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Whether you use them to enjoy music, to watch TV or professionally at work, many people can no longer imagine life without good headphones. But it is just as important to take good care of your high-quality device. Too often, they just lie around in the way, on the desk or in front of the TV. To prevent tangled cables and for reasons of hygiene, it makes sense to buy a suitable headphone stand. It is always at hand and protected from any damage. Last but not least, stands usually offer convenient extras. In this guide, you will find relevant tips and what you should consider when buying.


  • Headphone stands are the optimal location for larger and high quality headphones, you always know where to find the headphones
  • The stands contribute to good maintenance by storing the headphones safely and hygienically and preventing them from deforming
  • Owners of Bluetooth or wireless headphones in particular benefit from convenient features such as an integrated charging station or analogue music playback

The Best Headphone Stands: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for headphone stands

There are now many manufacturers on the market and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of them all. To make your purchase decision easier, we have summarised the relevant points for you. The most important criteria to consider when buying a headphone stand are the following:

We will now go into more detail about these criteria and explain why you should definitely consider them when choosing your headphone stand.


Most headphone stands are made of plastic, wood or metal. They come in various colours, shapes and designs. Wooden stands are particularly robust and usually somewhat rustic. Metal stands, on the other hand, are more modern and minimalist. If they are made of steel, they will not slip due to the weight. Stands made of plastic are cheaper and offer the most technical extras. In addition to visual preferences, stands should be slip-resistant in the form of a rubberised base. This is important so that the headphones are safely stored if the desk wobbles or the stand is accidentally moved.


When buying headphones, the first thing to consider is the dimensions of the headphone stand, as well as the weight. Most stands are usually suitable for almost all headphones, but there are exceptions. You should always check whether the stand can safely support the headphones. Mounting can be a hassle for some people, while others prefer a stand that they can customise. You should check whether you can set up the stand directly as it is in the box or whether you have to assemble it first. Some stands even come with different components, so you can choose individually how best to set it up.


In addition to the storage option, many headphone stands have additional connections. Via USB or jack, the stand can be connected to the PC or a music system and enable analogue music playback. In addition, headphone stands can also act as charging stations for Bluetooth and wireless headphones or actually charge other devices such as mobile phones in parallel.


In addition to design and technology, the lighting of the stand should also be considered. Because headphone stands can also serve as a table lamp or create wonderful lighting effects. Gamers can synchronise the illumination of their headphones with the illumination of the keyboard and mouse and thus achieve a very impressive and coherent look.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about headphone stands answered in detail

In this guide, we answer the most frequently asked questions about headphone stands in more detail so that you can make the best possible purchase decision.

Who is a headphone stand suitable for?

A headphone stand is great for creating order at the workplace. You don't have to spend a lot of time looking for where you left your headphones. Because you know exactly that the headphones have their very own place on the stand. The stands are designed to hold the headphones in an ideal position and protect them from dust, dirt and damage.


Headphones can be attached in many different ways. (Image source: minimalist_ / Pixabay)

A headphone stand is especially recommended for owners of high-quality headphones to promote their longevity as much as possible. Owners of wireless headphones also benefit from the additional features.

What types of headphone stands are available?

Headphone stands are primarily suitable for owners of over-ear or on-ear headphones, i.e. larger headphones that sit directly on or enclose the ear. The stands are generally unsuitable for small in-ear headphones, although some models offer additional storage space for smaller headphones.

How does the charging function of headphone stands work?

The charging station for headphone stands only makes sense for headphones that can be charged directly via USB and do not require a separate battery. After the headphones have been placed on the charging station, they can simply be connected with a USB cable. Some models also offer the option of charging the headphones wirelessly, especially if the stand and the headphones are from the same manufacturer.

How versatile is a headphone stand?

The headphone stand is very versatile as it can accommodate all major types of headphones. Other devices can also be used in combination with the stand or stored in it. They usually look chic and high-quality and can be used very well as decoration. However, there are only a few designs for wall mounting, most models can only be set up. Pet owners are advised to buy such a model that the animals cannot reach.

What are the alternatives to headphone stands?

Desk lamps, for example, can serve as an alternative to headphone stands, provided they can withstand the additional weight. However, they do not offer the additional features of real stands and, in addition, the headphones should probably be removed when using the lamp. If you are good with your hands, you can also make your own DIY wooden headphone stands.


A high-quality stand is stable, cleverly constructed and looks smart on top of it all. The stand protects your headphones from dirt and damage and keeps them in optimal condition. If you want to have fun and comfort with your headphones in the long term, a headphone stand definitely makes sense. When buying a headphone stand, you should pay special attention to the additional features and possibilities it offers. In most cases, it is much more than just a stand and can be used in many different ways.

(Cover photo: 123rf / ILIA BLIZNIUK)

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