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Welcome to Monederosmart! Clothes have become part of us as a society. Not just as a protective layer, as was originally thought, but as a way of showing who we are. Fashion is, without a doubt, an extremely important field for everyone.

Daily clothing should be perfect in these cases, as it is a way to show yourself in total comfort. There are garments that we all wear on a daily basis, and the way we wear them will make them functional, comfortable and look great, and that is the case of Jeans or "Jeans".

You may find it difficult to figure out which model of jeans is ideal for you, but don't worry, we understand that you may have doubts, and that's why we will clarify each one of them through this article!

The most important thing

Jeans are a garment for the lower part of the body, they allow you to manage a casual look, and achieve combinations so that the same jean can be used for different styles. They are perfect for everyday wear, whether for a walk or for work.

There are certain models that may be similar, but they are designed for a particular function, as is the case of Super Skinny jeans and Skinny High Rise jeans. The first one allows you to highlight all your curves, especially your legs, while the second one is a bit looser and highlights your hips.

There are some factors to consider when making your purchase, as they can help you decide between one or the other, so that you buy the one that best suits your body. Size, fit, pockets and colour are some of them.

The Best Jeans: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about jeans

After getting to know the best there is on the market, thanks to public opinions and the quality of well-known brands, you may have a basic idea of what to choose, but before you buy your ideal jeans you should know certain aspects of the product, this way you will make sure you choose the right model.

Your everyday life can be much better and more comfortable with a good pair of jeans. Complete your style and your personality by choosing the right ones. (Photo: Tama66 /

What are jeans and what are their advantages?

Jeans are a type of clothing for everyday wear, or for work, that allows you to wear a casual look. At the beginning, when they were created, they were thought of as clothes for work, but from the 50s onwards they began to be popularly used, although by this time they were considered a symbol of rebellion.

Among its greatest advantages is the ease of combining styles and movement. Jeans are an essential garment for everyone nowadays, as they are the perfect complement to any daily style. They are also quite comfortable, and can accentuate your figure to a certain degree, depending on the type of shape you choose.

It is normal that, even in the most typical products, there are advantages and disadvantages, so it is important that you know them, so you can be sure of your purchase at the time of making it, and be completely satisfied.

- They combine with any garment.

- They allow movement.

- They enhance the figure of the legs and derrier. - They wear out when washed.

- They may not have pockets, especially ladies' trousers.

- Cannot be worn all the time

  • Combine with any garment
  • Allow movement
  • Enhance the figure of the legs and derrier
  • Wear out in the wash
  • May not have pockets, especially women's
  • Cannot be worn all the time

Super Skinny and High Rise Skinny Jeans - What should you look out for?

There are currently two models of trousers that are all the rage, and that is the Super Skinny and the Skinny high rise. These two models of jeans are the most used, and although they are similar in name and in some adjustments, they have their differences.

Before buying your jeans you should have in mind what you want to achieve with them, as they can serve several purposes, from simply something practical and comfortable to wear, to a model that shows off what you are trying so hard to achieve in the gym. There is a jean for every need.

Super skinny: This model is very popular among ladies, although it became fashionable among men after a while. It is the tightest jean size, so it completely outlines the legs and derrier. Although the pockets are not very practical due to the leg fit, the way it outlines your body makes up for it.

A particular detail of these jeans is that, although they are tight, they are very comfortable, as they are stretchy. You don't have to limit your movement for fear of rips, as they are made in order to make you feel free, as if you don't have them.

Skinny high rise: This fashion predominates on the feminine side, and the special thing about the skinny high rise is that they enhance the hips, making you look slimmer. These models are accompanied with short shirts that help to create a better accentuation of the figure, as they allow you to see the shape of your hips.

This is not as tight fitting as the Super Skinny, but it does shape the figure. If you want something that enhances your curves, this type of jean is perfect. Plus, because it comes up so high, it helps your derrier rise even more, making it more prominent.

Super Skinny Jean High rise Skinny Jean
Figure Enhances legs and buttocks Enhances legs, buttocks and hips.
Elasticity High Medium - high
Use Casual Casual
Pockets Somewhat fitted and small Loose and functional

What about denim?

Something very particular about jeans is the material they are made of, it is unique and distinctive to them, so it is normal to say "denim" colloquially or casually. However, that is the wrong term, as it is actually known as denim.

This is a base made of cotton, which is worked for 20 days or more, where threads of white and shades of blue are combined, achieving the particular finish of the finished jeans. The colours change according to the colour with which the base fabric is combined during the manufacturing process.

As most, or in some cases 100% of the base fabric is cotton, this makes the jeans somewhat fragile when washed, so it is recommended not to wash them unless they have been worn several times or are really dirty.

Something peculiar about this fabric is that it does not retain odours, unless they are too strong, so jeans should not be washed frequently. It is even recommended to wash them by hand to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, although washing machines have special cycles for them, which are longer and gentler.

