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We are glad to have you once again in this new installment. We all want to get home and have the perfect place to rest. A special place to enjoy our free time and do some relaxing activity. A bed headboard can help us to complete this dream.

This piece of furniture together with a good mattress will allow us to recover energy and simultaneously combine with the rest of the furniture in the room. It is also a representation of your tastes, as the people who see it will get to know you a little better through it.

As there are many headboards on the market in different sizes, colours, designs and prices, in this post we present you the most important features of this article. You will surely discover the ideal headboard for you.


  • A bed headboard is a piece of furniture that allows you to protect the wall of your room against possible damage from knocks. Another of its functions is to serve as a rest for your back when you are doing some activity, whether it is reading or watching television, on your bed. It also serves to complement the decoration of your room.
  • There are many types and designs of headboards, but for the moment we are going to classify them into three types. Simple headboards, headboards with a backrest and headboards with built-in furniture. All of them are very beautiful and fulfil the functionality for which they were created.
  • Among the factors you should consider before purchasing any headboard are: the size of your bed, the material used, the colour and style of the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. Finally, you should decide whether you are looking for the headboard only, or if you are looking for a package with other furniture.

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Buying Guide

For some people, choosing a piece of furniture doesn't require a large investment of time or money. But for others, this piece of furniture must fulfil its function and deliver something extra to make it worth what they invest in it. We want you to know all the aspects of a headboard so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

A headboard is best appreciated if it matches the rest of the furniture. (Photo: Annie Spratt /

What is a headboard and what are its advantages?

A headboard is a piece of furniture, usually made of wood, that is placed at the end of the bed where your head rests. For many people this object is so unimportant that they even refrain from getting one, but for many others it is an essential object that should match the rest of the furniture in the room.

As you may have noticed, there are many variations of headboards. They range from a simple piece of wood with a simple finish, to complete bookcase style furniture that allows you to place your belongings on it. Other headboards are very comfortable to enjoy a good book while sitting on your bed.

All have the advantage of protecting your bedroom wall from scratches that can be generated by the bed. Some have a soft finish to make you feel more comfortable. On the other hand, the bookcase headboard allows you to keep your personal items closer to you. The disadvantage is that you cannot rest your back.

  • Protects the wall against scratches and bumps
  • You can use it to rest your back
  • It matches the rest of the furniture in your room, in colour and style
  • Your personal items will be closer to you
  • It is a support point for your favourite activity
  • Depending on the design, it can take up a lot of space
  • If it has a bookcase included you won't be able to use it to rest your back
  • Choosing the wrong design or colour will make the rest of the furniture in the room look bad
  • It can be an extra or unnecessary expense
  • If you buy the wrong size it won't look good in the room

Bed headboard: single, with backrest or with furniture included - what should you pay attention to?

At the end of the day, what we are looking for is to get to our room and get ready to rest by doing our favourite activity. All three bedside variants fulfil their functionality. The difference lies in the design, style and extra amenities they can offer you. Below we will introduce you to each of them.

Single headboard. The simple headboard consists of a single piece, usually of thin thickness and is already assembled in its entirety. All you have to do is place it between your bed and the wall on the side where you lay your head. You can find them in all kinds of colours, but you can even choose an unfinished one so that you can personalise it to suit your room.

Headboard with backrest. This headboard, apart from the main piece, has a padded upholstery and is lined with some kind of fabric or vinyl. This padding allows you to rest your back on the headboard without feeling the cold or hardness of the wall. They also come in many colours and fabric styles. You are sure to find one that matches your bedroom.

Headboard with furniture. These headboards are very practical for reading lovers or simply if you want to keep your belongings such as your mobile phone, alarm or keys closer to you. It can contain one or two integrated shelves as well as several large areas in the form of bookcases. The material they are made of is usually wood and you can find them in many designs.

Single With back With cabinet
Difficulty of Assembly None Medium High
Room for personal belongings None 1 or 2 spaces 5 or more areas
Type of finish No or 1 colour Fabric or vinyl Solid colour or wood style

Buying Criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Headboards

Since there are so many models, styles and prices of headboards, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the choice to make. Here are some other factors that influence the price of this furniture and can help you better identify what you are looking for.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Finish
  • Individual or packaged


The size of the bed will proportionally influence the price of the headboard. The larger the bed, the more material is required to make the furniture. There are four popular bed sizes: single, double, queen and king. The length of these standards is 200 cm. The size that changes and affects the headboard is the width.

Single beds are usually 90 cm wide. Double beds are between 140 and 160 cm. Queen beds are usually 180 cm, while King beds are a full 200 cm. As for the height, this is around 10 or 20 cm.


The type of material affects both the lifespan and the cost of any piece of furniture. Among the most important materials for the manufacture of furniture are wood, plywood and MDF. Their characteristics define the type of furniture in which they can be used.

Wood. You can find headboards made of fine woods such as pine, mahogany, ebony, oak, walnut and others. These pieces of furniture only require a simple finish as the colour of the wood is beautiful on its own. With proper care they can last for 100 years or more.

Plywood. This material is a set of wood sheets joined together. Furniture made from this type of material is cheaper than wood but lasts half as long with proper treatment.

MDF. This material is a mixture of wood and synthetic resins that make it a medium hardness material. It is ideal for furniture that does not need to support a lot of weight. If they are not exposed to humidity, its duration is 10% of the duration of wood, 2 years.


Most of the furniture is finished so that the material from which it is made is better preserved and lasts longer than the estimated average.

Unfinished. With this finish the only treatment the wood receives is a rough filing. Allowing the buyer to apply one of the other finishes mentioned below.

Varnish. A colour can be applied to the wood and a sealer can be applied over it to protect it from damp and dirt.

Some people prefer it to contain only varnish as they find the colour of the wood pleasing.

Vinyl. Vinyl is a plastic coating, in plain colours or with a pattern, which is adhered to the surface of the furniture, previously treated against roughness. This type of finish also protects it from moisture and dirt.

Many shops sell bedroom furniture packages that already match the headboard. (Photo: NeONBRAND/

Individual or packaged

Most furniture stores carry a complete package version of bedroom furniture. Usually each piece of furniture, purchased individually, is more than the cost of the package. If you don't have any furniture at all, you can choose to invest a little more and buy a set of furniture.

(Featured image photo: Nik Lanús / unsplash)

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