty sack trucks

The price of a sack truck is made up of the components quality, load capacity, motor power, functionality and brand.


A hand truck helps in everyday life as well as in the professional field. Especially with bulky and heavy loads, the hand truck can shine and do most of the work. There are many different models and types, which are designed for specific areas of use. For you, the purchase of a hand truck is a good reason for many uses.

In this guide, we hope we have been able to give you a good overview and answer a few questions.

Photo source: levelupart/ 123rf

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