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With their product Impact Whey Protein, MyProtein are one of the global market leaders in the field of nutritional supplements: But what makes Impact Whey Protein so special and what should you look out for when buying it? We got to the bottom of the matter and present the protein powder with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Our big Impact Whey Protein Test 2021 gives you a comprehensive overview of the product range and explains who the protein powder from MyProtein is particularly suitable for. Furthermore, we compare a selection of different flavours and show the various differences.


  • Impact Whey Protein helps you cover your daily protein requirements. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete: MyProtein offers a high-quality food supplement for everyone.
  • Impact Whey Protein is quickly absorbed by the body. This makes the protein powder particularly suitable for building and maintaining muscles.
  • The almost endless selection of different varieties invites you to experiment. From Speculatius to Cookies & Cream: There is something for every taste!

The Best Impact Whey Protein: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Impact Whey Protein

What can you use Impact Whey Protein for?

Impact Whey Protein is primarily used for muscle building. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply working towards your summer figure: The protein powder from MyProtein provides you with a high-quality and affordable nutritional supplement.

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Impact Whey Protein is particularly suitable for muscle building.
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During the course of your day, your muscle fibres are constantly being broken down (catabolism) but also renewed (anabolism). If you do sports and constantly increase your performance, the muscle adapts.

Protein powder helps you meet your daily protein requirements.

When your muscles adapt, this is called muscle hypertrophy: existing muscle fibres thicken. Your body needs protein for this transformation. Protein regenerates your muscle fibres and helps you improve your performance.

Taking Impact Whey Protein makes it easier for you to meet your daily protein requirements, so you can hit the ground running and push yourself beyond your limits.

What are the ingredients of Impact Whey Protein?

The ingredients of Impact Whey Protein vary depending on the flavour. However, the most important ingredients, which are also responsible for building muscle, remain the same.

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High-quality ingredients boost your performance.
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The Impact Whey protein powder from MyProtein is made from high-quality whey protein. One serving of 25g provides an excellent 25g of protein. Furthermore, it contains all essential amino acids, such as BCAAs and glutamine.

Another great advantage: unlike other protein powders, one serving of Impact Whey Protein contains only 103 kilocalories, ideal for losing weight

There are three different types of Whey Protein: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate.

With only 1.9g of fat and 1g of carbohydrates per serving, MyProtein's protein powder is the perfect companion for any athlete: whether you're a muscle head or a beginner, Impact Whey Protein will get the most out of your body!

How much does Impact Whey Protein cost?

The price of a pack of Impact Whey Protein can vary depending on the filling quantity and flavour. MyProtein differentiates between many different pack sizes: they usually contain 250g, 500g, 1Kg, 2.5Kg, or 5 Kg.

Different flavours come in different packaging sizes: For example, the variety "Dark Chocolate and Chilli" is only available in 500g.

The following table shows the prices for two different flavours.

Filling quantity (g) Vanilla Price (€) Vanilla Filling quantity (g) Blueberry Cheesecake Price (€) Blueberry Cheesecake
250 6,79 / /
1000 17,99 1000 22,49
2500 39,04 2500 39,04
5000 75,42 5000 75,42

In conclusion, Impact Whey Protein offers excellent value for money. We recommend buying a larger pack: this allows you to take full advantage of the quantity discount.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate protein powders based on these factors


What is the saying? Taste is subjective. And that's why the Impact Whey Protein is so convincing: The manufacturer MyProtein offers no less than 39 different flavours!

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Impact Whey Protein is available in every conceivable flavour.
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With such a large selection, there should be something for every taste. But beware! The different types often differ in terms of consistency and solubility.

Flavours like strawberry cream or white chocolate & raspberry taste good, but have suboptimal solubility.

There is something for every taste in MyProtein's huge range.

If you want to play it safe, you should choose chocolate or vanilla: You can't go wrong with these two classics.

Otherwise, the wide range of Impact Whey Protein invites you to experiment. From Speculatius to Tiramisu: discover your new favourite flavour!


The solubility of the protein powder is an important evaluation criterion. As already mentioned, Impact Whey Protein is offered in countless flavours. Accordingly, their solubility also varies.

The question about the solubility of the protein powder from MyProtein cannot be answered uniformly: The classic varieties, such as vanilla or chocolate, have excellent solubility. Exotic varieties, such as white chocolate & raspberry or strawberry cream, have their problems in terms of solubility.

Nevertheless, it can be said that the majority of all varieties have excellent solubility. And even in the case of some unusual varieties, the solubility problems are not too disturbing.


Consistency also plays an important role when you want to compare different protein powders. But here, too, we encounter the same "problem" as with solubility: different flavours have different consistencies.

Whey protein concentrate makes the consistency creamy.

Again, the classics like vanilla have a pleasant consistency: they are creamy and do not form protein lumps.

This means there are no deposits that make drinking difficult or make your bottle sticky.

However, the consistency of some of the more unusual varieties is not quite as optimal. Smaller lumps can form here, which not only spoil your taste experience, but also make it harder to drink.

In general, however, the consistency is excellent almost across the board: the traditional varieties in particular have an excellent consistency.

Price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio is probably the greatest strength of the Impact Whey protein powder from MyProtein. No wonder: As one of the market leaders in Europe, MyProtein offers a high-quality food supplement at an affordable price.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a beginner: Impact Whey Protein helps you cover your daily protein requirements and is easy on your wallet.

So if you don't have any experience with protein powders yet, you can safely buy this one. Our test has shown: The manufacturer MyProtein combines performance and quality and offers them at an incredibly low price.

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Impact Whey Protein offers high-quality protein powder at a low price.
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Facts worth knowing about Impact Whey Protein

When should you take Impact Whey Protein?

Impact Whey Protein is absorbed particularly quickly by the body. Therefore, you should consume the protein powder within one hour after training.

Routine leads to success.

Basically, the time window in which muscles are built up (hypertrophy) lasts much longer. You can therefore drink Impact Whey Protein at any time to cover your daily protein requirements.

Especially with regular training, the protein powder will help you build muscle. So if you always stay on the ball and consume enough protein with the help of your protein powder, you will quickly make progress.

What is Impact Whey Protein good with?

Want to give your strength a little boost? Then you should take creatine! Creatine provides your muscles with energy and helps you to cope with your workout.

Creatine is not very soluble and should therefore be dissolved in warm water. Or even better: combine your protein shake with a scoop of creatine!

When creatine is taken in combination with carbohydrates and protein, the absorption is improved: this is exactly the case with a protein shake!

Impact Whey Protein-6

Creatine provides your muscles with energy and thus makes you stronger.
(Image source: / Anastase Maragos)

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