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We are always on the lookout for trendy accessories for you to know and look good at all times. Today we present you the handbags that can be very versatile, functional and never go out of fashion.

We don't want your handbag to be left in a corner of the house, for you to make the best purchase it is essential to clarify the doubts that surround this product. We will also give you the keys that will help you compare the models on the market and choose the best one according to your personal tastes, occasion and much more!

First the most important thing

  • The handbag is a must-have item to have our essentials always at hand. That's why many of us would like to know how to choose the right one for a girl, for sports, to be fashionable or how to access the much-prized designer handbags.
  • The handbag is often confused with the carry-on bag, especially for those who travel by plane. Different airlines have different policies, which is why it is generally recommended to use the handbag as an accessory for essential items and the carry-on suitcase for more capacity.
  • Finally, you can select the perfect carry-on bag based on aspects such as materials, designs, colours and the style you want to achieve. You're sure to have a fashionable accessory that matches your lifestyle and is durable.

The Best Handbag: Our Picks

Buying Guide: what you need to know about a handbag

There's so much variety in handbags, you're likely to spend a lot of time looking at the materials, sizes and styles available. To make the process easier, we invite you to learn about the aspects of this product that will help you identify your favourite handbag in a second.

Handbags are perfect for both formal and casual occasions (Photo: Goran Bogicevic/

What care does a handbag require?

If it is stained, you can buy wet wipes or specialised brushes for each material, always with light movements so as not to discolour the fabric. Try not to carry very heavy things so that it doesn't get deformed and it is important that you have more than one handbag to exchange and give the fabric a rest.

Always carry items that may stain it, such as make-up or drinks in a spill-proof bag; it is important to act quickly when this happens so that the tote bag does not remain stained forever. Occasionally, you can wax the zip so that it doesn't get stuck and move fluidly.

Carry-on bag or carry-on suitcase - what to look out for?

There is always this confusion, especially for air travel. Some airlines make distinctions between these two types of luggage and rightly so! The two are very different and the confusion arises because they are both smaller in size. Here are all the differences.

Carry-on bag. It's more of a fashion accessory that can play around and vary in sizes, materials, shapes and colours. Although you can perfectly take it on a plane, its capacity will not be enough to carry clothes, shoes, accessories, among others. It is better for documents and important objects or for casual use.

Carry-on suitcase. They are often rigid. This is to maintain their rectangular shape and give a little more protection to your belongings. They have a handle and wheels to move around easily, however, it is not appropriate if you want to move around a lot on foot, consider stairs, rain, etc. They are preferred because they have a larger capacity.

Handbag Carry-on suitcase
Ease of use Loads in hands and arms Stands on its own
Materials Leather, Canvas, polyester, nylon, cotton Polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon.
Airline use Second piece of hand luggage (If allowed by airline) Cabin or carry-on baggage
Approximate capacity No more than 10 kg 10 - 40 kg

What features should a carry-on bag have for air travel?

Because the carry-on bag is small in general terms, you shouldn't have any problems on the plane. If you want to add a carry-on bag, you will need to check that the airline will accept a second smaller piece; otherwise, you will probably have to pay for excess baggage.

The main thing is that your carry-on bag must be within the dimensions specified by the airline. Generally, you cannot exceed 10kg in weight and the dimensions are around 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Remember also that you cannot include sharp or flammable items and limit your liquids to 100 ml, always protected in an anti-spill bag.

Did you know that the most expensive handbag in Mexico was sold for more than 600,000 pesos by Louis Vuitton?

What is the best way to store and organise my handbags?

There are dust and water protection sprays that are suitable for all types of fabrics. It is important to spray them before use or when you first put it away. Also, remember to always keep it in a dark place so that the material does not discolour.

Looking for a handbag that has protection can really help you to take care of it

Also, keep it in a dust bag, which will help it look fresh and have more protection, non-woven bags or a simple pillow case will work perfect. You can stuff it with some kind of paper that will keep its original structure while you are not using it and remember to always store it without any objects inside.

