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Have you ever been in a situation where you have been looking for a gift for ages? Especially now that Valentine's Day is around the corner, jewel candles are just the thing. On the one hand, you get a good-smelling candle. On the other hand, jewellery that will last for a long time. Not only practical as a gift for people you love, but also for yourself.

A candle with a unit weight of 1050g contains a piece of jewellery after it has been lit for between 10 and 15 hours. Since the beginning of the company, more and more variations have been added and the assortment still changes regularly. To make it easier for you to decide which jewel candle you should buy, we have summarised the most important things in this article.


  • The differences in the jewel candles are clearly recognisable. Of course, the basic stone is always the same. But it is mainly in terms of design, occasion and colour that the jewel candles differ.
  • To find the right candle, there are buying criteria such as scent, size, colour, material and type of jewel. As this is also a popular gift, the candle can be chosen to suit everyone.
  • The price ranges do not differ greatly. So you have a free choice and the price does not influence the decision too much.

The Best Jewel Candle: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for jewel candles

To make it easier for you to make your decision, we have listed buying criteria here. These should help you to find the right candle for you. We have made sure that you can compare the products on the basis of these points.

The criteria for the selection of jewel candles are

To give you a more precise idea of the individual points, they are now described in more detail. In addition, you will get more information about the assortment and the products in general. This will give you an overview.


According to the saying "I can smell you", the smell is also a decisive factor here. Since the candles have a maximum burning time of 120 hours, it is important that you like the smell. From floral to spicy, the choice is yours. You will also find a search function on the website for this purpose. This way, you can select the scent and the matching candles will be displayed.


All jewel candles have a diameter of 8 cm, but can differ in height. In case there is a ring, pendant, necklace or bracelet in the jar, it has a height of 17 cm. In the case of earrings and charm pendants, the height is 12 cm. As a special, there is now also the "Sweetheart Edition" where the height is only 3 cm.

Type of jewellery

Jewellery comes in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and charm pendants. However, anklets, chokers and earcuffs have recently been added to the range. With some jewel candles you can freely choose which type you want. For others, this is predefined.

The jewellery can have a value between 10€ and 250€. On an enclosed slip of paper there is a code which can be entered on the website. Afterwards, the current recommended retail price of the manufacturer will appear. If there is no code, the value of the jewellery can be estimated in a jeweller's shop.

Material of the jewellery

Everything is made of Swarovski material or consists of 925 sterling silver. In addition, there is the possibility to choose pieces made of rose gold or gold. Furthermore, the jewellery is decorated in different ways. These can be pearls or Swarovski elements. Which jewellery you finally get is a matter of chance and remains a surprise until the end.

Colour of the candle

Just as you are free to choose the scent, you are also free to choose the colour. There is also a search function so that you can find exactly what you want. This is especially important if you want to give the candle as a gift.

Frequently asked questions about jewel candles answered in detail

Frequently asked questions are answered here to clear up any ambiguities. In this way, it should be possible for you to gain a deeper insight. Furthermore, it should also help you to choose the right candle.

How long does the candle burn until I can admire the jewellery?

In total, the burning time is between 90 and 120 hours before the jewel candle is completely burnt down. After the candle has been lit for between 10 and 15 hours, the jewellery can be removed. It is best to blow out the candle for a short time so that you do not burn yourself.

Which wax is used in the jewel candles?

Palm wax is used for all candles. To prevent the accessories from being damaged, they are wrapped in foil to protect them from the wax. If the foil comes loose and wax gets inside, you can easily clean the parts.


Rings could possibly be included as jewellery in the jewel candles. Alternatively, earrings, necklaces, pendants, charm pendants, anklets, chokers, earcuffs and bracelets are possible gifts. (Image source: Leah Kelly / Pexels)

Either place in hot but not boiling water and wait for a short while. After the jewellery has dried, it can then be worn. The other option would be to use a toothbrush to carefully remove the wax residue, but be careful not to damage the jewellery.

How much does a jewel candle cost?

The prices of the jewel candles have a low range and are therefore easily manageable. There is also a sale section on the website. This means that certain jewel candles are available at a lower price. There are jewel candle discounts of up to 20%. Sometimes codes are also given out for the candles on Instagram.
The table lists the prices that the candles usually cost.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 - 30 €) Mostly older models, main difference Jewellery
Medium-priced (30 - 35 €) More expensive jewellery included
High-priced (from 35 €) Jewellery may contain diamonds

How does the shipping of the jewel candles work?

You can order via the website. You can choose between PayPal, amazon pay, payment by credit card or instant bank transfer. After that, shipping within Germany takes one to two working days. It may take longer for the package to arrive in Switzerland or Austria.

However, with the help of a tracking number, you can estimate quite well how long the shipment will actually take. There are no shipping costs for orders over a minimum value of 85€, before that an additional 5.95€ is charged in Germany. Shipping to Austria costs 7.90€ and to Switzerland 6.90 CHF.


Here it is possible to give jewellery in a different way than you were used to. Jewel candles offer you an additional olfactory experience. In addition, there is the surprise effect, as you never know exactly which piece of jewellery may make you shine. Depending on whether you want to please yourself or someone else, a varied range is offered.

On top of that, the prices are very reasonable and you get a high-quality service in return. And you'll have something to look forward to for a long time. Not only the glass can be reused afterwards. The jewellery can also become your new companion for years to come.

Image source: thevibrantmachine / Pexels