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Whether in summer or winter - most of you love to spoon ice cream with pleasure. Even a feast or children's birthday parties are unthinkable without ice cream as the crowning glory, aren't they? Exactly. However, the right ice cream spoon is crucial for perfect ice cream enjoyment.

After all, the right amount of ice cream should land on the spoon and only then melt slowly on the tongue. First, of course, the scoops have to be rolled and placed on the plate in a flash before the sweet dream melts. We explain to you what is important when choosing the right ice cream spoon and which kitchen gadgets will help you prepare your creations.


  • The shape of the ice-cream spoon is decisive for choosing the right ice-cream spoon. The two most important ice cream spoon shapes are therefore the long drink spoon and the ice cream spade.
  • Enjoyment without regret: Sustainability and protection of the environment is an important criterion when buying ice cream spoons. Many therefore opt for durable stainless steel spoons, biodegradable wooden spoons or even edible ice cream spoons.
  • A special form of ice cream cutlery is the ice cream scoop. It helps you to quickly put the perfect scoop on your dessert plate.

The best Ice Cream Spoon: Our Picks

Ice Cream Spoon: Buying and evaluation criteria

To help you understand the basic differences between the products when buying ice cream spoons, we have briefly listed the most important criteria for you:


There is a perfect spoon for every purpose to ensure that the ice cream goes well on the spoon. Long-handled ice cream spoons are suitable for iced coffee, yoghurt desserts and ice cream sundaes in tall glasses. Some of the long-handled models have a bend to hang the spoon elegantly on the rim.

A special form is the straw spoon, which we can especially recommend for iced coffee and iced chocolate. It is also known as a cocktail spoon. The variants with a wide spoon head come in different sub-forms: heart- or flower-shaped ice-cream spoons, square ice-cream spades and finally large round ice-cream spoons. All serve the purpose of being able to eat the ice cream cleanly and quickly. After all, it should melt on the tongue first!


If you are faced with the decision to buy ice-cream spoons, you should ask yourself what material is suitable and whether it matches the colour of the rest of the tableware. On the market you will find models made of polished, stainless steel, but also disposable spoons made of a variety of materials such as plastic, bamboo birch or wheat straw.

Stainless steel spoons are also available in a gold finish.

Silver spoons are available in 925 sterling and cost accordingly more. You can also get hold of cheaper ice cream spoons made of real silver at flea markets. Japanese dessert spoons made of durable solid wood are a highlight on the festively decorated table. Colourful ice-cream spoons made of a melamine-bamboo mixture can be used several times, but should not be washed in the dishwasher.


If the environment is important to you and you are interested in a sustainable ice cream spoon, you can easily find a variety of durable materials. No matter whether they are made of stainless steel, silver, Japanese solid wood or a melamine-bamboo mixture, you will enjoy all ice cream spoons made of these materials for a long time.

Are you looking for environmentally friendly disposable spoons for the next children's birthday party or summer party? Then you have the choice between compostable sustainable ice cream spoon sets made of light birch, bamboo or wheat straw. The tastiest and most environmentally friendly solution is probably the eat-on ice cream spoon. They are available in chocolate, biscuit or vegan and sugar-free cocoa fibre.

Ice cream scoop

Ice cream scoops are designed to shape and place the perfect scoop of ice cream. The best-known model consists of a handle with a hemisphere with which you pick up the ice cream. Then you release the ice cream from the mould either with a handle, with a lever on the side or with the ejector button.

Ice-cream scoops are also available as slim versions made of stainless steel without a release button.

A new take on hot and ice cream: heated ice cream scoops are ideal for professional use and worth considering for large festivities such as weddings or birthdays. This way, you won't sweat in a long queue at the ice cream buffet and your guests will quickly get the perfect scoop.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about ice cream spoons answered in detail

Sometimes we use things for years without thinking about them. Suddenly, there comes a moment when you want to know exactly. Whether it's about the special shape of the ice cream spoon or the environmental aspect of eating ice cream - many interesting questions about ice cream spoons are answered here:

Why do ice cream spoons have a special shape?

Many people wonder why the ice cream spoon has its special shape. Here is the explanation. Ice cream spoons come in two main shapes: long with a narrow scoop, also called a spoon, and short with a wide spoon and an edge at the front.


Whether at children's birthday parties or other festive occasions, you will make your guests happy with an ice cream dessert. With an ice cream scoop, you can create the perfect scoop and quickly fill many ice cream cups. Always choose the right ice cream spoon for your guests according to the shape of the ice cream cup or plate. (Image source: Maria Orlova/ Pexels)

The first shape, also known as the "long drink spoon", results from the shape of the tall cup or glass. The second shape, also called an "ice spade", allows the melting ice to be collected or scraped off.

The straw spoon is a special form of the long drink spoon. Here, the straw is integrated into the long handle. It is often used as an ice spoon for iced coffee, iced chocolate or milkshakes. You can also find long drink spoons with a bend that you can hang on the rim of your ice chocolate glass.

How can you personalise ice cream spoons?

In the GDR, plastic ice cream spoons with names on the handle were cult. You can find Ostalgie sets with such spoons on selected platforms on the internet. But families are also very enthusiastic when everyone is allowed to use their own cutlery. That's why many manufacturers offer to provide stainless steel or silver ice cream spoons with individual engravings. Let's face it: a unique gift is especially appreciated, isn't it?

How much do ice cream spoons cost?

We have compiled a small overview for you here, so that you can better orientate yourself with the prices:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (5-10 €) Plastic spoon sets, no-name products
Medium-priced (from 11-30 €) Stainless steel sets (brand products), professional ice-cream scoops, sets in gold look with high-quality gift packaging
High-priced (from 50-200 €) Ice-cream spoons by Wilkens made of 925 sterling silver

How can ice cream spoons be recycled?

Disposable plastic spoons are a thorn in the side of many of you. And rightly so, because climate change and the pollution of the oceans make you think. So why not turn disposable into reusable? The cleaned plastic spoons can be used for many handicrafts, e.g. colourful mobiles, with children. You can find inspiration for this on the internet. Try it out!


If you are still unsure which ice cream spoon is the right one for you, you should think about the shape above all. If the ice cream spoon is intended for tall sundaes, you will need a long-handled spoon. For ice cream creations with sauces on a flat plate, wide angular ice cream spoons, also called ice cream spades, make more sense.

Another aspect is the material from which ice cream spoons are made. Do you prefer durable, high-quality models made of metal or are you looking for disposable spoons for a garden party? Ice cream spoons made of metal, biodegradable materials or simply for eating up are particularly suitable for ecologically conscious buyers.

(Cover photo: Alisha Mishra / Pexels)