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Eye creams are a controversial topic. Opinions differ widely on the subject. However, eye creams are necessary! The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin. It is much more sensitive than the rest of the face. That is why this skin needs finer active ingredients.

Because the skin is very thin, it tends to wrinkle quickly if it is dry. To prevent the skin from drying out, an eye cream should be used. There are now many eye creams available. Kiehl's is one of the experts in care products. Among other things, they have also launched eye care products on the market.

In our Kiehl's eye test 2022 we would like to introduce you to Kiehl's eye creams. In this article, you will find information on buying and evaluation criteria, product types, prices and answers to some questions that might be of interest to you. After reading, you will know everything about Kiehl's eye creams.


  • Kiehl's eye creams are used for eye care and provide your under-eye skin with plenty of moisture. Kiehl's uses a lot of natural ingredients.
  • Kiehl's offers a variety of eye care products based on your skin type or skin concerns. Products against dark circles, bags under the eyes and anti-aging products are offered.
  • Kiehl's places a high value on natural ingredients and works with a minimum of preservatives. All Kiehl's products contain no parabens.

The Best Kiehls Eye Cream: Our Picks

Buying and review criteria of Kiehl's eye cream

Kiehl's offers various eye creams. To help you understand how they differ, we have listed some buying and review criteria:

The criteria are explained in more detail below.

Skin type and concerns

Before you buy an eye cream, you should be aware of your skin type. Alternatively, your concern. The concern is why you want to use an eye cream.

There are different skin types. It is important that you choose the right eye cream for an efficient effect. Kiehl's offers different eye creams for different skin types.

  • Sensitive skin: You notice sensitive skin when you are prone to redness or swelling. It's important that your eye cream is free from chemicals and alcohol, and that it's highly moisturising. All Kiehl's eye creams are free from harmful chemicals.
  • Dry skin: If your skin is tight and flaky, you have dry skin. It's very important that you buy an eye cream for dry skin. Anything else could only make the situation worse.
  • Mature skin: Mature skin usually appears after the age of 50. To combat wrinkles, eye creams with firming substances (e.g. hyaluron) are recommended. Kiehl's also offers anti-ageing eye creams.

If you are looking for an eye cream with a specific concern, you should know that Kiehl's offers specialised eye creams for these concerns:

  • Moisturising eye cream
  • Anti-ageing eye cream
  • Eye cream against dark circles
  • Eye cream against bags under the eyes


Ingredients always play an important role in cosmetics. Cosmetics with a lot of chemicals are becoming less attractive and are also not good for the skin. Important ingredients that make up a good eye cream are: Hyaluron, collagen, glycerin, coenzyme Q10, vitamins and minerals. The basis of a good eye cream is vegetable oils.

If you look at the eye creams from Kiehl's, you will notice that they use a lot of natural ingredients. Harmful ingredients such as carbomer and silicones are not used in eye cream.

Caution: Carbomer and silicones can clog your pores and cause allergies.


Kiehl's offers eye care in different textures. The classic eye creams and eye serums are offered.

Eye creams are used to care for the skin under the eyes. The skin is moisturised with the help of lipids and nourishing ingredients. Ideally, you should apply your eye cream in the morning and in the evening.

Eye serums, on the other hand, are used for intensive care of the eyes. These serums are highly concentrated. The consistency of serums is much more fluid and gel-like than that of eye creams. Eye serums can be absorbed more quickly than eye creams.

Absorption time

The absorption time plays an important role, especially in the morning. If you don't have much time in the morning, you need an eye cream that absorbs quickly. Some eye creams take almost 5 minutes to absorb.

However, if you apply your eye cream in the evening, the absorption time does not play a relevant role. The higher the water content in the eye cream, the faster it is absorbed.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Kiehl's eye cream

Before you buy a Kiehl's eye cream, there are a few things you should know. You will find this information in the following sections.

What types of eye creams does Kiehl's offer?

Kiehl's offers different eye creams, with different effects. It is important that you choose the right cream so that the right effect can occur for you. For this reason, we have briefly explained the different types of eye creams below.

Kiehl's offers the following types of products:

  • Moisturising eye creams
  • Eye creams against dark circles
  • Anti-aging eye creams
  • Eye creams for men

In the following you will find detailed information on the different product types.

Moisturising eye cream

The moisturising eye cream from Kiehl's is the most popular. It provides your skin with plenty of moisture throughout the day. This eye cream is suitable for all skin types.

The eye cream works well as a make-up base.

What is special about this cream is that the base consists of vegetable oils. This is very good for your delicate skin under the eyes and does not dry it out.

