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Are you on the road a lot and don't want to miss out on music? And you're not a fan of headphones? Then you should consider whether portable speakers would be just right for you. You can take them anywhere in your house/apartment and set them up. Even when you're out partying or doing outdoor activities, you don't have to miss out on your favourite playlist.

The big JBL Xtreme test 2022 not only explains what is so special about these speakers. No, all kinds of questions about battery life, costs, advantages and disadvantages are answered and explained in this article. We want to make your purchase decision a little easier.


  • JBL is one of the leading and most popular companies internationally in the field of technology and audio. They have also focused a lot on portable speakers to get the best possible out of their products.
  • The buttons on JBL's products have some extra features that you might not have heard of beforehand. For example, the bass can be adjusted and minimised.
  • Many models in the JBL Xtreme range are water-resistant or even waterproof. In addition, some are suitable for charging your smartphone or tablet. A look at the instruction manual can therefore be worthwhile.

The best JBL Xtreme: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a JBL Xtreme

Are you looking for portable speakers that not only have good sound, but also impress with their design and ability? Then you've come to the right place. We'll introduce you to the JBL Xtreme range to help you decide what to buy. But first we want to answer the most basic questions that you have probably already asked yourself.

JBL Xtreme-1

JBL devices can even withstand bathing in a river without suffering.
(Image source: unsplash / Eliott Van Buggenhout)

What distinguishes JBL Xtreme from other manufacturers?

JBL belongs to the Harmann Company group, which is part of Samsung. This company is also one of the international leaders in audio products. This also includes the JBL Xtreme, which not only impresses with its long battery life, but is also way ahead in terms of bass.

The speakers not only have a modern design, but are also waterproof, robust and promise an unforgettable outdoor music experience. In addition, they are among the somewhat more expensive manufacturers in terms of price. In addition, many devices are waterproof.

What alternatives are there to the JBL Xtreme?

Alternatively, you can use other Bluetooth speakers from other manufacturers. Be it those from Teufel, Bose or similar brands. The market for portable Bluetooth boxes is booming, so the selection is particularly large.

To avoid losing sight of the big picture, it is advisable to consider in advance exactly what you want and how high your budget is.

JBL also offers a variety of different products, such as soundbars, party speakers, home cinema systems and headphones in different variations. You can also choose from different series of portable speakers. For example, speakers are also offered as clip versions. There are no limits to your needs.

How much do JBL Xtreme speakers cost?

How much a JBL Xtreme costs depends first of all on the series. Older models are logically a little cheaper than the new ones. In our research, we found that the older series is already available for less than 200 euros, while the new series costs around 300 euros.

The price depends entirely on the functions and your wishes

In terms of price, the manufacturer is a bit more expensive than others, but JBL Xtreme convinces with its great sound and high-quality workmanship. If you want to compare your product with others, you should not only look at the price, but also at the functions and workmanship. With the older series, you would still save some money and still have a good product.

How many watts do JBL Xtreme have?

The number of watts indicates the power of the speakers. The higher the rating, the more powerful the speakers sound. But not everyone can understand the ratings in the same way, so it's important to trust your own listening experience.

In our research, we found that JBL Xtreme provides a wattage of 40W, which is absolutely mid-range in this area. However, you should listen to the sound of the JBL Xtreme before buying to see for yourself.

Decision: What types of JBL Xtreme are there and which is right for me?

If you're still not sure which type of JBL Xtreme is right for you, we've put together the following table to give you an overview of the types.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Music box Has rakes and a strap that make it easier to carry, completely waterproof, the purchase price is often cheaper "Poorer" sound, cannot be controlled via voice command
Speaker Powerful bass, often a power bank integrated, long battery life Quite heavy at almost 2 kilos, is only splashproof, more expensive to purchase

In the following, we have explained the differences and the advantages and disadvantages in more detail so that you can get an idea of the different types of JBL Xtreme.

What is a JBL Xtreme music box and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The JBL Xtreme music box is a smaller portable version of a speaker. The advantage is that they are cheaper to buy and easier to transport. However, the wattage is lower and it cannot be controlled via voice commands.

  • Cheaper to buy
  • Waterproof
  • Rakes make it easier to transport
  • Lower wattage
  • Cannot be controlled via voice commands
  • Smaller than speaker

What is a JBL Xtreme speaker and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

This is a portable speaker that can be used outdoors. The advantage is that you can take it with you anywhere and it has a lot of bass. The disadvantage is the relatively higher price and for some it is too heavy and too big.

  • Portable and can be taken anywhere
  • Good bass
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Charging of other devices possible
  • Quite expensive
  • Too heavy and bulky for some
  • One-sided sound direction
  • Not waterproof

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and rate JBL Xtreme

In this section, we want to introduce you to factors that will ultimately help you make a purchase decision. To help you compare other products, we have chosen the following criteria:

These factors are explained in more detail below and should help you make a purchase decision. You can also distinguish other products with these factors.

Battery life

An important factor for outdoor speakers is of course the battery life. After all, you don't have many opportunities to charge the battery outdoors and are dependent on it. We found that the JBL Xtreme batteries lasted about 15 hours, according to the manufacturer.

Compared to other manufacturers, this is a very good result, as some products only last 10 hours. It is also important how long JBL Xtreme need to be fully charged. The manufacturer gives an approximate charging time of 3.5 hours, which is in the absolute middle range compared to other manufacturers.

