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The kitchen is the centre of a home, a place where people get together. That's why everyone wants beautiful furnishings with stylish eye-catchers - and that goes for your tap, too.

But the choice is huge, the differences great and you are spoilt for choice, torn between material, colour and function. This guide will help you make the right decision.

You will be given criteria to help you find the perfect tap for your kitchen. In addition, we not only show you a selection of different and unusual taps, but also answer any questions you may still have in your head.


  • The tap is an essential element of every kitchen. It provides fresh water, which can be used for a wide variety of purposes - washing up, cooking or simply drinking.
  • The most important criterion for choosing your kitchen tap is the connection in your home and thus the decision about high or low pressure.
  • From simple to fancy - the choice of taps for the kitchen is immense and offers a multitude of different models with a wide range of features.

The best kitchen fittings: Our Picks

We will now introduce you to some taps for the kitchen. We will look at the different materials and functions so that you can get a first feel for the different models in different price categories.

Buying and rating criteria for kitchen taps

The choice of taps for the kitchen is immense. This way, there is something for everyone, but to make sure you find the best kitchen tap, you can use the following criteria as a guide:

This probably sounds easier than it actually is when buying the tap. To find out exactly what to look for, read on.

The material for your kitchen tap

To enjoy your tap for a long time, you need one made of robust and easy-to-clean material. Stainless steel is a classic, as it is hygienic, stable and easy to clean. The surface is either matt, brushed or shiny. Fittings made of brass are also robust and have easy-care surfaces. Kitchen taps made of chrome are also popular, as the material is hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant, but requires a little more care.

Faucets require different pressures

When you were looking for your new kitchen faucet, you probably noticed the distinction between high-pressure and low-pressure. You don't have a free choice here, but have to select the fitting that suits your water supply.

If you connect the tap to an instantaneous water heater or to the central water supply, you need high-pressure taps with two water connections, for hot and cold. Low-pressure taps with three connection hoses, on the other hand, use water from a boiler.

How much space does your kitchen fitting need?

Basically, you will find kitchen taps with a high or low spout. While the low spouts are more suitable for small sinks, high spouts are real all-rounders. Exactly how much space your mixer needs depends on which model and style you choose. In general, however, their height is between 15 and 40 cm.

Many colours and styles

The look of your kitchen tap is related to the material, because while stainless steel or chrome is simply silver, plastic taps in particular give you plenty of scope.

Armaturen Küche

The choice of taps for the kitchen is large, but this will help you find the perfect tap for your kitchen. (Image source: Jana Heinemann / Unsplash)

Since the perfect combination of sink and kitchen tap is becoming more and more important, a uniform look is recommended. Not only different colours, but also styles such as country house or purism are available.


To make your kitchen tasks easier, taps offer special functions. For example, there are kitchen taps with sensor control that are economical and convenient. Equally practical are swivelling taps and an extendable rinsing spray, as they increase your radius of action. Even more unique are functions for boiling or even bubbling water directly from your tap.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about kitchen taps answered in detail

In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions about taps in your kitchen. This will help you to choose the right model for you.

What exactly is a kitchen fitting?

A kitchen tap is the central drinking water tap - in other words, the water tap. It is in daily use and you use it for washing dishes, cooking or simply for drinking water.

What types of kitchen taps are there?

Kitchen taps are versatile in design, shape and colour. One criterion is the type of operation, whereby a distinction is made between single-lever mixers, two-handle mixers and a sensor function. There are also other distinguishing features, for example the material, the type of installation or the individual functions.

What installation methods are there for taps in the kitchen?

Three different installation methods are possible for your kitchen tap - the classic stand installation, the original wall installation or the practical front window installation. With the stand installation, the tap is recessed in the worktop or on the edge of the sink, while the connections run under the worktop.

With the front-window installation, you install a special tap that can be lifted out of its anchorage and laid to one side to open the window. Installing the kitchen tap in the wall is somewhat more special, with the connections also in the wall. If you have a smaller kitchen, this type of installation is worthwhile for you.

How do you care for kitchen fittings?

Avoid using hard sponges or particularly acidic products to clean your tap. Instead, use soapy water or a stainless steel cleaner and a soft cloth, and you can enjoy the shine of the tap for a long time. Wiping prevents unsightly water spots.

To prevent the build-up of limescale, you should not only use special descalers, but also dismantle and rinse the kitchen tap once a year. To ensure that your tap works properly, it is better to leave the installation to a professional.


There are countless ways to furnish your kitchen, and it's the little things that can not only make it look good, but also make your day easier. No matter how stressful your everyday life is, you can enjoy real comfort with a well-chosen kitchen tap.

However, given the amount of water a person uses annually, the tap for your kitchen should be well chosen. The most important point is what type of pressure you need and where exactly the tap should be installed. How many additional practical functions you then have is entirely up to you. Image source: Chastity Cortijo / Unsplash