Give your handbag the proper care and it will last for many years (Photo: James Ree/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate handbag models

Believe it or not, there is a handbag for every lifestyle, activity and preference. That's right! If you want to always look good and feel comfortable, with a fashionable or functional handbag, consider these small factors that will make it easier for you. Good luck!

  • Materials
  • Design
  • Colours
  • Style


Handbags can be made in an infinite number of materials impossible to name each one. For this reason, we wanted to adjust it to a lifestyle that could be related to yours. This way, you can choose the perfect material for going out at night, going to work, studying or in your day to day life.

Leather. Leather is characterised by its style and durability. It is suitable for all occasions, but we recommend it more for work and formal or party occasions, because it has an elegant touch that most people like. Besides, its natural colours combine well in any occasion, they are waterproof and easy to clean.

Canvas. It is a material used in haute couture for designer bags. The fabric is made of very resistant threads, perfect for everyday use. It is recommended to achieve a casual style and to avoid deforming the handbag when you have to carry heavy objects in it.

Synthetics. They are the cheapest, but even so they have a variety of styles and are rather functional. Nylon, synthetic leather and polyester stand out because they are water resistant. They are recommended for everyday, casual use, for people who have to move frequently, for the gym or for rough use.

Handbags made of leather are a sophisticated style, which also goes perfectly with men (Photo: Vitalii Marchenko/


All handbags have different sizes and capacities depending on the manufacturer. For this reason, we have decided to recommend you the designs that fit the most requested sizes for all kinds of uses that will help you do your shopping, carry your valuables or simply complete your outfit.

Tote. The tote design stands out for being simple and resistant. It is one of the handbags with the largest capacity as it is made for shopping. It can vary from 5 to 10 kg. As it has thick handles and/or strap, it is ideal to easily carry your laptop or heavier items

Clutch. This is a small model, only for important items. It is carried in the hand or under the arm like an envelope and offers the possibility to add a very thin chain to hang over the shoulder. They are a classic recommended as an evening clutch, although their modern versatility makes them suitable for all occasions.

Messenger. This model imitates the bags used by postmen in the past. It is a totally informal design, with a shoulder strap and medium-large capacity. It is recommended for its functionality and is ideal for the gym, school or even to do a bit of shopping at the supermarket.

Shoulder bag. It is a design that stands out for having handles or a long strap to carry on the shoulder. Its size is medium-large and it is perfect for all kinds of occasions. It is recommended to have more freedom in your hands, in case you need to pay the bill, carry shopping, take notes, among others.


For every style there is a handbag that will look great. A recurring question is how to match them with your clothes, and yes, it can be tricky at times. However, certain patterns of colours and textures will help us to get an idea of what colour to wear and in what situations.

Classics. Black, brown and white tones are the colours par excellence for handbags. It is recommended to have at least one of these colours, as they combine perfectly with all types and shades of clothing. Combinations with printed or contrasting garments stand out for a more formal look.

Bright. They are available in the whole colour palette. The recommendation is that if the colour of your handbag is very bright, combine it with basic garments and thus create a balance in the tonalities. These colours stand out for giving a youthful and chic look, ideal if you are in spring or summer for casual use.

Prints. They are perfect for a fresh and trendy look. Printed handbags attract attention and it will be good to combine them with neutral garments. White, denim and dark colours stand out. It is recommended to combine at least one shade of the print with your outfit, to achieve a chromatic harmony.


Finally, we comment on all the details that stand out and are oriented towards a specific style. Fashion trends change all the time, but styles are maintained over time. Therefore, we will give you some tips to achieve your desired look.

Sophisticated/intellectual. This style is seen in bags with minimalist designs, solid colours, rectangular and rigid shapes. What stands out the most about this design, is that they have several compartments, because they are functional and will help you to have your essentials always at hand.

Athletic. This style is characterised by the fact that the handbag contains many handles, straps, buckles, compartments, etc. all with the purpose of helping you to organise all your things in a simple and accessible way. It is recommended for a sporty and functional style.

Watchable. Luxurious handbags are a pleasure for few. Although they are difficult accessories for many people to access, you can always go for this style that stands out for its flashy hardware, metallic colours, smooth textures and dark colours with high contrast details. This style is perfect for evening wear.

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