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Welcome to ReviewBox UK, your review site on the internet. To have a healthier life and have more energy in your daily life, a juice extractor can be an ideal partner.

Developed to extract the juice from fruits with much more efficiency, speed and practicality, with an extractor you can get much healthier refreshments without any effort.

So, to add a juice extractor to your routine and enjoy much more nutritious and natural drinks, check out our review to choose the ideal model for your kitchen.


  • In electric juice extractors, it is important to check the voltage of the product.
  • Another important factor is the power of the motor. The more powerful it is, the faster it will be able to extract the juice.
  • Check the size of the nozzle. The smaller it is, the more you will have to cut the fruit before it is processed.

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Buying Guide

Extractors are becoming increasingly popular, especially the electric models, which are able to prepare drinks with a multitude of fruits, keeping more of their nutrients and getting more juice out.

To incorporate one into your routine, check out our Buying Guide and learn about its benefits, the types of models available and how to choose the best option for your needs.

Imagem de laranjas cortadas ao lado de extrator de suco

With the juice extractors you can get much healthier drinks. (Source: Piotr Adamowicz/ 123RF)

What is a juice extractor?

Extractors are household appliances that can be manual and electric, and are capable of extracting the juice from fruits, separating the pulp and seeds during the process.

The first models developed were manual, initially made of iron, until plastic became popular. With modernisation, many restaurants made use of industrial extractors, larger and more robust machines. Today it is already possible to find portable electric models, ideal for everyday use.

With them you can extract juice from fruits, vegetables, greens and, depending on the power of the model, even grains, hazelnuts and nuts. This makes them ideal for keeping your health up to date, avoiding industrialised products and obtaining more nutritious and tasty drinks.

Imagem de extrator de sucos elétrico sobre bancada de madeira

With a portable model you can have your favourite drink whenever you want it with much more freshness. (Source: PIRO4D/ Pixabay)

What are the different types of juice extractors?

You can find three main types of juice extractors on the market today. The simplest models are the manual ones, ideal if you want smaller portions without spending too much.

Electric models are increasingly popular, prices are in the middle range and they are easy and practical to use, without requiring manual effort.

Finally we have the industrial models, more robust, they can extract large quantities of juice quickly, but they are also the most expensive models on the market, intended for bars and restaurants.

For more details, check out the comparative table below.

Manual Juice Extractor Electric Juice Extractor Industrial Juice Extractor
Indication for use Ideal for small quantities They are ideal for home use Designed for bars and restaurants
Benefits You can get juice quickly in a manual way They are easy and practical to use and do not require manual effort You can get large quantities of juice faster
Price They are the cheapest models on the market They are in an intermediate price range These models cost a lot more

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a juice extractor?

When it comes to juicing, there is no denying that natural juices are much healthier and offer countless benefits to our health.

Extractors help to keep the vitamins and nutrients in the fruit and you can get juice for the whole family much quicker and more conveniently.

But there are also some disadvantages. Although they save you effort, electric models consume energy. Depending on the model, they can be difficult to dismantle for cleaning, and even though they are increasingly popular, many models are still quite expensive. Check the table.

  • They allow you to obtain natural and healthier juices
  • They preserve the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit better
  • You can get a good quantity of juice quickly and conveniently
  • Depending on the model, they can be difficult to clean
  • Electric models consume energy
  • Some models still cost a lot of money

 Imagem de copo de vidro com suco de laranja e extrator de plástico sobre pilhas de laranja usadas ao fundo

Manual juice extractors are a cheaper option and are excellent for single servings. (Source: stevepb/ Pixabay)

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying a fruit extractor

If in the past we struggled with manual extractors, today technology is offering us ever more complete and practical household utensils, greatly reducing our meal preparation time and allowing us to have more energy for other tasks.

But, before you buy an extractor and start making juices the way you like them, it is important to note some purchasing criteria to choose the right model.

Evaluate carefully each one of the topics below, because they are determinant to buy a good juicer that will last for many years and provide you with a healthier life.

Motor power

In manual models, the effort is physical, but in electric models, it is important to check the motor power.

Measured in watts, the higher the power, the more fruit it will be able to squeeze at once. Furthermore, the power also influences the types of fruit that can be processed. For harder fruit, you need more powerful motors.

So, before purchasing, check the product specifications and which fruits it is compatible with to avoid damaging or even breaking the extractor.

Nozzle size

On electric juice extractors, the nozzle is where the fruit will pass through to be processed. The bigger the nozzle, the more fruit you can put in at once without having to cut it first.

For more practicality and speed in the process, opt for extractors with larger nozzles. This way you can put in several fruits at once, or even mix them with vegetables and leaves for much more nutritious drinks.

Imagem de laranja cortada sobre extrator de suco de plástico transparente

Some extractors are even capable of processing vegetables, greens or grains. (Source: Stevepb / Pixabay)


The capacity of the storage bowl also and is an important factor, as it determines how much juice can be made at once before you have to empty it.

In product specifications, the capacity is measured in litres. Most residential models offer containers ranging from 1 to 2 litres.

If you have a large family or consume a lot of juice, it is important to get an extractor with a good capacity so you don't have to repeat the process several times.

Additional features

It is increasingly common to find extractors with additional functions, which allow juice extraction not only from fruit, but also from vegetables, greens and cereals.

Some also have a whisk option, similar to that found in blenders, allowing you to prepare vitamins without the need for additional utensils.

Each brand and model offers unique features, so take a good look and choose the model that best meets your needs.

(Featured image source: Pexels)