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A jewellery cabinet protects your treasures from loss of lustre, and they are always clearly arranged and ready to hand. Besides a mirror or LED lighting, whether practical for hanging or standing, there are interesting features of a jewellery cabinet that you should consider.

For our product comparison, we have compared different models and worked out the most important aspects.


  • Jewellery cabinets are available both hanging and standing and can thus be conveniently integrated into the interior.
  • Important purchase criteria are size, colour, hanging/standing, material, lighting and an available mirror.
  • Jewellery cabinets are available in a wide range of price categories. Good products are already available from the lower price range.

The Best Jewellery Cabinet: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for jewellery cabinets

In order to find the perfect jewellery cabinet, we have worked out some buying criteria for you to consider when buying. These criteria should make it easier to compare the individual models so that you can make an objective and informed choice. The criteria you can use to compare jewellery cabinets include:

The criteria are briefly explained below.


A mirror on the jewellery cabinet is ideal so that you can look at your chosen pieces of jewellery directly. Do you want a full-length mirror or just a small one that shows your face and décolleté? There are various mirror options available to you. A mirror is a great way to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

Jewellery cabinet variant

Both a hanging jewellery cabinet, which you can mount on the wall or on a door, and a standing mirror cabinet are very practical. Before buying, you should be clear about which type of jewellery cabinet is best to integrate into your room.


Whether wood colours, white or black, jewellery cabinets offer a wide range of variation, so you have the option to match your jewellery cabinet to your other furniture pieces.


As mentioned earlier, you can buy both hanging and standing jewellery cabinets. The hanging jewellery cabinets are usually very space-saving, while the standing version requires more space and should be considered as a real piece of furniture.

There is a third variant that is also very space-saving like the hanging jewellery cabinet. This variant is considered a standing jewellery cabinet, but it is so compact that you can simply place it on a chest of drawers or a table. Before buying, it is best to think about where you want to place your jewellery cabinet and what size is ideal for you.

LED lighting

Some jewellery cabinets have LED lighting, which can be on the inside or outside of the cabinet. Inside LED lights can illuminate your jewellery when you open the door. Exterior LED lights provide extra light when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Difficulty of assembly

Most jewellery cabinets are delivered already assembled or promise to be child's play to assemble. The term "child's play" merely refers to screwing on a mirror or mounting the hooks. You should decide before buying whether you want to carry out these minor assemblies or whether you would rather start sorting straight away.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about jewellery cabinets answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions on the subject of jewellery cabinets.

Fünf Ringe in einem Schmuckschrank ausgestellt

Picture of jewellery in a jewellery cabinet. You can see several rings and a necklace, organised in a jewellery cabinet. (Image source: Brooks Leibee / Unsplash)

This is how we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

What is a jewellery cabinet?

A jewellery cabinet is a storage place for your jewellery. It protects your treasures from losing their shine and helps to keep them neatly organised so that your jewellery is always within reach.

Who is a jewellery cabinet suitable for?

Especially for people who have a very large jewellery collection, a jewellery cabinet is always an attractive alternative to the small jewellery boxes. No wonder a jewellery cabinet offers an enormous amount of space for all kinds of jewellery, creates order and is just as pretty to look at.

What types of jewellery cabinets are there?

There are many different types of jewellery cabinets; you are free to choose between colour, material, lighting, size and type of installation. All kinds of combinations are available in the shops.

How much does a jewellery cabinet cost?

The price is mainly determined by the additional gadgets. Jewellery cabinets can range in price from low to high. The following table should give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 - 70 €) Mostly jewellery cabinets made of cheap material
Medium-priced (70 - 130 €) Mostly jewellery cabinets with selected features and good material
High-priced (from 130 €) Mostly jewellery cabinets with many features and very good, solid material

Is the jewellery cabinet difficult to assemble?

You can simply hang the jewellery cabinet on the wall with screws. Another option for hanging jewellery cabinets is to attach them to the door with hooks, the hooks are included in the delivery of selected jewellery cabinets. Standing jewellery cabinets need to be assembled in just a few steps; instructions are included.


A jewellery cabinet is the perfect choice for organising jewellery and keeping it within easy reach. Thanks to the various options, the jewellery cabinet can be integrated into the interior for everyone. When buying a jewellery cabinet, you should keep in mind what exactly you have in mind.

Important points here are size, colour, the presence of a mirror and light, as well as the material and the placement. As we have shown, good jewellery cabinets are already available in the lower price segment. However, you should always consider which additional features you need in order to make the perfect choice.

(Image source: Martin de Arriba / unsplash)