JBL Xtreme-2

Even in unusual places, you no longer have to do without the sound of your music. Thanks to the long battery life, you can spend the whole day outdoors.
(Image source: unsplash / Claudio Hirschberger)

Sound image

As already mentioned, the bass clearly speaks for products of the JBL Xtreme series. Here, the bass is in the foreground and manages to get the maximum out of itself despite its small size. Compared to other manufacturers, the JBL Xtreme achieved a very good result in terms of sound.

Did you know that you can adjust the sound yourself?

For some people, the bass can sometimes seem too strong, so there is the option of reducing it using the low frequency mode. We'll tell you more about how to do this below.

However, the models from other manufacturers sound slightly different. You should therefore trust your hearing and your taste, as not everyone prefers bass or high tones. It's best to hear the sound for yourself so you can choose the best product for you.


Since JBL is one of the more expensive brands, price is a major consideration. The latest JBL Xtreme series is therefore a little more expensive at almost 300 euros than the older series, which is still offered on other portals such as Otto or Amazon. In addition, the speakers were more expensive in our research than, for example, the jukeboxes.

The price should not be your only criterion

The price is explained on the one hand by the high-quality workmanship, but on the other hand by the technology used. If you read up on outdoor speakers yourself, you will find that JBL is the clear favourite here and offers a lot for the price.

Additional features

In addition to sound, additional features are often a key purchase criterion. Every JBL Xtreme has certain buttons like Bluetooth, volume control, etc. But these buttons can also do more. But these buttons can also do more. For example, they can be used to enter the low frequency mode or to connect several speakers with each other using the Connect button and the respective app.

Some devices also have an integrated power bank with which you can charge your smartphone or up to three other devices. However, this affects the battery life. Some speakers also allow you to make phone calls.

So think in advance about which functions you really need and what is important to you.

Mobile phone charging port

In our research, we found that the JBL Xtreme has a standard USB charging port, which makes charging mobile phones, tablets and the like a breeze. We were able to find out that you can charge a smartphone about seven times on a single charge and still have enough battery for listening to music.

However, make sure that your device is suitable for charging other devices and that it has a power bank.

Facts worth knowing about the JBL Xtreme

How many JBL Xtreme can be paired?

The manufacturer states that up to two smartphones or tablets can be paired with the speakers at the same time. However, you can pair over 100 boxes, which is insane. However, you should make sure that your JBL Xtreme is running the same software version called Connect. If you have a device with Connect +, for example, pairing is only possible with Connect + devices.

When buying, make sure that you buy the same models and series and that they have the same function. You should also update all your devices with software updates, otherwise pairing may no longer be possible.

How much do JBL Xtreme charging cables cost?

You might know it. Once lost in thought or not paying attention, your charging cable is gone. Basically, charging cables for JBL Xtreme devices are not that expensive. No-name power adapters are already available for less than 20 euros. However, you should make sure that they are equipped with 19 volts so that your device is charged properly.

If you would like to have an original charging cable or power supply, it is best to contact JBL support. They will be happy to help you and can best answer your questions.

How do I know when a JBL Xtreme is fully charged?

Since the JBL Xtreme models do not have a battery indicator like smartphones, for example, you should orient yourself by the LEDs. You can tell the battery level of your device by the LEDs at the bottom. If all five are lit up, this means that the battery still has the full runtime; as the battery decreases, the number of lit lamps also decreases.

If no LEDs are flashing, this means that either the device is switched off or that it is fully charged. However, allow 3.5 hours for the battery to fully charge. In this table you can read what the colour of the LEDs means.

Colour LED Meaning
LED off The unit is switched off or the battery is fully charged
LED flashing white The unit is in stand-by mode or in connection mode with another unit
LED lit white The unit is switched on or paired with a second speaker
LED flashing blue quickly The unit is in connection mode.
LED lights up blue The unit is correctly connected to the terminal.
5 LEDs light up gradually in white The battery is being charged.

How can I control the JBL Xtreme using voice control?

The first thing you should check when buying is that your device is equipped with voice control. Read the technical details carefully. Then, when installing the Connect app, it's best to follow the steps that are given to you.

You will also find detailed instructions in the user manual on how to control your JBL Xtreme using voice commands. If you still have questions, you can always contact the manufacturer's support.

How can I replace the battery in the JBL Xtreme?

It is possible to replace a battery, but it is a little tricky. However, the manufacturer advises you to send in defective devices and have them repaired by a professional, otherwise the warranty will be voided. It is best to contact the seller of your product and present the invoice so that it can be sent in and repaired.

It is best to leave the replacement of the battery to the professionals.

However, you can find many instructions on the Internet for removing the battery, which is cheaper, but there is always the risk of doing something wrong. So it is up to you how to deal with defective batteries. However, a professional repair can often not pay off with particularly old models and you would do better with a new product.

How can I adjust the bass of the JBL Xtreme?

As already mentioned, there is a low-frequency mode that can be activated or deactivated using a key combination. To activate it, simply press the volume down button and the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds. After that, the mode is activated, which means that the bass no longer seems so hard.

If you want to deactivate it again, press the same keys to return to normal mode. It is best to try it out yourself to see the difference.

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You don't want to hear the full power of the bass everywhere, so you can easily reduce it so as not to destroy the cosy atmosphere.
(Image source: unsplash / Angelikasmile)

Image source: angelikasmile/