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With houses and flats becoming smaller and smaller, some products become unviable because they cannot be moved or disassembled. To solve this problem several items have gained their portable versions. An example of this is the inflatable bathtub, a product that we will talk about today in the Wellness Guide!

Widely used with babies, the inflatable bathtub has several positive points and one of them is to be found in sizes for children and adults. In addition, it can be filled and emptied at any time. And if you want to know more about this product, just read this article until the end.


  • The inflatable tub is made of plastic and has several sizes and shapes.
  • It can be used for bathing babies, but also for moments of relaxation and fun.
  • Some more modern options have a water temperature gauge and even massage features.

The best Inflatable Bathtub: Our Picks

Buying guide

Can you imagine having a bathtub anywhere in the house with the ease of assembling and disassembling it whenever you want? With the inflatable bathtub this is possible and it can be used both for bathing babies and for entertaining children and adults.

The inflatable bathtub is found in many versions, which makes it a viable option for all types of people. And throughout this buying guide you will find all the information about it to define whether or not it is worth buying one of these.

Na foto duas crianças dentro de uma banheira inflável colorida.

Inflatable bathtubs come in various sizes and are great for children's fun. (Source: famveldman / 123RF)

What are the types of inflatable hot tub?

For many years the inflatable bathtub was a product aimed solely at bathing babies, but over the years this has changed. Even though it is still widely used for this purpose, new variations have emerged that allow the inflatable tub is an item for fun and relaxation as well.

The smaller models are suitable for babies and can be used for bathing or cooling off in the heat. Some have features such as a temperature gauge, which ensures that the water is not too hot for the child. Other options are the inflatable bathtubs of medium size, with a capacity of 300 litres or more of water.

These are very similar to children's pools and are more suitable for children to play in on hot days. It is also possible to find larger inflatable bathtub models, with sizes and shapes that resemble jacuzzis or whirlpools.

These are the most modern and have differentials such as massage system and different water temperatures.

Did you know that there is an ideal water temperature for babies' baths? It is recommended that the water should be between 36ºC and 37ºC. To make sure that it is the right temperature, you can use a thermometer or buy inflatable bath tubs with this feature.

For what age are inflatable bathtubs indicated?

One of the great positives of inflatable hot tubs is that there are options for people of all ages, including adults. Baby models can be used from birth and as the child grows the tub also increases in size.

Na foto um bebê dentro de uma banheira inflável.

The inflatable bathtub can be used by babies and adults. (Source: Kirill Ryzhov / 123RF)

How to fill an inflatable bathtub?

There are basically two ways to fill an inflatable bathtub and which one to choose depends on the dimensions of that product. The smaller models can be filled with blowing, as the amount of air needed to fill them is small.

As the size of the inflatable bathtub increases, it is necessary to purchase an air pump. This pump can be manual or electric and makes the filling process faster and effortless.

How to deflate an inflatable bathtub?

The system of emptying an inflatable tub varies depending on the model chosen. With regard to this, there are two options, the simple models and those that have a water drainage system.

Normally, the inflatable bathtubs that do not have a drainage system are the smallest and to empty them you need to turn them upside down. In the case of those that have drainage, simply open the cover in the indicated place and the water will be eliminated automatically.

Na foto uma banheira inflável em uma área externa.

The larger models of inflatable bathtubs have a water drainage system. (Source: Disclosure / Intex Brazil)

Inflatable bathtub or common: Which is better?

When it's time to buy a bathtub, you may wonder whether it's worth buying an inflatable or a standard model. The truth is that there is no right or wrong and is necessary to put on a scale which option suits your needs more.

The inflatable bathtubs have as main positive point that they can be taken everywhere, because when they are empty they can be folded. Another positive point is that they usually have a lower value.

The disadvantage of the inflatable model is that any sharp object can puncture it and that to fill it up you may need a pump. On the other hand, the common bathtubs have a greater resistance and durability, since they are made with stronger materials.

In addition, they are visually more sophisticated. However, the price of these bathtubs is higher and these models cannot be changed places often, with the exception of portable children's bathtubs.

Inflatable bathtub Common bathtub
Sizes There are small options and other larger There are small options and other larger
Portability Can be folded and taken everywhere Only baby models can be portable
Strength and durability Low High

Where to buy an inflatable bathtub?

There are several options of shops where you can purchase an inflatable bathtub. Options suitable for babies and children can be found at children's shops and department stores like Americanas, Carrefour and Magazine Luiza.

Larger models for adults, on the other hand, are easily seen in shops that sell construction products like Leroy Merlin. In online shops you can also make this purchase and some options for this are Amazon, Submarino and Shoptime.

Purchase criteria: How to compare the types of inflatable tub

As much as inflatable bathtubs combine a number of advantages, when it comes to choosing one of these it is essential to pay attention to some factors.

To help you with this we have separated below everything you should take into consideration at this time, check it out:

Now let's detail each of these criteria.


The first factor to be analyzed when looking for an inflatable bathtub is the size of this product. There are models with the most varied dimensions and which one to buy depends on the space you have available.

If the tub will be used in bathrooms then it is essential to check the measurements of the inside of the box, for example. If it is intended for children's entertainment you should check the best place in the environment to put it and take its measurements.

Na foto uma mulher e duas crianças com uma banheira inflável.

It is essential to choose an inflatable bathtub that has a size that fits the available space. (Source: Divulgação / Mor)


There are round and rectangular inflatable bathtubs. The round models are usually the ones with the most elements that can be interesting for babies and children. Some have an arc at the top containing accessories, others have in their front the shape of an animal and so on.

The rectangular options are simpler and have fewer features.

The rectangular options are simpler and have fewer features, but are the most suitable for younger babies. This is because some of them have an inclination in the area where the child's head is, which makes bathing easier.


When it comes to products for babies and children, analyzing the indicative classification is fundamental. Inflatable bathtubs are products to be used with water, so the care should be doubled in relation to this.

There are options that are geared towards newborn babies and others are only suitable for those over 6 months. Children also have this indication and it is related to the depth of the inflatable tub.

Therefore, before purchasing any model check the manufacturer's recommendations and only buy an option that is safe for the child who will use it.

Na foto dois meninos dentro de uma banheira inflável.

It is essential to choose an inflatable bathtub that is suitable for the age of children who will use it. (Source: silvrwood / Pixabay)


Amid the many versions of the inflatable tub some have differentials that can make a difference in day to day. There are models with temperature sensor or thermometer to ensure that the water does not burn the skin. Others have controls to set the exact temperature desired for the water.

There are also options with a massage system, which makes the experience even better. Besides, many children's models have toys or integrated elements that distract the child. So, check what is more interesting for you when it comes to choosing.

(Source of image highlighted: Disclosure / Munchkin)