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Hey, welcome to Reviewbox. Those of you who have worked with printers and scanners know that there's nothing like a printer that works smoothly and without unexpected crashes.

We've all struggled with printing equipment that seems to like to chew paper, or worse, waste expensive ink as if they were drinking it. Fortunately, there is one reputable brand that has so much experience building printers and scanners that it has become synonymous with trust and quality, Hewlett Packard.

A product from this brand, such as an HP cartridge, is a safe bet for those in need of quality prints, and in this guide we'll help you buy the best. To help you buy the ideal HP cartridges in this guide we'll give you the juiciest tips.

We look at the best products and analyse what their buyers think, as well as where to buy them and their prices. Plus, we'll give you some fun facts about Hewlett Packard to give you a better understanding of why this brand is so trusted.


  • An HP cartridge is an ink container manufactured by Hewlett Packard for use in printing equipment. These are mostly only compatible with printers of the same brand, as they are designed to fit these perfectly to ensure secure prints.
  • The types of cartridges marketed by Hewlett Packard are regular ink cartridges and those used in LaserJet printers. The former use two containers each for black and colour, while the LaserJet series uses 4 cartridges, which contain black, magenta, cyan and yellow separately.
  • The first thing to make sure before buying an HP cartridge is that it is compatible with your printing equipment. Often in the description of the product online or on the box, it says which line of printers it is compatible with. Then you should check that they have the right colours, or the right amount of ink.

The best HP Cartridge: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about HP cartridges

If you don't know which HP cartridges to buy or what the different types of cartridges are, we'll explain them here. We'll also tell you what these ink containers are, as well as why Hewlett Packard branded cartridges are so sought after. We will then guide you to where you can buy these products and the prices you can expect to find them for.

An HP cartridge will help you in emergency printing situations! (Photo: Andriy Popov /

What is the difference between HP cartridge and other brands?

Hewlett Packard and Epson are two of the best known companies in the world of printing, so often the purchase decision comes down to choosing between models from these two brands. In this section we will explain a little more about the differences between their cartridges, so that you know which equipment to buy.

HP cartridges: Hewlett Packard uses a thermal system in its HP cartridges to transfer the ink to the paper. In this system a heater is used in each ink container, which receives a signal, transmits a small current and heats it up. This in turn vaporises the ink which is released as a vapour through a nozzle.

Epson cartridge: Epson cartridges use a slightly more complicated system, using a piezoelectric crystal which changes shape and size when it receives a current. This increases the pressure inside the container, which in turn results in the ink being ejected from the nozzle. They can be damaged if not used regularly.

HP cartridge Epson cartridge
Ink release mechanism Evaporative pressure No other
Also used by Canon, Xenon, Lexmark Yes
Location of mechanism Ink cartridge In printer
Problems Can be damaged if trying to use empty Clogs if not used frequently

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an HP cartridge?

An HP ink cartridge is a container with mechanisms, which is installed in printing equipment in order to transfer the ink to the paper for printing. Each one has special designs to fit into HP printers, and chips to communicate with them to report things like how full it is or the temperature.

HP cartridges and ink are formulated to interact efficiently with specific equipment, so buying them will ensure you get the best prints. One of their disadvantages is their high price, although this is common for this type of product. It is never a good idea to use generic cartridges, as they can damage the equipment.

  • Interact perfectly with HP printers
  • Ensure print quality
  • Can be recycled
  • Easy to store and install
  • Multiple designs and colours
  • Costly
  • Cannot be refilled
  • Once used, they are discarded

How do I find HP technical support?

If for some reason one of your HP cartridges has arrived with a defect or you require technical support, you can go directly to the HP Mexico online help page. By simply entering your product model on the page, you will be redirected to the contact numbers for expert help.

How do I know if my HP cartridge is genuine?

Using HP cartridges ensures the proper functioning of your printer, and you can verify that they are genuine in a number of ways. You can use the HP SureSupply app to scan cartridge packaging codes, look for the serial number on the security label, or watch for the "Ok" and "✓" symbols to move.

Purchasing criteria

Now that you know more about Hewlett Packard and its competition, it's time to find out which purchasing factors are most influential. This will enable you to buy the HP inks and cartridges you need and the best way to make the most of them, so you can get the best prints when you need them.


This is the first thing you need to research, as each HP printer needs a particular compatible cartridge. You should always know the model of your printer, or the line it belongs to. Knowing this will allow you to choose the correct containers, avoiding the problem of buying incompatible cartridges.

How do I know which printer model I have? You can find it on the product box or somewhere on the printer. HP models usually put the model or line it belongs to on the front near where the paper is placed, but they also include a card with the cartridges accepted by it.


After finding compatible cartridges for your printers, you need to choose the type of ink you need. You cannot insert a tri-colour ink cartridge into a black ink cartridge, as it will simply not be recognised by your printer.

Black: The colour black is mostly used for printing letters, so black ink cartridges should never be missing in school or office printers. Both regular and LaserJet printers use only one container for black ink.

Colours: Coloured inks are preferable for photo prints or logos, so they should always be present in photo studios and graphic design studios.

HP Printer Type Black Colours
Regular Single Cartridge Single Tricolour Cartridge
Regular Single Cartridge Single Tricolour Cartridge
LaserJet Single Cartridge Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Colours sold separately

Copy cartridge: These are often of very poor build quality, which can compromise the performance of your printer due to poor design or chip incompatibility. Sometimes HP cartridges are sold refilled with poor quality ink, which can ruin your prints or have a short life span.

Original cartridge: The advantages of using an original cartridge are simply hard to pass up. HP containers and inks are designed to interact with the printers as well as possible, and this keeps their lifespan high and the prints pristine.

The size

of a cartridge has to do with the ink capacity it holds, and the more it holds the more expensive it is. HP containers are divided between regular and larger models called "XL".

Regular: If you have only had regular printers at home then you know what type of cartridge it is. These are regular sized models, which can average between 100 and 200 pages per cartridge.

XL: These are larger sized cartridges than the regular ones, and can hold at least twice as much ink. These typically cost up to twice as much as regular models, but you'd be paying for more capacity and bang for your buck. (Featured image photo: Hywit Dimyadi /