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During pregnancy there are many new questions about the future purchases for the child. One of them is: which Stroller is the best? All parents want a high quality and comfortable model for their baby, but also at a reasonable price. Stroller from Joie will satisfy every family!

In our Joie stroller test 2022 we want to present this product in more detail. You will get important information about the different types as well as about the accessories you can use. We hope that our overview will help you to choose the right product for your needs.


  • Joie stroller have the highest standards in design, technology and safety, for which they have already won various awards.
  • Joie products are available in different models: combi stroller, buggy, pushchair and sibling pram. The choice of model depends on the age of your baby and the use.
  • All models are presented in several colours, with different weights and with different accessories.

The best Joie Stroller: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Joie stroller

What distinguishes Joie stroller from other manufacturers?

Prams from the British company Joie are distinguished by their high quality products at a reasonable price. They are manufactured to the highest standards of design, engineering and safety. Products from Joie have received numerous awards, for example from Stiftung Warentest in Germany, TCS in Switzerland and the Austrian ÖAMTC. The stylish Pact buggy from Joie won the Red Dot Award for outstanding design in 2018.

Joie combines stylish looks with clever handling, low weight, high comfort and safety for the child. In addition, the environmental aspects of sustainable production are also taken into account, which is very important.

What materials does Joie use for the production of strollers?

Joie pushchairs are made from the best components and materials of the highest quality, so that all products are also very durable and rarely end up in the workshop.

Joie Kinderwagen-1

By buying a pram from Joie, you are getting a product for years to come and supporting the environment.
(Image source: distelAPPArath)

Where are Joie pushchairs manufactured?

Joie GmbH was founded in 2013 and is a subsidiary of the Wonderland Nurserygoods Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of children's and youth products based in Taiwan.

What is the price range for Joie strollers?

The price of Joie pushchairs varies between 100 and 400 euros, depending on the model. We would like to point out that the average price of this manufacturer for a high-quality product is quite low compared to its competitors. You can find more detailed information about the costs of the individual models in the following table:

model price
combi stroller €300-400
buggy €130-200
pushchair €150-400
sibling stroller €150-200

What are the alternatives to Joie pushchairs?

All pram manufacturers offer different models that vary in weight, size, shape and features. As an alternative to Joie, you should consider the following companies:

  • Hauck's products are characterised by low weight and compact foldability. They are in the same price category as Joie prams.
  • ABC prams show good handling on different surfaces and offer good protection from sun and rain. The cost of these models is twice as high as Joie products.
  • Bugaboo offers luxury prams. They are particularly good to handle and convince with a good harness system, good suspension and an above-average sun awning. The cost of Bugaboo products is 3 times higher than the comparative Joie products.

Decision: What types of Joie strollers are there and which is the right one for you?

Joie prams vary in models depending on the age of the child and the application. It is often not clear to young parents which model to buy and when to buy it. To help you choose the right one, we will look at each of the models in detail.

Combi stroller

Joie combi pram is a flexible pram that combines several functions. By changing the included accessories, the pram can be converted from a pram for babies to a pram for toddlers. When you buy a pram, you get a pram frame, a baby bath and a pram seat.

  1. For the transport of babies, a baby seat (bath tub) is attached to the frame. Thanks to this design, newborns can also be taken along in the pram right away.
  2. As soon as the baby is too big for the baby bath tub, it can be replaced by the pushchair. To protect the baby's back, the sports seat must first be placed in the lying position. This position is best for your baby until it can sit on its own at around 10 months of age.
  3. The baby can then be pushed in the same position as when sitting in the pushchair seat. The footrest of the pushchair is folded down to form a leg rest and the backrest is placed in an upright position.

This model can be used from birth to toddler age, until the child can walk safely. The combi pram is also the main type for Joie's signature models. You will often see the name 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 on dealer sites, the latter also includes the option of turning the pushchair seat to face the parents.


When a classic pram becomes too bulky, too small or too immobile, it's time to look for a buggy pram from Joie. This pram only allows a sitting position in which the child can already sit by itself. When the child's interest in the environment grows and it can also sit upright for a longer period of time, this model is an excellent choice for parents.

Usually the moment of transition to a buggy takes place when the child turns one year old. It is important to make sure that your child has enough strength to hold its head on its own for a long time.

Did you know that the EU standard requires manufacturers to state "6 months to ..." in buggy instructions. However, this instruction often leads to a transition from a classic pram to a buggy pram even before the toddler reaches the age of development. Please remember that your child's head is not only disproportionately large, but also disproportionately heavy. Your child's muscles must already be fully developed, otherwise it can lead to developmental posture problems.

Compared to a combination pram, a buggy is much smaller and lighter. In addition, it folds not only in length but also in width, which is called a 3D folding system.