Eye creams against dark circles

Circles under the eyes can have many causes: Lack of sleep or genes. Dark circles are immediately noticeable and make you look exhausted, even if this is not the case. Apart from removing make-up, there is no escape from dark circles. There are eye creams that actively combat dark circles.

Kiehl's offers an eye serum against dark circles. It contains more than 10% pure vitamin C, which helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, among other things. Regular use of this serum can help reduce dark circles. This serum has also been tested by doctors.

Anti-ageing eye creams

With age, wrinkles under the eye also increase. There are now many different eye creams that combat this. Kiehl's has also produced an eye cream.

Did you know that using sunscreen on your face slows down the ageing of your skin?

The sun's UV rays cause your skin to age prematurely. This causes wrinkles to form more quickly. To avoid this, use a sunscreen for your face regularly.

The anti-ageing eye cream from contains pro-retinol, which helps to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles. The cream is quickly absorbed. Thanks to the innovative formula, the results are already visible after application. The eye cream also fights wrinkles in the long term. For this reason, it is popular because it works in the short and long term.

Eye creams for men

Why are there special eye creams for men? Quite simply, men have different skin than women, there are many differences. Among other things, men tend to have oilier skin.

Kiehls Augencreme-1

Men also have dark circles under their eyes, which can be combated with special care.
(Image source: Thongsriphong/

Kiehl's has launched some skincare products for men's eyes that smooth and tighten men's skin. It is recommended to cleanse the skin before application and use the cream 2x a day.

Men should start regular eye care from 30.

What makes Kiehl's eye creams so special?

The manufacturer Kiehl's differs in some aspects from other manufacturers and so do the eye creams from Kiehl's.

To do this, we first have to take a look at the history of Kiehl's. Kiehl's was originally founded as a pharmacy in 1851. It is clear that the manufacturer has been in business for many years and has a lot of experience.

Furthermore, Kiehl's is characterised by its scientists, who have pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic knowledge. Through this combination, highly effective care products are created.

Kiehls Augencreme-2

An elegantly packaged eye cream. The cream keeps well in a jar.
(Image source: Shastun/

Furthermore, Kiehl's offers facial care consultations in their stores, so if you are unsure about which products you need, just check out Kiehls.

If the Kiehl's eye creams haven't helped you and you're not seeing results, you have the option to return the eye cream. Kiehl's has a return guarantee, which is valid for 28 days.

Please note: The return guarantee only applies to products from the Kiehl's online shop!

Do Kiehl's eye creams really help?

Are you wondering if Kiehl's eye creams really help? We have collected some reviews for you.

Many buyers are satisfied with Kiehl's eye care products. Especially the product Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado has good reviews. You can read the reviews on the following pages:

  • eye

What are the alternatives to Kiehl's eye creams?

If you don't necessarily want to use an eye cream, there are alternatives. The alternatives are eye gels and eye serums. This topic has already been touched upon above. Below you will find more detailed information.

Eye gel

The main feature of eye gels is that they have a higher moisture content than eye creams. This is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, so allergy sufferers should also tend to use eye gels.

Eye gels consist mostly of water and usually do not contain chemical fragrances. They help against puffiness, redness and dark circles because they are very cooling. However, Kiehl's has not yet released any eye gels.

  • high moisture content
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • often no chemical fragrances
  • not very widely used

Eye serum

Eye serums contain highly concentrated active ingredients and care for the eyes very intensively. This is why they are suitable for oily and mature skin. Eye serums are much more fluid and gel-like than eye creams and can therefore be absorbed much faster.

Eye serums can penetrate deeper into the skin. It is recommended to use eye serums especially in warmer seasons. Kiehl's offers several eye serums.

  • highly concentrated active ingredients: very intensive care
  • fast absorption
  • good for warm seasons
  • Caution with sensitive skin

How and when do I apply Kiehl's eye cream correctly?

Kiehl's recommends two different techniques for applying their eye creams.

  1. Pat in: Using a small amount of eye cream, pat it in with your ring finger from the outside in.
  2. Spread: Spread the eye cream from the inside to the outside, along the cheekbones.

But note, since Kiehl's has different versions, you should always read the application instructions on the product itself. Before applying, cleanse your face thoroughly.

You should always use your ring finger, as you cannot apply much pressure with it. By patting it in, the active ingredients of the eye cream will penetrate deeper into the skin. And remember: eye cream does not belong on the eyelid.

Basically, you should apply the eye cream twice a day to achieve the targeted effect.

Is the Kiehl's eye cream a natural product?

No, it is not a natural cosmetic. Kiehl's uses many natural ingredients. However, they also use a minimum of preservatives to make the products durable.

Kiehl's does not test on animals and avoids the use of parabens. Furthermore, it can be said that Kiehl's actively works against environmental pollution by regularly trying to improve their products ecologically.

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