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Do you make the most of your time outdoors? There's nothing better than having a hydration backpack that supplies you with the water you need. Today on Monederosmart we will share with you information about this essential accessory for amateur and professional athletes, who require a specific complement to quench their thirst.

It is an attractive bag to look at, with well-defined functions. It fits comfortably on your back, is easy to clean, and provides the stability you won't get with a conventional backpack. Need storage capacity for travel? This pro-activity designed alternative is perfect.

One of the pre-purchase steps is to determine what solutions you expect to get from the product. For this reason, in our Monederosmart edition you will find exceptional content that will be of great help during the final process. Don't miss out on what follows from here on out.

The most important

  • We will talk about a backpack whose flexible container allows you to store water safely, without spilling it. Its function is to supply the athlete with this precious liquid, especially when he is in the middle of a demanding task in the environment.
  • A distinction is made between the offers for running and mountaineering. Although their purpose is similar, they have characteristics that suit each type of discipline. These variables should not go unnoticed when you are about to choose a hydration backpack.
  • Capacity, layout, bag attachments, design and materials are the five factors we've investigated. Take a good look at what each one is about and analyse how they influence your final purchase decision. You'll find that having this information will make the process easier.

The Best Hydration Backpacks: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about hydration backpacks

Still unsure about how to select your hydration pack? Just read on to clear up any questions you may have. Throughout this text you will find essential details, which will be of great help when adding the final item to your online shopping cart.

Use your hydration pack to quench your thirst. (Photo: Sean Prior/

What is a hydration pack and what are its advantages?

It is an accessory designed with an odourless internal pack that stores a set amount of water for consumption during outdoor activities. It is covered with shock, scratch and wear resistant fabric. This ensures that both the liquid pouch and the rest of your belongings will be safe.

Its specific shape keeps the container stable. So you won't accidentally spill water. It also fits on the back of whoever is carrying it, whether they are adults or children. Among its benefits is the possibility to fill it with a lot of volume. For example, you can fill it from 2 - 10 litres.

You will find it for different disciplines: cycling, hiking, walking and climbing. Ultimately, in all cases you should make sure that your choice provides average hydration. On the other hand, it will keep the contents inside at a pleasant temperature, as its insulation system keeps the water cool.

  • Reversible hydration reservoir
  • Adjustable suction nozzle
  • Organiser pockets
  • 2-10 litre capacity
  • Adjustable strap system
  • Some are heavy
  • Lack of back ventilation
  • Weak chest support
  • Difficult to clean
  • Uncomfortable shoulder straps

Where to buy a hydration backpack?

Many people wonder where to buy what they are looking for. Luckily, we have made a selection of online shops selling hydration equipment. Visit Linio, Venta, Amazon Mexico, Aonijie Mexico, Thule, Liverpool, Segunda Mano, SEARS, Free Style Xtreme, Bike Store, Camelbak, Gearbest and Tienda de Nómadas.

On the other hand, in our country there are stores specialising in the supply of hydration backpacks. Go ahead and visit Decathlon Mexico, Walmart, Benotto, Zero Bike, Sierra Verde and Osprey in person. Also, if you have a difficult choice, please consult an advisor to find out what is best for you depending on your discipline.

Purchasing criteria

In this segment of the article there are suggestions that will help you compare the alternatives presented. Our content is essential to establish a general idea of those small details on which you should focus all your attention. Enjoy this material created especially for you.


Capacity is at the top of our section, as it is the most important aspect to evaluate. Although volume is a point in your favour, there is sometimes a dilemma: buyers, often novice athletes, don't know how many litres they should carry in their bag.

2-3 litres. Do you participate in long running or cycling competitions? Then consider buying a backpack with the potential to carry up to 3 litres. It will allow you to move in a balanced way without putting the health of your back at risk. Because as you suck in water, it will run out of water.

3-10 litres. We recommend the bags for sale with this presentation for mountaineers, hikers and campers. Why? Because they will accompany them in the nature of their work, keeping the vital liquid at a pleasant temperature, free of bacteria and microbes, while they hydrate, cook and eat.

These backpacks are so versatile that they are even used in water sports. (Photo: giorgiorossi73/


This refers to the compartments that the product offers you. You will usually get two types, which we will explain in due course. They ensure convenience when filling it with water and storing other items. Before adding it to your online cart, check if its layout will be useful for you.

Bladder section. Check if your backpack has a particular space to insert your hydration storage pack. This way you will know if it is isolated in a part designed exclusively for it and is not at risk of breaking after contact with other things you store inside the equipment.

Organiser pockets. You may have one or two pockets incorporated by the manufacturers for storing personal belongings. We suggest you place the following items in them: keys, mobile phone, money, energy bar and documents. Make the most of its dimensions by only putting in the essentials.

Backpack accessories

Some people get carried away by the external appearance of the equipment. However, it is essential to recognise the functional elements inside, accessories that you should never leave out when planning days of adventures alone or in company.

Attachment. Check the product description to see if it has an adjustment system at the shoulders and around the waist. This will help keep it securely fastened on your back, minimising the chance of damage and scratches.

Bladder and hoses. Choose FDA-certified bladder and hoses. Until then, it's the only guarantee that your water won't taste like plastic. But do allow for a considerable budget because professional backpacks with these specifications sell for a lot of money.


Remember that the design should not only be attractive, but also effective. Here are the reasons that make tailoring an outstanding criterion. In this way you will avoid getting carried away by the external appearance and evaluate the integral advantages of the whole accessory.

Ergonomic: Do you want it to fit your back perfectly? Go for a piece of equipment whose specifications ensure that it is ergonomically designed. Undoubtedly the most comfortable of all. It is a good alternative for cyclists and racers who take part in competitions.

Athletic. On the other hand, in the online market you will find products of this type that relieve the lumbar load. Take one of these with you so that you don't suffer the negative consequences of the weight on your back. Get them also because they will help you to be visible at night, thanks to the reflective areas.


Do you know what materials hydration backpacks are made of? Pay special attention to this criterion. The materials used determine whether or not the product will perform well in the climatic and natural conditions to which it is exposed.

Nylon. Read the description provided by the seller and make sure that the exterior is made of nylon. If so, consider it a good choice for you, as it resists abrasive weathering, bumps and scratches from stones, plants and soils.

Breathable mesh. Without a doubt, take a bag with this element on your back. It allows sweat to be wicked away. We suggest you ask for information in the shop about the advantages you can enjoy thanks to this material. When you use it, you will see that your back will stay dry, even on long rides.

Waterproof. For mountain activities, hiking trails or camping, you should buy a backpack made of waterproof fabric, in order to keep both the inside of the equipment and the objects you keep in it completely safe in the event of heavy rain, for example.

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