A pushchair is the ideal everyday companion for active parents who are often out and about with their child. Compared to the buggy, this model is particularly stable and sturdy, which is mainly due to its relatively high weight.

Thanks to the smooth wheels, which are mainly pneumatic tyres and sometimes solid rubber tyres, the pushchair moves comfortably. Despite its weight and without much effort, it can also be used on uneven paths, forest tracks and cobblestones.

Thanks to its good suspension and soft lying surface, it offers your child a high level of comfort even on long journeys.The backrest and footrest can be adjusted so that your child can also fall asleep comfortably.

Joie Kinderwagen-2

If you want to take your child jogging, a sports pram is the best choice.
(Image source: Owens)

Joie also offers the Crosster (jogger) model. A special form of a sports stroller type. Unlike the classic sports pram, Jogger has three large, air-filled rubber wheels (one in the front, two in the back) and extremely good suspension. This makes a pushchair particularly easy to push over any surface and provides the child with a high level of comfort even at high speeds, such as when running or roller-skating.

Sibling pushchair

Sibling pushchairs or twin pushchairs from Joie are available in two versions:

  1. Tandem pushchairs, when the children sit behind or facing each other, are built as narrow as a single pushchair. This means you can easily negotiate the often narrow entrance and exit lanes on buses and trains. Depending on how the baby seat or the bath tub is arranged, your children will sit behind each other, opposite each other or both facing the direction of travel, so they can watch mum or dad.
  2. In a double pushchair, the children sit next to each other. Ideal for twins who often have a close bond and love to discover the world, sitting or lying side by side. Joie only offers this model as a buggy version.

Buying and evaluation criteria of Joie prams

In addition to the different models, Joie pushchairs also differ in other features that you should look out for when buying.

Pneumatic tyres or air chamber wheels

Depending on the model of the Joie pushchair, it can be equipped with air wheels or air chamber wheels. It is worth noting that both types of wheels are very comfortable and convenient for both the baby and the parents when riding. However, it is still important to know the difference:

Air wheels are usually very large and perfect for uneven tracks. In addition, pneumatic wheels have the advantage that they strengthen the suspension of the pram and ensure a smooth ride. The disadvantage of pneumatic wheels is the need to check the air pressure from time to time, and you may find yourself with a flat tyre.

Tip: Pneumatic tyres should not be over-inflated as the suspension on the tyres is much worse. You should always have a pump and a spare inner tube with you in case of a puncture.

Air chamber wheels are a mixture of an air wheel and a plastic wheel. In this case, many small air bubbles are foamed into the plastic. This gives the wheel a good spring effect and improves riding comfort. In addition, the wheel is absolutely impenetrable - even nails or broken glass cannot stop a pushchair with air chamber wheels.


The weight of the pram also depends on the model and intended use. For better orientation we have given the weight of the different models, I have also shown the maximum weight of the child in the table:

Model weight use
Combined pram 10-12 kg birth to 15 kg
Buggy 5-9 kg birth to 15/22 kg
Sports pram 12-15 kg birth to 22 kg
Sibling pram 10-12 kg birth to 15 kg (per seat)


Each Joie model is available in 2 to 5 colour variations. Colour shades are not based on the gender of the child, but correspond to the trends of the season. The spectrum includes shades of grey and beige with different colour nuances so that everyone can find the ideal option for them.


Joey focuses on what is important, so you won't find many extra details, which ultimately affects the price. This means you can buy a high quality product at a much lower price.

Joie Kinderwagen-3

In winter, footmuffs for the pram with lambskin, fleece or down filling are recommended.
(Image source: Tobias Flyckt)

Depending on the model, the Joie pram can be equipped with different preloads. Below you will find a list of all possible options. When buying a pushchair, please check whether these accessories are included in the price or whether they have to be purchased separately.

  • Pram bag
  • Footmuff
  • Rain cover
  • Parasol
  • Insect screen/mosquito net
  • Cup holder
  • Handle cover

Facts worth knowing about Joie pushchairs

Inflating the tyres

If your pram has pneumatic wheels, you will need to inflate them from time to time. There are several places where you can do this:

  • It is best to have your own air pump that you can always take with you. A special pump is required for prams. Check with your dealer when buying which pump is best for your model.
  • Most petrol stations have air pumps that can be used to refill the air in the wheels of the pushchair free of charge.
  • You can contact your nearest specialist bicycle dealer. They also pump up the tyres of prams. This service is usually free of charge.

Spare wheels

If a pram wheel is damaged, you can order a replacement wheel from the same manufacturer. It is important to remember that replacement wheels, just like the pram, can only be bought through dealers. The cost of a wheel is 10-20 €, depending on the size and material.

It is also possible to order a wheel change service from your dealer.

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