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Today, we will dedicate this article to the review of a product that is widely used in all our homes, but that we almost never stop to look at. There are many variants of this one, join us to learn all about the hinges.

Whether on doors, windows, furniture, household appliances such as laptops or even jewellery boxes, we can find this small but very useful element. If you notice that each one of them is different; the size, material and movement performance will be selected according to the function, use and frequency of use that it will have.

For this reason today we analyse the different offers and variables that you can find both on the web and in specialised shops, taking into account factors such as manufacturing material, functionality and durability.


  • Hinges are hinged devices that allow a door, lid or other surface to rotate or open without ever losing its connection to the main body. This facilitates the movement of this body, making it easier to use.
  • You will find different types of hinges which can be used for an infinite number of applications, depending on which one it is, you will choose between one material or another.
  • You can buy your hinges in various establishments or websites, their prices vary depending on their features and performance, but on the internet you can find more products, from local to international manufacturing.

The Best Hinges: Our Picks

Buying guide

Choosing between one hinge or another may seem like a very simple task, but if you are not an expert it will not be, so pay close attention to our guide below which will help you choose the right one for your project.

Hinges are hinged devices that allow a door, lid or other surface to rotate or open without ever losing its connection to the main body.
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What are hinges and what advantages do they offer?

It's amazing how many hinges you can find in your home if you look hard enough, but what are these elements we are dedicating this article to today?

By its meaning, a hinge is an object formed by two parts that share an axis better known as a hinge. The latter allows them to move together to join or separate the two parts. It is the most common mechanism used to open and close different objects such as furniture or even doors and windows.

  • Some are easy to install
  • They are available in different materials
  • The opening angles are diverse
  • In some cases installation is carried out by a professional
  • If you choose an unsuitable material they can suffer corrosion
  • A tool is needed for installation

Hinges, removable hinges, piano hinges, hinge hinges, double action hinges, concealed hinges, cup hinges - what should you pay attention to?

There are many types and shapes of hinges, in this section we show you their classification and their main characteristics so that you can use them to make the right purchase. All this depending on the use you intend to make of them or the function they should fulfil in your home, office or business.

Removable hinges. These hinges allow you to remove very easily and safely doors or windows without the use of tools, these hinges can be found in many styles and for a variety of applications.

Piano hinges. These are the longest and narrowest hinges and are installed along the entire length of a door or cabinet top. They do an exceptional job of distributing the weight of the entire door or lid along the hinge and are stronger in the way they hold the door.

They have screws along the entire length of their structure for better fastening, as well as allowing them to be trimmed to the required size. They are mostly made of brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Hinge hinges. This hinge is the most common for its use in the doors of rooms in the home, its installation is usually done by carpenters, as experience is needed to make the embedding of these and match properly for this way to have a perfect operation.

It is important that if they are going to be in contact with moisture, such as in a bathroom or laundry room or outdoors, a material that does not rust easily is selected.

Double action hinges. These hinges are easy to install and are the most common in large kitchens and restaurant dining rooms, as they are very practical, as they allow you to walk from one room to another when you have your hands full, by simply pushing the doors with part of your body.

The doors open in both directions, the important thing to take into account is to select one that supports the weight of the type of door with which it is going to be assembled, so it is very important to inform yourself with the seller about this specification.

Concealed hinges. These are used to join two panels together. Their installation is a little complicated as they have grooved cylinders that must be inserted into the board, which is why the board must have the necessary depth.

Cup hinges. This type of hinge is ideal for your purchase if you want to use it for cabinets, as they are perfect in terms of aesthetics as their installation is done internally, thus allowing you to keep the beauty of your furniture intact.

You can find them with different degrees of opening, you are in charge of selecting the one that works best for your needs.

Piano hinge Detachable hinge Hinge with hinge pin Hinge with hinge cup Concealed hinge
Installation No experience required No experience required Experience required Experience required Experience required
Machinery for installation Screws or nails and screwdriver or hammer Screws or nails and screwdriver or hammer Machinery for surface grinding Milling machine required Milling machine required
visibility Observed after installation from the outside Observed after installation from the outside Observed after installation from the outside Observed after installation from the outside Internal installation is unnoticeable from the outside

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different hinge models

When buying a hinge, you should always take into account its intended end use, so that you can choose the right one to perform the function you are expecting.

The bracket

Where will you attach the hinge to? The element on which you will place the hinge is of crucial importance for your installation to be a success, so here are the most common examples.

Wood and sub-framework. Each and every type of hinge works with this element, the choice is basically based on the aesthetics you want to achieve and the function you want it to perform.

Metal. When your hinge is going to be in contact with metal, we recommend using hinges of the same element, to choose the right one we will choose a material that works with respect to the conditions it is going to be in contact with.

Plastic. When the hinge will be embedded in plastic, plastic hinges are generally used, although you can also use metal hinges, everything will depend on the weight that the hinge will support, if it is a plastic door, we recommend metal hinges as they support more weight.

Glass. When we have glass we will always use metal hinges, some of them have plastic or silicone grips to prevent wear between the two elements and at the same time reduce the impact during the friction of the two elements.

You can buy your hinges in various establishments or websites, their prices vary depending on their characteristics and operation, but on the internet you can find more products, from local to international manufacture.
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Type of material

Plastic and stainless steel hinges are ideal when they will be in contact with water, outdoors or in rooms where fumes are emitted, such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms.

While the other metals such as steel, zinc, brass and bronze can be used in the rest of the house and your budget will depend on which material you want to buy, steel being the most expensive and resistant and continuing the list in the order presented at the beginning of the paragraph.

Angle of movement of the pieces

Remember that in some cases we need a cover, door or window to open more or less and this depends on the opening angle of the hinge, so you should always take this aspect into account when choosing the right one. The most common angles are 45, 90, 165 and 180 degrees of opening.

With 90 degrees being the most common and widely used for kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. For bedroom doors the hinges mostly have an opening angle of 180 degrees, the 45 degree commonly used on chest or chest of drawers. In the end it is up to you and what you want to use them for.

Load support

We recommend you always check with the seller the total weight that the hinge can support, plastic or brass hinges will never be a good option if you want them to load a room door, this way you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

In the case of bedroom doors this is the rule, although it can have its exceptions. You will use two hinges for doors less than one metre high and weighing less than 5 kilos, three hinges for doors between 1 metre and 1.5 metres high and weighing between 6 and 9 kilos.

For even larger doors exceeding 1.5 metres in height and up to two metres and weighing between 13 and 15 kilos, we use four hinges. It is important to start at the ends of the door so that the weight is distributed evenly.

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