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An Ice Cream Mould can be used to make ice cream from yoghurt, milk, juice or fruit. You need an ice cream mould and a freezer. Ice Cream Mould come in different colours, shapes and portion sizes for small babies to adults.

There are ice-cream moulds made of silicone, plastic and stainless steel, which are very sustainable. With the right ice-cream mould, summer is especially fun and children also enjoy the frozen fruit and vegetable snacks.


  • Ice-cream moulds are suitable for small children but also for adults and offer a nice cooling on hot summer days for young and old.
  • When buying an ice-cream mould, it is important to look at what the ice-cream mould is made of and how large the portions should be.
  • With an ice cream mould, ice cream can be made from almost anything. Whether fruit, juices, vegetables, smoothies, milk, it doesn't matter, because there are endless possibilities for using an ice cream mould.

The Best Ice Cream Mould in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for ice cream moulds

In the following, we have listed some buying criteria that you should keep in mind before buying an ice cream mould. We have briefly explained these criteria for you.


Size is about making sure you know what portion size is ideal for you. The question you should ask yourself is whether the portion is intended for small children or for adults. Depending on this, you should buy a mini-form for babies. You should also consider how much space there is in the freezer to determine the size.


Since there are many different materials, it is worth considering what the ice mould is made of. Steel ice-cream moulds and silicone ice-cream moulds are very popular because of their good quality. They do not stain easily and also do not emit harmful substances.

It is also important to make sure that the ice moulds are BPA free. In the best case, they are made of one hundred percent high-quality silicone. These materials are also very easy to clean. Steel also repels bacteria.


Sustainability plays a role for many people. It is therefore important that the production, the material and the reusability are sustainable. Most ice moulds have reusable styles and do not produce waste every time.

Of course, it's no use if the moulds break right after the first use, which is why an ecological ice mould should be robust. A very robust material is stainless steel. That's why stainless steel ice cream moulds are a good choice.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about ice cream moulds answered in detail

In this guide, we have compiled the most important questions for you and answered them here in detail. It should help you to find the best ice cream mould for your individual needs.

What is an ice cream mould?

An ice cream mould is a sealable mould that is waterproof and can transform various foods in liquid form into a frozen solid form. They are suitable for young and old and are therefore available in different colours and shapes.

Whether it's fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, milk, syrup, baby food, almost anything can be poured into an ice cream mould and frozen into ice cream. A homemade ice cream can be very healthy and provide a nice refreshment for summer. But it can also be refreshing and delicious for all other seasons.

What types of ice cream moulds are there?

Ice cream moulds come as small ice cream moulds for babies but also bigger ones for big kids and adults. There are cool ice moulds in different colours from very bright summery colours to very plain colours.

Ice cream moulds are also available in different materials like steel, silicone and plastic. The shapes can be very creative such as animal shapes. In addition, there are different storage options depending on the model.

How much does an ice cream mould cost?

In this table, we have listed some prices for the different ice moulds for you.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (approx. 5 €) Mostly made of cheap plastic, which breaks quickly
Medium-priced (approx. 10 €) Many different shapes and materials,can also be very good material
High-priced (from 15 €) Very high-quality material as a rule,rather more sustainable products,mostly durable

This table should help you decide what to buy so that you find the right one for you and don't pay too much.


Ice cream moulds come in different colours, shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on the age, a very small ice cream mould can provide the perfect portion. It is important to look for good quality and make sure that the mould does not rub off or break right away.

A good alternative to the silicone mould is the stainless steel ice cream mould. Most reusable ice-cream moulds do not require additional styles, as they are also reusable. But there are also ice moulds where the style needs to be replaced. Here, a style made of wood can usually be used.

Picture source: 123rf / Kati Finell