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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil, we appreciate your presence here! If you own a Kindle, you know that you can't be too careful when handling it, and that's exactly why today we're going to talk about the advantages of a Kindle case. Devices like Kindle, mobile phones and tablets are very sensitive to being dropped or bumped. They scratch, crack and even break quite easily, which is why you should invest in extra features. Using a Kindle case is one way to protect your device and ensure it lasts longer. If you have not yet purchased one, but are interested in the subject, our Guide will give you some good tips.


  • Kindle cases are products that are designed to protect your Kindle. They protect it from possible cracks, scratches and scuffs in case of falls.
  • They usually have front and back, however, there are also those that protect only the back of the product.
  • When it comes to price, there are variations according to the brand. It is a product that costs, on average, between 50 and 200.

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The Best Kindle Cover: Our Picks

Buying Guide

You can't be too careful when it comes to technology. Below, we'll give you all the reasons why extra protection can do your Kindle a world of good. If you're looking for a case to protect your reading companion, you've come to the right place.

Foto de um homem sentado em uma bancada, com suco e comida à sua frente, lendo ao em um Kindle. Ele veste trajes sociais e óculos escuros.

Wearing a case on your Kindle is one way to protect it from the damage of a fall, for example. (Source: Mentatgdt / Pexels)

What is a Kindle?

First of all, in case you're wondering, a Kindle is a digital book reader, developed by Amazon. Aesthetically, it looks a lot like a tablet. Its sole purpose is to allow you to read books, which you can buy digitally for a cheaper price and have access to on your device.

What is the Kindle Case?

A kindle is one of those technological products that years ago was unimaginable, however, nowadays, it is already part of our reality. Because it is a very expensive and delicate product, keeping it clean and protected is never too much, and that is what the protective covers are for. The Kindle case, also known as case, has a very simple and almost self-explanatory function: to protect it from possible damage resulting from falls and scratches. It is a kind of cover that surrounds the device and protects it, increasing its life time. It is practical, functional and practically indispensable.

Imagem de kindle sobre mesa com folhagens em volta.

As it is an expensive and delicate product, it is important to use the cover on your kindle. (Source: xxolgaxx / Pixabay)

What are the advantages of the cover for Kindle?

The great advantage of purchasing a cover for your kindle is the protection in all aspects. It ensures the safety of your device not only in situations of falls, but at all times of your routine. If you carry it in a backpack, the case protects it from scratches from contact with other objects, for example. If you have children at home, it also provides extra security in case they pick up your device. In addition, it is interesting to take into account that some models have support for hands-free reading, leaving your device "standing" in the chosen angle. There are also covers that automatically turn on the device when opened, and deactivate it when closed. In general, this is an advantageous product, with good value for money and which ensures that your device is always well looked after.

  • Protects against drops and scratches
  • Some models have support for reading at different angles without using the hands
  • Can have function to turn on or off the Kindle with opening the cover
  • Some models are expensive
  • There is not much variety of models

Full or back cover for Kindle?

Front and back covers are definitely the most popular and bought on the market, however, it would be unfair to say that they are the only ones. There are also covers for kindle only with protection on the back of the device, very similar to those of mobile phones, already our old acquaintances. The option with double security is the most complete. It has an open and close scheme that keeps not only the back of the device away from scratches, but also the front.

Foto em preto e branco que mostra um kindle ligado com uma capa aberta.

Some cases have special functions, such as turning the device off automatically when you close it. (Source: Tablethelpline / Pixabay)

It is usually made of resistant and reinforced material, has a good finish, but ends up leaving your device a little thicker than normal. Already the rear protective cover leaves a little to be desired, because it ensures only partial security, leaving the screen of your product unprotected. As it is cheaper, this type of case can be a good way to keep it partially protected until you purchase a full protection case!

Full protection Rear protection
Protection Front and rear Rear
Weight Lightweight Even lighter than the full protection cover
Functionality Protects and supports the kindle for hands-free reading Partially protects
Price Medium Medium to low

Purchase criteria: How to compare kindle cover models

Now that you know that using a kindle cover makes all the difference to the good durability of the product, we will present some points that should be observed to ensure the best choice:

Despite not being a complex product, the cover for Kindle also requires care at the time of choice. Below, we explain in detail each of these factors.


The durability and resistance of your case depends entirely on the material chosen, so it is important to keep an eye on the raw material of the product you are buying. Leather and plastic cases, for example, have greater aesthetic appeal and are firmer, unlikely to break. Silicone cases, on the other hand, are great for protecting the edges of tumbles, but they wear out more easily and may tear.


Know exactly what model of Kindle you have before choosing your case, because it needs to be compatible with your device. Most are custom made for specific models, so you should be aware of this.

Extra functionality

Every extra feature is welcome. It is the details that make the product interesting. The most common extras are:

  • External pocket;
  • Ability to use the stand for hands-free reading;
  • Magnetic closure;
  • Function of turning on and off the device with opening and closing the cover.


Unlike mobile phone cases, which are very fancy when it comes to design, Kindle cases tend to be pretty basic. They are usually plain, neutral in colour and don't have a lot of detail. But, even so, it is important that you choose a model that you believe to be aesthetically beautiful and that brings you comfort, see? (Source of the highlighted image: xxolgaxx / Pixabay)