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Nowadays, many people find it difficult to buy a bag that can be used for everything. They are ideal for shopping or running small errands, as a companion at university, school or sports. Jute bags are the trend and are very versatile in their use.

With many different materials, colours and sizes, jute bags can make your everyday life easier. We have therefore compared different models and you will find out what you should look out for when buying and how you can ultimately find the right model for you.


  • Jute bags come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and materials, so that all individual needs can be met.
  • Jute bags replace many plastic bags, e.g. in the supermarket you don't need to buy bags anymore and use the jute bag instead.
  • These bags are thin, foldable, reusable and practical, making carrying this bag only in advantage.

The Best Jute Bag: Our Choices

In this section we have compiled our favourites for you, which can help you to make a purchase decision. There will be a suitable jute bag for every taste and every need. This can then also be ordered very easily.

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Jute Bags

To make it easier for you to choose your next jute bag, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best jute bag for you. These criteria are as follows:

Now we explain what to look for in these criteria so you can make a well-informed decision.


Jute bags come in a wide variety of sizes. Therefore, there is a size for every purpose, whether you are carrying a little or a lot. It is therefore practical for every purpose. Some jute bags even fit A4 folders, suitable for students and teachers.

The size of the bag is very flexible, so the jute bag can be rolled up and is easy to carry. The jute bag is appropriate for its size, as it is easy to lug around, whether it's shopping, sports or school.

Quality / Durability

Jute bags are known for their reusability, which also makes the ecological factor very positive. The quality of the fabric bags is excellent, so the jute bags can be used more often.

They have a long shelf life, but care must be taken to ensure that moisture does not get onto the bag. An important factor for the durability is to follow the care instructions. If the care instructions are not followed, the bags may shrink.

Colour / printed - unprinted

There are a variety of different colours, so it can be difficult to decide which to buy. Especially when it comes to a jute bag that is used in the public sector.

Therefore, it can be of great importance to think about the colour of the jute bag. There are printed and unprinted bags. You can design these yourself according to your individual needs and also have them designed.


Jute bags are available in different handle lengths - sizes. Long handles with a minimum length of 30 cm would be advantageous if you like to wear the jute bag around your shoulder. Short ones, on the other hand, are easy to carry in the hand without the bag touching the ground.

Henkele lengths, however, are based on people's subjective ways. Because here the question is which length they prefer and prefer to carry them.

Guide: Frequently asked Questions about Jute Bags answered in Detail

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about jute bags so that you are sufficiently informed when you want to buy a jute bag.

Who is a jute bag suitable for?

Jute bags are suitable for people of all ages and are also unisex. They are easy to handle and suitable for any purpose. No matter what group of people whether teachers, students or even pensioners this jute bag is appropriate. The fabric bags can be individually designed. This makes the selection and customisation much greater on the market.

The jute bag is particularly suitable for people who are environmentally conscious and the ecological aspect is important to them. Jute bags are reusable, sustainable and ensure environmentally conscious living. They are also ideal as a small gift and souvenir.

What does a jute bag cost?

The price of a jute bag is usually determined by the material, colour, size or brand. Therefore, there is a price range from cheap to expensive. This table should give you a little more information about the possible prices of a jute bag:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (1 - 10 €) unprinted - printed jute bags
Medium-priced (10 - 20 €) More choice of materials
High-priced (from 20 €) High-quality materials

How do you clean a jute bag?

It turns out that you can get a simple jute bag for little money. If you attach more importance to the material and brands, then you will also find many beautiful jute bags in the medium-priced and high-priced categories.

The cleaning of the jute bag plays an essential role in order to be able to use it several times. Over time, the jute bag catches a lot of bacteria and dirt. It should be cleaned in the washing machine at 60 degrees with detergent containing bleach. Another care tip is to turn many jute bags inside out before washing them by hand.

However, it is also important to note that the jute bag must be completely dry before it can be used again. It should also be washed regularly.

You should read the manufacturer's instructions carefully so that you can enjoy your jute bag for as long as possible.


To have a practical and stylish bag for your everyday life, jute bags are a wonderful option. With many different design options and materials, they integrate well with your accessories. They are also a nice detail around your shoulder.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, jute bags are also a practical tool to carry many different things efficiently, especially when shopping. Because when you go shopping, you save on buying bags, and at the same time you act in a more environmentally friendly way.

Because jute bags can be used several times. However, personal preferences and the price play an overriding role in the purchase decision.

(Cover photo: Lex Sirikiat / Unsplash)

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