Jeans are meant to last for years, as long as you take care of them properly. Over time they will look a little worn, as the fabric will give way as you wash them, but this does not make them any less durable or useful

Similarly, there comes a point when the fabric weakens, but this usually happens after a long time. You are more likely to change them for size or height than for wear and tear. The better the reputation of the brand you buy them from, the better the quality of the denim, as is the case with Levi's.

Buying criteria

Finally, you should keep in mind certain criteria that will help you when choosing between one garment and another. You must remember that jeans fit and highlight your body type, and there are models for everyone, so you shouldn't force yourself into one that doesn't suit your figure just because you like it. There are many options, and you should analyse them.


Among so many jeans, certain classifications can be made, which will help you determine which one is right for you. Always keep in mind the reason why you are making the purchase, to avoid making the wrong choice.

Blue Jeans: They are the typical blue jeans, this blue being able to be of different shades or tonalities. They combine with everything and adapt easily to your style. Depending on the complements you use, they can look semi-formal, but they will never be a complete formal garment.

The dirtiness of the jean can be noticed quickly depending on the shade of blue, for example, there are jeans that are dark blue, so it is not very noticeable, but this does not happen when the blue is light blue.

Black Jeans: Practicality and sensuality go hand in hand with these jeans. They are black, so getting them dirty is not a noticeable problem, and this makes them easy to wear without fear of accidental stains. A black jean contrasts very well, especially if you have Caucasian skin.

They are very sensual, because if you wear them tight, they outline very well and give a feeling of slimness and height. If you want to look slim and attractive, black jeans are a must in your wardrobe.

White Jeans: They are a formal version of jeans. White jeans are excellent for an executive look, and even combine very well with semi-formal blouses, ladies' or men's jackets, making you comfortable without giving up elegance.

One thing that can be a bit counterproductive is that, being white, they stain very easily, so when wearing them, you should be careful where you sit or what area you are in. They tend to be washed frequently, and for ladies they are usually forbidden during menstruation for more than obvious reasons.

The variety of colours is what makes the combinations easy, choose the colour of jean that suits your style. (Photo: mirceaianc /


There are different fits in jeans, and depending on how you want to look, you can choose the one that most closely resembles that vision. Remember to consider your body type and strengths, whether these are your legs, buttocks or hips.

Shapping skinny 311: This type is very common. It shapes the body without tightening too much, making it only as tight as necessary to show off your figure and not get lost in the fabric. It compresses the abdomen.

Bootcut 715: A more formal way to wear your jeans, they are perfect for a more jovial and daring executive look, you can enhance your curves, especially the thighs and buttocks. The flared end cut covers the shoes.

Skinny high rise: Perfect to compress the abdomen and enhance the hips, as well as adjust thighs and legs, without making it too tight. Ideal to show off the abdomen, if accompanied with a short shirt, as the high hip makes you can show it without doing it too much.

Slim 712: They will never go out of fashion, as these jeans are the ones you will always have in your wardrobe. It's a middle ground, not too tight, but not too baggy either. Your thighs and hips stand out, while the leg is a little loose to allow freedom.

Skinny 711: Could this jean be called "perfect"? Well, if it isn't, it comes very close. Their fit measurements are precise, so that you feel they fit, without feeling like they're sticking to your skin. They are stretchy, but not too stretchy. Show off your curves.

Super Skinny 710: This is the tightest of them all, for a sexy and daring look. It allows each and every one of your curves to come out and be fully appreciated. They are comfortable and stretchy. They allow mobility and comfort, like a second skin.


The most typical mistake you can make is getting the wrong size, that's why it is advisable to measure your jeans before buying them, so you will avoid a visit to the tailor.

XS: It is the smallest size, the hip measures between 88 cm and 92 cm, depending on whether they are for women or men, perfect size for people with a very slim build. The width of the boot is usually accordingly, so you should pay more attention to the height.

S: A little wider than the XS, the hips measure from 92 cm to 97 cm according to the model and the gender of the trousers. It is still a good option for slim people, perhaps with a little more hip or derrier.

M: Medium size, it is usually a standard among people who are not too slim and not too wide. The hip can measure approximately 96 cm to 102 cm, depending on gender.

L: People with wide hips or large build. If this is your case, this size may be ideal for your figure. The hips range from 101 cm to 107 cm, this range varying according to gender.

XL: Wider size, for people with a wide body, in this case the hip measures between 107 cm and 112 cm. If you require a larger size you can consult directly with the shop, so that they can help you acquire the perfect size.


The practicality of a jean can be measured by the number of pockets it has to offer, and the size of the pockets. These can vary according to the model, and even the fit can affect them.

Most jeans have a prototype of 5 pockets, 4 large and one small pocket in the front right pocket. However, there are models without pockets or with back pockets only. Depending on the amount of items you carry with you, this can be uncomfortable.

There are women's models that have decorative pockets, i.e. they are not useful, and while they look great and help the finish of the Jean, you won't like them very much if you are the type that carries things with you and don't like to use a handbag.

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