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Are you looking for the best headsets from 2021? Then you've come to the right place. Welcome to the best buying guide site on the internet. Here you will learn everything you need to make a safe investment. After all, there are so many headsets available in the market that it can be really challenging to choose yours.

Don't worry. Throughout this article we will answer all your main questions and give you all the tips you need to know how to evaluate a quality headset. Follow us!


  • Headset is a style of headset that brings maximum comfort to those who need to use the equipment for a long time, especially used by gamers.
  • Few people know, but headset and headphone are not the same thing. They have an important difference: the headset has a microphone.
  • This type of headset can also be useful during work, especially for those who participate in many online meetings.

The best Headsets: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best headsets

The best headset is the one that meets your needs, be it professional or entertainment. There are many models in the market and choosing the best one is a challenge when you do not understand the basic characteristics.

That is why we made this guide. Here you will learn all about the best headsets and how to choose yours.

The headset is useful for both gaming and work. (Source: Anthony Shkraba/

What is the difference between a headset and a headphone?

First of all, you must understand that a headset is different from a headphone. This is because the headset, as the name suggests, has one more detail that makes all the difference in your choice: the microphone.

The headset differs because of the presence of a microphone.

But do not be mistaken. Do not think that when you see a headset with this style without a microphone it is a headphone. In some cases, instead of being external, the microphone is built in the device.

So, while the headset is useful to listen to music or even games without the need of speech, the headset is specially used by most gamers or for some situations at work.

What are the benefits of having a headset?

As we have seen, the headset has a benefit that makes it different from other headsets, it couples in the same device a hearing and a speech channel.

In practice, for gamers, the hands are free during the games and the fact that it is attached to the headset eliminates another piece of equipment from the table.

Furthermore, the headset brings more comfort, considering that an online gamer uses the device for hours and hours. Not to mention that the audio quality of this type of headset brings more immersion to the games.

For those who work with a headset, the benefits are the same for those who participate in many online meetings.

In the case of telephone operators or telemarketers, the headset ends up being essential for health reasons, since it favors the correct posture and avoids bending the neck to hold the phone.

  • Comes with attached or built-in microphone
  • Offers more comfort to play or work
  • Has better audio quality for games
  • More expensive

Which is the best head set for work?

To choose the best headset for work will depend on the branch in which you work.

For a telephone operator or telemarketing operator, for example, who spends the whole day with the device on her head, comfort is an indispensable characteristic. In this sense, the lighter the device, the better. It also cannot be too tight, which may cause headaches during the day.

But comfort is not the only important criterion. The type of headset also influences the choice in all cases. They can be monaural or binaural, and this is related to the number of speakers they have.

Monaural Binaural
Feature Has a speaker and a microphone Has two speakers and a microphone
Differential Allows hearing sounds of the environment Creates feeling of total isolation
Usage Most common in the work market Very used by gamers, but can be useful in specific situations that require greater concentration, or even people who work in coworkings

What should I evaluate in a gamer headset?

Besides the characteristics already mentioned, two points are important for a gamer to evaluate the best gamer headsets. First, the way it connects to other devices and second, the audio quality

  1. Connection: The gamer?s headset needs to be compatible with the devices that he uses, in other words, if he plays on a computer, notebook or any videogame. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to how this connection is made, if through a wire with P2 input, USB or Bluetooth.
  2. Audio quality: The type ofaudio may be surround or stereo, both have more than one sound channel, unlike monaural. The stereo has two speakers and is famous for reproducing the audio with quality. The surround can have from four to seven audio channels, identified by the number 4.1 to 7.1, it creates a great immersion, it seems that the sounds come from several directions.

There is no best gamer headset, but the one the player adapts the best (Source: Florian Olivo/

Purchase criteria: What to consider when comparing the best headsets

In the guide above we presented the differences between a headset and a headphone. We also talked about some important features to be considered for those who will use it for gaming or work.

Now, we want to present additional tips for you to decide which one is yours among the best headsets in the market.


We already know that all headsets have a microphone. However, the presentation of the microphone may be different. First that it can be inlaid or external, this can result in your choice, either by the aesthetics or by the convenience of an internal microphone. There are also models in which the microphone is removable.

Another point to be observed is the type of microphone used in the device. It may be unidirectional or omnidirectional. The first model reduces external sounds and the second one picks up ambient sounds.

Tip: If possible, try the headset and check if the microphone is at a comfortable distance from your mouth.

Compatibility and connection

Here you need to question two points: Does the headset talk well with my device? We call this possibility of a good connection compatibility. And how does this type of headset connect to them?

After checking the compatibility, there are basically three connection options

  • P2: The P2 connection uses wire and is a pin that must be inserted into the cavity of the device. Some models may require an adapter.
  • USB: This model also uses a wire, but the connector that goes into the computer or video game is a USB.
  • Bluetooth: The most modern and wireless ones make the connection via Bluetooth. A very positive point, but it requires care with the battery of the equipment.


Who said that design can go unnoticed? Although it is an aesthetic criterion, it matters. And there is an infinite number of models on the market. Some are large and robust, have LED lighting and a very sporty style.

Others are more serious, wired and very basic, giving a more professional look. So choose which one suits you best or the situation in which you need to use it. After all, a blinking LED can look bad in a business meeting.

The headset needs to match the person and the situation in which it is being used. (Source: Fredrick Tendong/


Anyone who wears a headset stays with it for hours, whether working or playing. In this sense, comfort is fundamental. Check if the headset has comfortable cushions, if it has a good fit, different adjustments and if it does not pinch your head.


A headset is a headset with a microphone attached. It is useful for both games and some professional situations. In both cases, comfort and sound quality are important features, as we have mentioned here.

Besides, it is necessary to check the type of connection the headset makes with other devices. This guide was elaborated to clarify all these points. We hope we have contributed to your choice!

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